A unique style of tea table, can also become a wonderful decoration of the living room space, today for you to sort out some living room coffee table matching scheme, various shapes of coffee table have, I believe that these different shapes of modern light luxury coffee table, will be very suitable for your aesthetic vision.




The square coffee table is a more traditional and classic design, and the square matching of sofas and TV cabinets is relatively decent, and the use of space is also relatively in place. If you have children at home, in order to avoid bumps, you can choose a coffee table with less sharp corners.

Second, round coffee table

If there are children at home, for the sake of safety, in fact, the round coffee table is a more suitable choice, considering that the countertop space of the round small coffee table is small, you can choose a double size round coffee table, which is also very ingenious.

3. Oval coffee table

Similar to the round coffee table, the overall design of the oval coffee table is also very beautiful and atmospheric.

Fourth, personalized coffee table

According to the matching of space, choose some unique coffee tables, and the sense of space is also very dignified and high-end.

Source: Rock-paper-scissors home

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