The difference between a filing cabinet and a filing cabinet

File cabinets are usually used to store some ordinary files, documents or materials, while file cabinets pay more attention to confidentiality and security, and have special maintenance and management methods.

First of all, the structure of the file cabinet and the file cabinet is very different, the structure of the file cabinet is thinner, the design of the structure is more simple, usually not too complex design structure, so the file cabinet is often called a tin file cabinet. However, the filing cabinet is different, in order to ensure the security of the files in the filing cabinet, and can be stored for a long time, but also consider the temperature, humidity and other conditions in the cabinet. Therefore, the design structure of the filing cabinet is more complex and diverse.

Secondly, the file cabinet is convenient to access, classified storage, and the confidentiality is relatively low (for example, lower than the requirements of the archive), so the file cabinet door can be a glass door or a wooden door and other structures (some are not locked to facilitate work). File cabinet, generally used for long-term storage, after the cabinet door is closed, others can not see the internal items, the cabinet door has a lock, high requirements for confidentiality. Therefore, it is generally structured with iron cabinet (iron door), which has good safety.

In short, the difference between file cabinets and file cabinets is not small, and their styles are not much different, but the names of their use are different.

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