Why is the smart garbage sorting and recycling machine “Little Yellow Dog” in the community often idle?

The intelligent garbage sorting and recycling machine sounds like a very beautiful thing that benefits many parties.


Waste products can be disposed of nearby, which is both environmentally friendly and cashback;

Recycling companies

Unattended can be recycled at a low price, and then sold at a high price to earn the difference;


An additional fee for the venue or electricity can be charged annually.

There is a little yellow dog in our community (pictured), the little yellow dog is the star enterprise of the “Internet +” garbage recycling model, with the dream of “no waste in the world”, it has made a lot of layouts around “environmental protection”.

The appearance is clean and tidy, and the operation is very simple: WeChat can automatically open the door and deliver it with a scan. Once the delivery is complete, you’ll hear a voice that says, “Thank you for protecting the planet with me.”

It’s just that I found that it is rarely used, many classified cabinets are empty, and the amount of recycling is seriously insufficient. I used it myself for a while, and then slowly gave up.

Why is such a smart product with a temperature and a sustainable future being left out in the cold?

1. Falling into the trap of all-rounder products, which are often difficult to satisfy.

When the product design revolves around the residents themselves, rather than the tasks that the residents must complete, it is easy to make all-round products. Because residents have many tasks in real life, product personnel can easily compare multiple tasks to create all-round products. This is not only made unsatisfactory by the required functions, but also has many unnecessary functions.

Let’s take a look at the little yellow dog intelligent garbage sorting and recycling machine, six categories: metal recycling, glass recycling, plastic recycling, textile recycling, paper recycling, hazardous waste, very complete.

However, in real life, in addition to paper and plastic, which are more common, other categories cannot be thrown twice a year. In this only number of times, it is even less likely to be delivered to the little yellow dog specifically.

2. Environmental protection is not a task that residents have to accomplish.

Environmental protection is indeed very important, but environmental protection is not a rigid need in people’s lives, not a task to be completed.

Little Yellow Dog builds the entire brand on the basis of environmental protection, and the risk is relatively large. When environmental protection is not the core motivation at all, why should residents care about the little yellow dog? Why use a smart waste sorting recycler? There is no answer now.

3. Switching from the old scheme to delivering the little yellow dog, lack of sufficient strength.

In addition to the little yellow dog, the residents also have other plans. For example, for paper and plastic waste, you may directly call the person at the waste station to buy it; Or all the waste products, together with ordinary garbage, are thrown directly in the community garbage room, and the staff there disposes of it themselves. Let’s leave these as old schemes.

If people are to change, four forces must be considered:

The above two are the forces that seek change.

The following two are the forces that maintain the status quo.

The conversion can only occur when the top > the bottom.

Little yellow dogs have the power to make people seek change

, such as self-service delivery, no need to wait for people from the scrap station to come to the door; There is environmental protection money; There are intuitive data such as low carbon value and number of recycling.

These have changed the way waste is disposed of in the past, and the experience is much more advanced than directly throwing waste and selling waste.

But this power is very limited, because the change of form is not very important. The more important thing is the environmental protection money, but it is almost equivalent to nothingness – because the recycling price of the little yellow dog is very low, estimated to be less than 10% of the waste station, which is almost equivalent to pure public welfare.

In addition, the power to get residents to abandon the little yellow dog and maintain the status quo is still strong.

The uncertainty of the little yellow dog is great. Although the environmental protection money is minimal, it may not be able to be withdrawn. Because the conditions are very harsh, it is effective to deliver at least 10 times a month and more than 5 days, and it is difficult to complete it without special arrangement. Moreover, not all deliveries can be successful when they go – if


The logic for users to use a product is simple, and when they find themselves having to complete some task, they look everywhere for products that can help them complete the task. If it’s not a product with a clear mission and a clear purpose, it’s probably not what they really need.

Little Yellow Dog Smart Garbage Sorting and Recycling Machine looks like an Internet + garbage classification and widely needed product, but the actual situation of the product is worrying. In the past two years, the entire company has undergone bankruptcy and reorganization, hoping that the little yellow dog after being reborn will find a way to make blood in other sections.

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Founded in Shanghai in 2021, Lushen ®️ is a usage strategy consulting firm. Committed to identifying brand uses through “tasks to be completed by customers”, leading resource allocation by uses, realizing the interlocking of strategy, products and marketing, and creating a purpose-oriented brand with clear purposes.

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