It has been said many times, don’t waste the space under the stairs, otherwise other people’s storage is 5 square meters more than your home, do you think that you can only hit the cabinet under the stairs? Then you are out, this seemingly small space, but it is actually a multifunctional space, try it to know how practical it is!

Ordinary people’s stairs are not shoe cabinets are pull-out wardrobes, the owner below is a little clever, under the stairs with glass sealed into an “indoor sun room”, inside the design of wash basins. This not only facilitates daily hand washing, but also prevents water splashing outside, the glass is permeable, and even the lamp does not need to be installed, which is very suitable for some units with stairs in front of the bedroom or bathroom door.

To draw inferences, in addition to the glass toilet, you can also design a sealed glass cloakroom, hanging clothes on the right side, custom shoe cabinet under the stairs on the left, walk-in design storage function, if your stairs are close to the entrance or bedroom can also try it, save occupying other rooms in the home.

Glass is thinner than the wall, does not occupy space, and has a good sense of transparency, visually more spacious, and the cost is much lower than the wall, which is very suitable for small spiral staircases and double step stairs, changing to mansions, whether to choose glass or wall are arbitrary.

In fact, the bottom of the stairs is far more than these two design schemes, as long as there are ideas, the home can also have a housekeeping room, bathroom or study, if your family does not think about how to use the stairs, the following 3 schemes can also be referenced:


The stairs are half left half, design a housekeeping room, no need to hit the cabinet, storage rods, partitions and hole boards are all used, all kinds of cleaning tools are placed here, there is no need to rummage around when needed, usually the cabinet door can not see anything when it is closed, to ensure that the home is more clean and tidy.


The design of the bathroom under the stairs is a more complex scheme, first of all, the width under the stairs must be greater than 90cm, and the upper and lower drainage and waterproofing must be done, otherwise there are many problems in the later stage, so it is recommended that the industry mainly consider carefully.


Don’t look at this small space, if there is a window, it is just right to be a study, install a suspended desk, add a chair, and the quiet small space helps to concentrate.

If you want to transform the space under the stairs, it is recommended to replace it with an invisible door, or you can design the door as a bookshelf or storage shelf, which weakens the sense of space existence and increases the storage space.

If my house had stairs, I would definitely choose to install a housekeeping room underneath, what would you choose? (Image from the Internet)

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