Looking through the recent street photos, I found that the frequency of high-waisted pants is really high, and all major fashionistas are vying to wear them!

Why are high-waisted pants so sought after? Because of its unique waist design, wearing it not only shows the length of the legs, but also perfectly creates the proportion of the whole body, full temperament, and the aura is two meters eight!

With the blessing of high-waisted pants, you can look tall even if you wear flat shoes! This spring, ditch your heels and wear a variety of high-waisted pants for the comfort of flat shoes!

High-waisted pants + loafers

Not long ago, I introduced the well-worn and versatile loafers, which can come in handy today. A pair of high-waisted pants with loafers can easily create a literary retro style~ The little fairy who likes loafers quickly wear them!

Babies with well-proportioned legs can choose skinny jeans, which can be called a thin artifact, and the high-waist cut is even thinner! The nine-point length reveals the small white and tender feet, which can perfectly lengthen the proportion of the legs, with a pair of large fringed loafers, and a little cute~

Babies with wide crotches and thick thighs can choose paper bag pants. A Panama hat brings out a romantic retro taste, a polka-dot shirt with white paper bag pants and a brown bag looks very special, and pure white embroidered loafers make the whole set look more textured.

Embroidered high-waisted jeans are popular with monogrammed T-shirts, and a pair of red fur loafers makes color contrast more fun.

A slim jacket paired with high-waisted skinny trousers and brown fringed loafers not only looks taller and thinner, but also has a good temperament.

The big V-neck shirt and ultra-high-waisted khaki trousers are sexy and stylish, and the black pointed-toe loafers are also matched.

Women in the workplace can refer to this set ~ The aura is really two meters eight, and the pipe pants are friendly to the thick legs and thin legs~ The careful thinking of showing socks and ankles can be learned. Swap the high neck bottom for a deep V inside, and add a blazer, which is a strong OL style.

This layered way is really exquisite in dressing skills, and a slight mistake will make girls with poor body proportions step into the trap, it is recommended that girls above 165 try it. The rose-pink loafers echo the bags, lighting up the earthy outfit.

Short people are more suitable for this classic tight upper and lower loose waist line, adding a belt to make the waist line more obvious, the way the belt is knotted is also very interesting, this dress is very suitable for literary and artistic girls, straight slightly loose pants are also suitable for mushrooms with not straight legs.

Although the denim shirt with black high-waisted pants and brown loafers is ordinary, it is still fashionable, the key is to look tall and thin, what are you afraid of?

High-waisted pants + V-top shoes

Recently, a shoe has become popular in the fashion circle, and the V-mouth design is particularly friendly to wide feet, and it looks tall and thin with high-waisted pants.

It is said that the V-neck can be thin, V-mouth shoes are also benevolent, the design of pointed toe + V-mouth has a natural advantage, even if the flat bottom also comes with long leg genes, with high-waisted cropped pants to show the ankle is more leg length.

The sharp design of the pointed V-mouth is especially suitable for commuting, and with a shirt + high-waisted cropped straight pants, you can directly step on a pair of flat V-mouth shoes. The shirt is knotted to add to the plain combination.

The oversized sleeve design of the shirt can create the illusion of long legs with “wrist overhang”, and the blessing of high-waisted pants and V-mouth shoes highlights the proportions.

The blogger’s top is more fancy, we can completely ignore the tassel of blingbling, with a solid color long repair T with a high-waist mom jeans, wearing V-mouth flat shoes with buckles, it is more casual, very handsome!

In addition to jeans, high-waisted wide-leg pants are also a good choice, vertical striped wide-leg pants also have a little height function, long legs are naturally appropriate.

Or come to a holiday style, with a very designed orange shirt with paper bag pants, foot V-mouth slippers, is also super beautiful, sweet and frank, sexy and handsome all have~

High-waisted pants + sandals

High-waisted pants + slippers are also a very popular match, very suitable for lazy little fairies, but really fashionable and very personal!

White high-waisted sweatpants paired with a printed short T-shirt, GIGI has always been so casual and fashionable, and a pair of brown slippers makes for a whole body mix-and-match style.

The best mix and match for plaid high-waisted wide-leg pants is a bamboo handbag, a pair of hardened brown slippers to complement the pouch’s scratchy silhouette, and long yellow pendant earrings to bring the whole body to a climax.

White high-waisted wide-leg pants + brown slippers, what to wear on the upper body? Of course, it’s a light-colored shirt, blue and white.

The outfits on the left and right sides have a kind of vacation style, casual and comfortable, if you want to go on vacation, it seems that high-waist pants + slippers are more suitable~

A plain white T-shirt paired with a pair of textured high-waisted slacks, although this combination is very routine, but the black bow slippers seem to declare their mediocrity, and the details of the gold shoulder bag and black beret are very well handled.

The use of small areas of checkered pattern pieces in the matching can make the whole look playful and lively, and avoid excessive rural style. The white high-waisted pants have a tough line and the casual freedom of black slippers, which balance the sweetness of the small square well.

High-waisted pants + canvas shoes

The CP of high-waisted pants and canvas shoes makes people travel through the student years in a second, and the screen is full of youthful atmosphere, which makes people nostalgic. The classic VANS canvas shoes with different styles of high-waisted pants, the same height and thinness, the same full of vitality.

Slender and straight babies can wear this skinny jeans with tight high-waisted skinny jeans, shaping the perfect curves, and a pair of white canvas shoes bring out the enthusiasm of summer, and everyone outside the picture wants to run along.

Gigi Hadid looks so clean and bright wearing Cotton Citizen cotton Milanese high-waisted ice pants, a Cotton Citizen Tokyo crop T-shirt, Le Specs X Adam Selman’s latest Lolita sunglasses, and light blue canvas shoes.

This year’s popular checked pants, high-waist flared style is very fashionable, in the matching to follow the principle of simplification, plus a pair of canvas shoes will have a warm retro taste.

When wearing high-top canvas shoes, you have to show your ankles to show your height!

“Pajama style” is not a waist as pajamas to wear out of the street, this time with a pair of canvas shoes is the most suitable, so that it does not look like pajamas at all!

High-waisted pants + canvas shoes are more casual dress, in fact, you can also be very commuting.

The large trench coat with high-waisted mopping wide-leg pants itself is very aura, and it is also a very mature dress, and a pair of black canvas shoes weakens the sense of maturity and is a little more playful and lively. However, the overall loose dress is very height test, and it is not recommended that sisters under 165 wear it this way.

Karlie Kloss wears black high-waisted trousers, a slim-fitting white knitted top, a nude blazer, and Adidas canvas shoes, revealing her leg length. It’s completely okay to go to work like this~

High-waisted pants + board shoes

In layman’s terms, board shoes belong to a type of canvas shoes. And high-waisted pants hit board shoes, it will be more street-like! Then look down~

Orange high-waisted paper bag pants with red print T on a black background, it feels a little unmatched, a pair of silver board shoes complete the color gradient, balance the color of the whole body, look more interesting.

Kendall Jenner’s outfit is also too cool, white board shoes are youthful and energetic, with a large V-neck inside the sexy, with high-waisted trousers and black leather clothing, it is simply handsome, and the lace choker adds a touch of sexiness.

In this lukewarm spring, tapered pants that specialize in large buttocks and small thick legs can also be worn immediately.

The same is still tapered pants with small white shoes, simple and fashionable, falling generously, how can you not know if you want to show high sister paper!

The corduroy fabric on the left looks better textured, and the design of the belt on the right has an extra streamer, which is a little more interesting.

High-waisted pants + sneakers / daddy shoes

The wide-leg pants and sneakers that were a mess in 2018 are still fashionable to fly this year, because they are a perfect match together! But no matter what style of pants, as long as it is a high-waist design, with sneakers can still get 100 points, there is no need to say more about being tall and thin.

Colorful red sweater + patent leather high-waisted suit pants, the color is used brilliantly, khaki sneakers echo the color of the bamboo handbag, 666!

Compared with the two sister papers on the right, the sister paper on the left looks significantly taller because of wearing high-waisted pants, and it is more fashionable with sneakers than others.

Check pants can be worn very formally, or they can be worn casually. Gray checked pants and matching blazers, very professional royal sister style, white sneakers and black berets are a little more fashionable.

High-waisted tapered pants with sneakers, top with a shirt or tank top, just as good!

Striped high-waisted lace-up wide-leg pants and small white shoes also go well! Or wear a pair of skinny high-waisted sweatpants, then of course wear a pair of sneakers!

The same gray high-waisted pants with white sneakers, but tapered pants will be taller and thinner~

When the sweater blocks your waistline, you can use a belt to create a visible waistline for yourself, instantly lengthening the leg proportions.

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