Humans have no resistance to the touch of plush at all!


I’m no exception when I touch this one

A four-piece set of warm velvet

, there are only four words in my mind! Too! Unfold! Wear! Finish!

So soft and sticky, so suitable for winter fluffy four-piece set finally found! And the colors are definitely high-class and versatile!

So in this cold winter when the temperature plummets, if you don’t already own a cat and dog, it doesn’t matter! Burying your whole body in this blanket of milk wool is also satisfying!

A silent milk fleece warm melting four-piece, for practical considerations,

I chose a velvet feeling with a high level of warmth – warm melting.

If you want a warm quilt that is always warm, like the wonderful feel of velvet, freeze your hands and feet easily in winter, and want to reduce the time of air conditioning, then you must choose it! A set that can cover the coldest time in autumn and winter is well worth it.

Reason for recommendation

1. Double-sided milk fleece fabric, immediately warm up, warm all night.

2. Implanted with antistatic fiber, no static trouble.

3. Class A cloth standard, 0 fluorescent 0 formaldehyde, sleep at ease.

5. Morandi’s lazy color tone and intimate design details.

A four-piece set of warm velvet

Price was ¥369 |

Limited time offer


One second fell into the softness of milk wool

Self-heating and warmth, no static electricity and no hair loss

The first time I saw milk wool, I was really completely captured by the touch!

I thought it was just a name, but it turned out that it was as its name suggests.

It is a purified and synthetic fabric in real milk.

In addition to high value, this milk wool four-piece set also has a more comfortable feeling of use.

First of all, it heats itself up and is very warm!

This quilt cover

Both sides are made of milk wool,

220G/㎡ encryption, visible to the naked eye without leaving gaps,

Temperature lock capability UP!

If you put a wool quilt inside, you can control the environment below 5 degrees.

Secondly, when you have used velvet materials, you may have the trouble of static electricity, and the touch inductance that makes people’s fingertips shake is really uncomfortable.

This four-piece set at the back

Anti-static wire is added every 10cm,

Static electricity can be exported in time to solve this problem from the source. So it only has a wonderful skin-friendly feeling, soft and sticky, and will never crackle like flannel!

What’s especially important is that it doesn’t shed hair! Fabrics that are easy to touch and are not afraid of scratching really have no drawbacks.

skin-friendly grade fabric,

Sleep warm and secure

For the fabric safety of winter bedding, it is necessary to demand high points.

Yimo’s four-piece set is selected

Class A fabric, close to the skin-friendly level of safety,

Makes it easy to sleep.

The winter quilt is thick and heavy, and it is easy to shift! This one

The inside of the quilt cover uses an octagonal strap to fix the quilt core and is not easy to move.

The quilt does not shift, and when you sleep, you are wrapped in warmth, which is definitely “stable happiness”!

Classic Morandi color & waffle texture

Versatile home style

Today’s people still look good, and there is actually nothing wrong with this. It is also very important to look comfortable and versatile~ This set of four pieces is like this,

Whether it is color or texture, it is very high-class.

Waffle, one of the classic textures for a hundred years since its birth

。 This kind of dark three-dimensional texture is itself a fashion that transcends time and is very noble.

On this basis, this one has made a waffle and flat velvet to make the form more lively and fashionable.

And Morandi color needless to say, how to match how to look good, each color can be perfectly integrated with the home.

Its material is not delicate at all,

Normal washing will do.

After drying, it will not be like lamb wool, which will become more and more crumbling. There is also the above mentioned no hair loss, prolonging the service life, the second year to take out is still new and soft, the cost performance is too great.

There are two sizes,

2.0m/2.2m beds

All taken care of. One set contains:

Bed sheet x1, bed cover x1, pillowcase x2,

Arranged for you properly!

The details are also well done. Pillowcases did

envelope-type opening,

It is not only adaptable, but also easy to disassemble and clean.

Use a concealed zipper for smooth and non-jamming, concealed and concealed.

This time, the original price required 369 yuan for a warm velvet four-piece set, and we are now special

You can have it for only 319 yuan!

Everyone must start early~ In winter, it is really happy to have a four-piece set of warm velvet bed!

A four-piece set of warm velvet

A four-piece set of warm velvet

A four-piece set of warm velvet

Price was ¥369 |

Price was ¥369 |

Price was ¥369 |

Limited time offer

Limited time offer

Limited time offer




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