By Bunny Running Tea School


Burst aroma jasmine tea 100ml

5 fresh strawberries

Homemade yogurt 60g

Golden fructose 30ml

Ice cubes to taste

Practical steps

1. Add 60g of yogurt to the cup

2. Use a bar spoon to spread the yogurt on the wall of the cup to form a dirty effect

3. Next, add 100ml of jasmine tea soup to the shaker cup

4. Add 30ml of golden fructose

5. Stir well with a spoon

6. Add ice cubes to the 400ml scale mark

7. Then pour into a smoothie bucket

8: Add 3 strawberries

9. Beat into a smoothie together

10: Add another 2 strawberries

11. Continue to play for 3~5 seconds to increase the sense of pulp

12. Finally, pour the beaten strawberry smoothie into the production cup until the glass is full, and the drink is ready

There are skills in cooking deliciously, each of my dishes has a little trick, everyone can search for “bean fruit” to directly view my recipes!

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