Backpack for outdoor sports is definitely the most important equipment, it can be said that we use backpacks to carry a simple home around wandering, this home selection is really crucial, and the most discussed backpack is the carrying system. Its importance lies in the fact that it bears the weight of the full equipment at the same time, providing the user with a comfortable weight-bearing platform, and can reduce the loss of physical strength for movement and delay the muscle fatigue caused by long-distance travel. The large-capacity backpacks on the market are basically Archaeopteryx, Granite, Gregory, Osprey, etc., and now under the general trend of lightweight outdoor equipment, “backpack master” Gregory Baltoro has also launched its own lightweight hiking bag PARAGON series.

The PARAGON series uses the Aoron carrying system, which was formerly the Response A3 carrying system of the famous GREGORY baltoro series.

With an adjustable fit, the custom 7001 aluminum frame makes the system the lightest and most supportive carrying system in its weight class. A total of 48L-48L-58L-88L four capacity backpacks are officially released to meet different outdoor needs. The 88-liter version is not available in China.

Aerolon’s unique Matrix Backplane ventilation technology, foam matrix backplate structure jacket breathable mesh pocket, so that the back air circulation is smooth and easy to wick sweat.

During use, the effective fit between the backpack and the body can flow out of the space circulation gap between the bag and the body, so as to ensure the compatibility of fit and breathability. Since the author is using it in winter, the breathability effect experience of the back plate is not obvious, and I believe that the air permeability of the Aoron will have a great advantage in summer.

The back cushion uses soft silicon strong adhesion precipitation technology, which is comfortable and conducive to the weight of the backpack to put pressure on the back and cooperate with the belt to scientifically and reasonably disperse the overall weight to the back, waist and crotch, so that the user is more comfortable.

The chest can be adjusted in height to meet the needs of users of different heights, and the body of the harness is similar to the back plate

Matrix ventilation technology, the material is tough and comfortable, making the overall carrying of the backpack feel close to perfect.

The length of the back plate can be adjusted so that most can be adjusted to a nearly tailored carrying feel.

The bag is stuffed full, carrying it up and down the hill, downhill, and the perfect fit makes the backpack not shake and waste physical energy during the march.

Equipped with a cane storage ring

Oversized elastic storage bags on both sides of the backpack can hold a 900ml thermos cup.

The belt on both sides is equipped with a storage bag with a certain capacity, the two storage bags use different fabrics, the mesh side can see the internal items, and the nylon material side has better waterproofness.

The same large bag as the Baltoro series has a removable soft water bladder that can be detached and used as a backpack alone.

And there is a water bag hook, which can be used with a water bladder or as a punch bag.

The kangaroo warehouse has a large capacity, and because of the helmet, safety belts and other technical equipment brought in this heavy hike, as well as more clothes to pay attention to the cold in the Qinling mountain area in winter, the bag is very full. The kangaroo barn is also fully used, with camp shoes tucked into it.

“Gregory PARAGON 58” allows Gregory to have his own lightweight backpack, which is indeed much lighter than the predecessor baltoro series, but the feeling of carrying has been improved, catering to the general trend of lightweight equipment and giving donkey friends more outdoor comfort experience.

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