In order to further guide and encourage the majority of enterprises in Fujian Province to increase varieties, improve quality, create brands, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of products, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of supply structure, and promote the high-quality economic development of our province, the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of Fujian Province recently issued the “Fujian Famous Brand Products Three-Year Rolling Cultivation and Development Plan (2019-2021)”. According to the idea of “cultivating a group, striving for a batch, and starting a batch”, we will create a group of well-known brands with strong competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets.

It is reported that the “Fujian Famous Brand Products Three-Year Rolling Cultivation and Development Plan (2019-2021)” is planned to include a total of 1465 products, including 1195 industrial products, 198 agricultural products and 72 software products. Its purpose is to focus on the industrial agglomeration industries, high-tech industries, characteristic modern agriculture, traditional advantageous industries, and products that reflect the direction of national industrial structure adjustment, select a number of products from various industries with local characteristics, technological innovation and forming a certain economic scale as the cultivation and development objects, gradually establish a Fujian famous brand product cultivation echelon, strengthen services and guidance in accordance with the idea of “cultivating a batch, striving for a batch, and starting a batch”, create a number of well-known brands with strong domestic and foreign market competitiveness, and enhance Made in Fujian” image, promote economic development and improve quality and efficiency.

The cultivation objects or key cultivation scope are: the core technology has independent intellectual property rights such as invention patents, and forms products with industrial production scale; Related products produced by strategic emerging industries and high-tech enterprises; Products produced by international standards or foreign advanced standards, and related products produced by enterprises participating in the formulation and revision of international standards, national standards, industry standards and local standards; Products that have a greater impact on promoting agricultural development and increasing farmers’ income; Characteristic products (including products protected by national geographical indications, geographical indication trademark products, geographical indications of agricultural products, national or provincial time-honored brands, provincial and above intangible cultural heritage, characteristic cultural industries encouraged by national policies, etc.).

The enterprise products listed in the three-year rolling cultivation and development of Fujian famous brand products (2019-2021) are: “computer embroidery machine” of Fujian Yongxin CNC Technology Co., Ltd.; “Car synchronizer” of Fujian Tongxing Automotive Synchronizer Co., Ltd.; “Nonwovens” from Tess (China) Co., Ltd.; “Confectionery Products” of Shishi Lixiang Food Co., Ltd.; “Machinery” of Shishi Huixing Machinery Co., Ltd.; Fujian Huilong Chemical Fiber Textile Industry Co., Ltd., Shishi Flywheel Ribbon Weaving Co., Ltd., Shishi Xiangyuan Weaving Co., Ltd.’s “textile”; Shishi Jinyan Garment Weaving Co., Ltd., clothing from Sidia (China) Co., Ltd., food from Dade Kangyuan (Fujian) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Fujian Precious Bird Clothing Co., Ltd., Shishi Bilqi Clothing Co., Ltd., Shishi Sihailong Clothing Development Co., Ltd., Shishi Sanlian Clothing Weaving Co., Ltd., Shishi Colorful Cloud Clothing Co., Ltd.; “Fishing net processing and manufacturing” of Shishi Wancheng Rope Net Co., Ltd.; “Food” of Fujian Wanhong Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd.; “Quick-frozen food and pastries” of Fujian Beiji Food Co., Ltd.; “clothing” of Shishi Saiqi Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., Shishi Chaoyue Garment Co., Ltd., and Shishi Senhong Garment Co., Ltd.; Fujian Feitong Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is on the list of “marine communication and information equipment, marine GMDSS radio equipment and navigation equipment, AIS equipment, etc.”.

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