According to a survey, nine out of ten people worldwide own a pair of jeans. Among adolescents, the average person has even more. Jeans are not only a must-have for daily wear, but also the popularity of business casual styles has made jeans appear in the workplace. Do you know what are the types of men’s jeans? What should I pay attention to when buying jeans? How are jeans sized to measure? How should jeans be fashionable? This issue of Xiaobian will give you a comprehensive introduction to the matching and purchase of jeans.

1. Illustration of men’s jeans

Straight-leg pants

Straight-leg jeans

Slim pants

Slim fit jeans

Tapered pants

Tapered jeans

Harlan pants

Harlan jeans

Medium pants

Medium jeans

Second, jeans size and buying skills

What kind of denim fabric is good?

Authentic jeans with indigo dye, soft fabric feel and plump and velvety cloth. The sewing frills are ground white, there are no traces of grinding on the flat surface, and the color is uniform and consistent.

What should I look for when choosing jeans?

Trouser waistband

Jeans should have a slightly loose waistband at the waistband;


The trouser legs at the thighs are slightly loose when you sit down;


The cuffs of trousers should be about two centimeters below the highest part of the upper;


Choose your favorite color and see if the dyeing is even;


Only if you have tried it yourself will you know if it is suitable;


First, check that the stitches on the entire trousers are tightly stitched


A classic jeans brand

Top ten brands of jeans, the originator of jeans, the typical clothing representative of the American spirit, the world’s top 500 brands, one of the world’s most successful brands


Lee, the top ten brands of jeans, a well-known (famous) belt brand, a famous jeans brand in the United States, and one of the top 500 brands in the world


Top ten brands of jeans, started in 1904, a famous brand in the western United States, one of the world’s three major denim brands, and an internationally famous jeans brand


Top ten brands of jeans, the leading brand of denim clothing, began in 1972, the flagship brand of jeans under the American Texwood Group


Diesel, the top ten brands of jeans, began in Italy in 1978, under the Genius Group, the sexiest jeans brand, an internationally renowned jeans brand

Diesel Disai

Fourth, jeans classic matching recommendation

Wear yours with jeans

Thick legs

It is advisable to choose straight pants with loose lines or jeans with large tubes, dark blue or black, and the upper body should be dressed appropriately: but it is not advisable to wear jeans with a reduced cuff or double lines on the trouser tube in order to visually minimize attention to the legs.

Short legs

It is advisable to choose straight jeans that can reach the ankle, but there should be no decorations such as horizontal lines above and below the trousers, otherwise the legs will appear shorter.

O-shaped legs

Choose straight-leg pants with trim lines on the sides, or jeans with tapering from top to bottom to hide leg defects.

Hypertrophy of the buttocks

It is advisable to choose dark, well-fitting and smooth jeans, preferably with pockets in front of the pants, which can make the hips look less fat. Do not have jeans with horizontal lines, and jeans with narrow and tight tubes are also not suitable.

Skinny or flat buttocks

Choose jeans with hip or pockets, a shirt tucked into trousers to increase buttocks, and a belt to round your hips.

Thick waist

Do not choose jeans with decoration. The shirt should be placed outside the pants, not tucked into the pants, and a denim top or tank top can be worn on the upper body to hide the thick waist.

The waist and hips are larger

It is advisable to choose straight-leg jeans, if the lower abdomen is protruding and the hips are not large, you can choose loose upper parts, medium lower parts, slightly darker jeans, and wear bright color tops on the upper body, so that the visual center of gravity is shifted to the lower part and reduce the feeling of protruding abdomen.

Wear yours with jeans for the occasion

Business casual

Go shopping on a date

Daily travel

Sports travel

Wear it seasonally with jeans

Spring and autumn



5. Cleaning and maintenance of jeans

Q: Is it good not to wash jeans for a lifetime?

A: This is a common experience of cowboys. A pair of old jeans that don’t wash for a lifetime is king! Good denim wears for a long time, the color will become more natural, and the silhouette will become more close-fitting. However, the disadvantage of this is that it is easy to emit peculiar odors.

Q : Are jeans shrinking?

A: The answer is yes, of course. Natural fibers such as fabrics woven from cotton shrink, and good denim fabrics are made of cotton. 【What to do if jeans shrink?】 】

Q: What are some tips for jeans decontamination?

A: Ink, soaked with milk, then scrubbed with rice; Blood stains must not be washed with hot water, just scrubbed with cold water; To deal with soy sauce, rinse immediately with clean water and then thoroughly with dish soap. As for red wine and perfume stains, just leave it alone, the traces will naturally disperse.

Q : Jeans wash deformation?

A: Every time I see a wave at the zipper of a passerby’s denim, is there an indescribable awkwardness? In order not to be ugly, before washing, please zip up, the zipper is a dead hole in denim.

Q : How to dry jeans?

A: Of course, it is best to dry the yin, if you do not wash denim often, you can dry it on the reverse side, it has a sterilization effect. What’s more important is to hang it with a small hanger for drying socks to make the trouser tube cylindrical, so that the trouser tube silhouette will be more natural.

Q : Are jeans ironed or not?

A: High-quality jeans, are complex, thick and measured, the curve is also obvious, if ironed, not only easy to make the soft cloth hard, but also make the silhouette worse. And when clothes have stains, ironing will only make the stains linger.


1. Do not rinse new jeans with other clothes, as it will fade. The dye of jeans is a permanent natural reactive dye, it only adheres to the surface of the fiber, after washing it will recede, wash a few times, the fading phenomenon will disappear.

2. Eliminated jeans can be cut into shorts with tassels, or used to make gadgets.

The purchase and matching of jeans should still be based on fit and comfort, although tight and slim models can make people look more fashionable, but studies have shown that low-rise tight jeans will squeeze the sciatic sensory nerve, causing abnormal sensations of skin tingling in the thighs, causing “jeans syndrome”. Therefore, while loving the tide, you should also exercise well and beware of various diseases.

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