Coinciding with the autumn October, many friends have the need to travel, and most of them will choose to relax by night running or night riding. Whether it’s a night run or a night ride, you’ll have a reliable and lightweight lighting gear to accompany you. Array 2 is a lightweight headlamp specially designed for night runners and night riders.


The packaging of Array 2 adopts the same minimalist style as always, with a picture of the appearance of the product printed on the front and the basic information and battery life of the product marked in English on the back. Thanks to the built-in battery scheme, the Array 2’s free warranty period is two years.

It can be seen from the other side of the package that the official positioning of Array 2 is to wear it for mountaineering, night running and other scenes.

Appearance and details

As an upgrade of the Array generation, Array2 has changed the rounded design style of the previous generation, not only the lamp head part is better-looking, but the appearance of the battery pack has also been optimized. The overall appearance size is: headlamp 1 51×24×24mm, battery pack 1 78.7×21.2×28.3mm, the overall weight is only 109g, which is about equal to the weight of two eggs.

The headlamp that has just left the factory has a yellow protective film, and when it is uncovered, you can see the two large eyes of Array2. The left side of the lamp head uses a flood lens, and the right side uses a long-range lens, and the left and right combinations get a far-range lighting effect. It is worth mentioning that the outside of the lens does not provide glass lens protection, and the author has indeed produced some scratches after using it in the past few days. However, in order to consider the lightness of the headlamp and the reliability in the field, it is natural to dispense with the glass lenses. After all, fish and bear’s paw cannot have both.

Our side, but stronger. Compared with the previous generation of products, the angular lamp head seems to be more attractive, and the smaller volume also ensures the stability of the lamp head part in the sports state. Those who often wear headlamps to exercise must have had the experience of lights dangling in front of their eyes and making them dizzy, and on Array2, you don’t have to worry about this.

The lamp head of Array2 is still made of aluminum alloy, and the high strength is resistant to compression and fall, which is enough to cope with the harsh use environment in the field. At the same time, the heat dissipation fins on the shell can also take away the heat in time to prevent overheating and burning the lamp beads.

The switch button is concentrated on the top of the lamp head, and the switch adopts a raised design, which can be operated normally by wearing thicker gloves in time.

Like the first generation, the Array2’s lamp head features an adjustable angle design with five adjustable angles, allowing for a maximum illumination angle of 60 degrees. It is worth mentioning that the hinge adopts a damping design, and the rotation feel is very crisp and tight.

The back of the headlamp is close to the forehead, and the curved design is adopted to increase the wearing comfort, and it can be seen that the product has passed CE certification and UKCA certification. The place where the headlight connects to the headlight strip adopts a removable opening design, which is convenient for cleaning the headlight strip, but also unlocks more gameplay for Array2, which will be mentioned later.

The headlight strip is made of skin-friendly sweat-absorbing material, and the adjustable range is very large, no matter the size of your head, it can be worn on your head perfectly.

The power cord has a one-piece, non-detachable design and is attached to the headlight strip using a plastic clip. Compared with the split design of the first generation, it is more reliable and more beautiful.

The end of the power cord adopts a spring structure for a better fit to the head.

It is a pity that rubber anti-skid strips are not added to the inside of the headlight strip. Although it is a lightweight headlamp, it will still slide during vigorous exercise, and this design with only a ring headlight strip is more provocative, and if the back of your head is flat, it is difficult to fix the headlamp battery pack. I hope that the manufacturer can add the top strap in the future.

The Array2’s battery pack has shrunk from 2000mAh in the first generation to 1600mAh, and the weight and volume have been further reduced. At the same time, the battery pack also integrates a signal light indication function, which automatically turns on the flashing mode after the headlight is turned on. This function can only be used when the headlight is on, and individuals can add the ability to turn on the signal light mode in shutdown mode, which will be better when the normal signal light is used.

Not only has the volume been optimized, but the charging method of Array2 has also changed from magnetic charging to Type-C charging, although the waterproofness is greatly reduced, but it increases the reliability of charging, if you use the phone while using it during exercise, it is more difficult to fall off using Type-C charging.

The detachable design of the headlight strip mentioned earlier means that the Array2’s lamp head and battery pack can be fixed to any strap that fits the size. For example, the molle system that is generally found on backpacks can be used as a good mount point for Array2 and can be hung on backpacks for intensive use.

And through the external mobile power supply while charging, it can achieve uninterrupted continuous lighting. The advantage of this method is that the stability will be higher than that of the headlamp, but it will block some of the light.

As a reminder, the fixing ring in the headlamp part will be smaller, and the standard size molle system cannot pass through. The retaining ring of the battery pack section can be passed through standard molle webbing.

Performance testing

Waterproof test

As a headlamp product, the most used scenario when encountering water may be used in the rain, but the waterproof level of Array2 is only IPX4 level, but with the quality control of Aurera, the actual waterproof level of the product is only high.

Charging test

The battery pack of Array2 only supports 5V1A charging, and the actual test can reach a charging speed of up to 4.5W. Personally, I think the speed is slightly slow, and the official charging time is 2 hours to fully charge.

Battery life and downshift test

Use professional instruments to test the Array2’s battery life and downshift. The test environment is fully charged at room temperature and the highest brightness is turned on. The headlamp runs at a fixed brightness for nearly 3 hours after automatic shutdown and cannot be turned back on, the downshift process is gentle, because the temperature change will fluctuate slightly, and the final battery life is exactly the same as the official label.

Lighting test

Since the Array2 adopts a design of one far and one pan double lamp beads, it will show two light spots when illuminating the wall, but it will not be visible when used outdoors. It can also be seen from the side optical path diagram that the light is very layered.

Array2 has three gears, high, medium and low and one SOS gear, 600lm, 250lm and 100lm respectively, and the range can reach 100m at the highest gear. In terms of data alone, the performance is very average, but don’t forget that it is just a lightweight sports headlamp that plays the role of floodlighting in close proximity. If you have higher requirements, please use it with a flashlight.

If you attach the headlamp to the backpack as mentioned earlier, the irradiation effect is like this.

When viewed from the front, the illumination effect can cover the entire area in front of you, and since the headlamp is designed with an adjustable angle, it can be adjusted according to your own needs.


As a lightweight headlamp, I feel that the Array 2 is completely competent. With only two egg-like weights, it does not feel too much burden on the head. The brightness of 600lm and the range of 100m, although not outstanding performance, can also fully meet the needs of daily travel or night running and night riding, the minimum 3 hours, the maximum 8.5 hours of battery life, can also give you a slow sense of security. The eleventh long holiday is coming soon, are you sure you won’t come to an Array2 to accompany you to walk the world?

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