When your baby learns to crawl and walk, the best cooperation is a crawling mat and a play fence. Standing up the playpen can isolate the baby from all the dangers around him, and fence his “piece of river” for the baby.

But is it necessary to buy a baby’s play fence? Sugar Mom, this will tell you.

First of all

The game fence can free mom’s hands

。 The playpen can separate the baby from dangerous objects, so the mother can do something small and go to the toilet without worrying about the baby not bumping in her field of vision.

Without a game fence, without his “piece of the world”, the baby does not know where the crawling range is, so he learns to crawl and easily climbs out of the crawling mat, which will increase the baby’s chance of catching a cold and appearing dangerous.

However, it should be noted that the playpen does not replace the company, so moms cannot keep the baby in the enclosure to play by himself.


The playpen can also divide your baby’s “little kingdom”

, this area is equivalent to his “territory”. The baby can play freely in his kingdom, and after playing, teach him to organize the toys he has played with, exercise the baby’s independence ability, and develop the brain. Occasionally, children come to play at home, and they can also invite children to visit his “little kingdom”. Without a fence, two children can probably “take off” together. If a child comes to my house, my baby is always enthusiastic and can’t wait to move all his “belongings” out and share it with the child, if there is no area where she plays, I think sorting toys will also be a “big project”. Another feature of the game fence is that it reduces the amount of tidying up.

But the mother should pay attention to the fact that there should not be too many toys for the baby at a time, 2-3 pieces are appropriate, too much will distract the baby’s cognitive ability and attention. You can put a storage shelf next to your baby’s “game kingdom”, so that your baby can play whatever he wants, and it is convenient to organize it.


Game Fence is a toddler

。 Good game fences don’t tilt, push, or push easily. When your baby stands or walks, he can hold the playpen and make it a “good helper” for learning to walk.

But the mother should pay attention to whether the baby’s height exceeds the fence too much, if there are too many, the baby will easily “escape”.

At last

The game fence also has the characteristics of fun puzzle

。 A good children’s game fence will have a “puzzle game bar”, including at least five ways of touching, pressing, turning, rolling and counting, which can promote the baby’s brain development, train the baby’s audiovisual and visual perception ability, and can cultivate the baby’s concentration. Even without toys, babies can play for a while.

Therefore, the game fence is an indispensable “good assistant” for mothers and babies.

At present, the materials of children’s game fences on the market mainly include plastic, wood, fabric, and PU leather.

Let’s take a look at their respective strengths and weaknesses.


——Advantages: moderate elasticity, waterproof and moisture-proof; Lightweight texture and easy to store; The shapes and colors are rich and diverse, to meet the baby’s requirements for multiple colors; Stable structure and high cost performance.

Disadvantages: The plastic material has strong sealing, so the permeability is not good.


—Advantages: high permeability and wear resistance; The surface is easy to polish and glossy, does not need to be colored, the original wood color is very beautiful, no need to brush the outer paint; The overall weight is large and the protection ability is strong.

Disadvantages: hard texture, the baby’s comfort is not high, and it is easy to bump; Large weight, not easy to store and move; The requirements for the storage environment are relatively high, a dry environment is required, and the humid environment is easy to be damped and moldy.


——Advantages: soft texture, light weight, easy storage.

Disadvantages: pure fabric is easy to bend, unstable structure; Supported by V-shaped and X-shaped architecture, there is a risk of chuck and grip; The overall weight is light and the protection ability is weak.

PU leather

——Advantages: soft texture, anti-fall, lightweight, versatile.

Disadvantages: unstable structure, closed space, poor permeability.

On the whole, the plastic children’s game fence is the most cost-effective and is the best choice for mothers. At present, the children’s plastic game fences on the market are made by blow molding process, and the raw materials are basically bisphenol A-free HDPE and PP.

Now that we understand materials, let’s cut to the chase.

There are mainly 8 evaluation samples this time,

The sample information is shown in the figure:

There are three indicators in this evaluation:


Of course, the things for the baby must be the safest, and this indicator is mainly checked in stability, closure, and whether there is structural instability.


Storage is also a test for game fences, and an easy-to-store game fence can save a lot of space at home. The most important thing for the baby’s supplies is to be clean and avoid bacteria from invading the baby’s body, so this indicator mainly examines the disassembly of the fence, the difficulty of splicing and the degree of cleaning.

Workmanship details:

This indicator mainly examines whether there are burrs, whether there is a peculiar smell, whether there are protective measures in the exposed parts of the screws, etc., to eliminate potential dangers for the baby.

1. Security

The baby loves to move, there will be a strong shake of the fence and other situations, if the fence is not strong enough, the baby is easily injured.

01 Fence tightness

: By inserting the whistles and sockets of each fence, assemble them tightly and shake them to observe whether there is a detachment or breakage

Test results:

1. “Beiyi”, “Keyoubi”, “Manlong” and “Little Overlord” have the tightest and strongest structure. They use gear-shaped inserts, and the joints are screwed with a fence with hard fittings, which are relatively tight after splicing, and there will be no large shaking or the inserts detaching from the socket.

2. “Babygo” and “Kabaru” are relatively close. The “babygo” features hexagonal inserts that, although free of raised snaps and hard fittings, are reinforced with splints.

The “Kabaru” features quadrangular inserts with long inserts and a small number of protrusions to tighten the sockets.

3. “BabyCare” and “Aole” performed the worst, with a loose structure. The same quad insertion, but with

The “Kabaru” is significantly shorter than the comparison, and it is easy to trip when shaken hard.

02 Anti-slip ability

The fence with good slip resistance will not be easily pushed down by the baby or slide at will, which is very important and one of the key points to ensure the safety of the baby.

Common non-slip accessories at the bottom of the fence are “suction cup” and “silicone gasket”.

Suction cup anti-slip: “Cosyupi”, “babycare”, “Tyrannosaurus”, “Aole”

Silicone gasket anti-slip: “Kabaru”, “babygo”, “Manron”, “Beyi”

Test method: Place fences with similar areas on the ground and on a 2cm thick crawling mat, pull with horizontal pull, and record the instantaneous reading of the tensile meter when each fence is pulled.

The specific values are shown in the figure:

As can be seen from the figure,

In ground tests, “Comparable Ratio” and “BabyCare” had the best anti-slip effect

, the tensile force can reach 10kg smooth ground, the use of suction cup anti-slip performance is better than the use of silicone gasket anti-slip fence;

In the floor mat test, “Beiyi” has the best slip resistance

, suction cup type generally can not suck the floor mat, it is easier to drag.

The friction between the silicone pad and the floor mat is large, and it is not easy to push with the strength of the baby’s daily use.

It can be known that the suction cup has high requirements for the flatness of the ground, and it needs a smooth ground to adsorb firmly. Silicone gaskets can have a good anti-slip effect even on uneven contact surfaces, such as floor mats. You can choose the fence of different anti-slip accessories according to your own placement method.

03 Closedness

1. Fence height.

The height of the fence is not enough, and the baby stages an “escape plan” every minute, which really breaks the heart of the “old mother”. According to the national mandatory standard GB 29281-2012 “Safety Requirements for Game Fences and Similar Children’s Beds” (hereinafter referred to as “Safety Requirements”), the height of the infant fence should be greater than 60cm. Many businesses say that their fence reaches 60cm, but mothers will not care about this “small detail” when choosing a fence for their baby.

So, today Sugar Mom is coming to test it for everyone. The test results are shown in the figure:

From the test results, it can be seen that except for “Kabalu”, “Babygo” and “Kobi”, the height of the lowest point of the fence of the other models has not reached more than 60cm. Among them, the “Little Tyrannosaurus” did not even reach the highest point of 60cm.

2. Foothold

Referring to the “Safety Requirements”, the stepping point refers to the part that can provide enough area support for the baby’s feet, and the large and small holes in the fence sheet are just the right point for the baby to climb.

Among the 8 products, 5 types of fence pieces, such as “Keyoubi” and “Aole”, all adopt a fence style at the bottom, making it impossible for babies to get on their feet.

▲ Left can be compared, right Ao Le

The “Bey” and “Kabaru” fences have high holes, and the baby’s little feet cannot step on them.

▲ Left Kabaru, right Bayi

Although there are many small holes in the door bar of “Beyi”, the area is small and the baby cannot step on.

“Babygo” has hollow windows everywhere and is large enough to be a foothold for your baby.

It is recommended that parents choose a fence with a high hole opening or a straight fence type, so that the baby’s feet are weak and it is difficult to “escape”

3. Child lock design

“Kabaru” is designed for double locks, and both opening and closing need to press the lock to unlock, and the blockade is the best;

“Beiyi”, “Keyoubi”, “babycare”, and “Little Tyrannosaurus” are designed for pulling bolt locks, and it is necessary to pull the bolt slightly hard to open and close the door bar, and the baby’s strength is not enough to pull the deadbolt; “Manlong”, “Babygo” and “Aole” are designed for buckle locks, which can be easily opened and closed by pulling the buckle back and forth, and the blockade is not good.

4. Structural defects

Small gaps, chuck holes are structural defects in the child’s enclosure and can cause irreversible damage to the baby. Therefore, be sure to check carefully before using it.

This round of testing refers to the “Safety Requirements” if the accessible area on the fence:


5mm< diameter < 12mm

holes and gaps that may pinch fingers;

25mm ≤ diameter < 45mm

holes, openings, and gaps, which may clamp the limbs;

Diameter≥ 65mm

holes, openings, and gaps that can clamp the head, neck, and torso.

The following table is measured after measurement:

As you can see, the risk is less comparable and the rest of the fences have one or more structural defects.

In summary, Sugar Mom scored safety:

Second, convenience

01 Disassembly/splicing difficulty

Most of the game fences are spliced and combined through the method of “double plug + double socket”. When disassembling, simply apply force up to detach the socket from the socket.

After many splits and reorganizations of 8 products, Sugar Mother found that the design of each fence at the connection was tight, and it took two or three people to work together to disassemble and assemble, and the disassembly and assembly process was more laborious.

But there will still be some differences between the products:

1. Easy to splice:

The bottom end of “Kabaru”, “Bayi”, “Babygo” and “Manlong” adopts ordinary sockets, which can be flexibly adjusted, and the upper and lower inserts of the fence are aligned without pressure, and the requirements for the site are relatively low.

2. Splicing is more difficult

“BabyCare”, “Aole”, “Little Tyrannosaurus”, “Keyoubi” bottom using suction cup sockets, suction cups will suck the ground when splicing on smooth ground, often when splicing to the last few pieces, because the front part is firmly sucked on the ground, the upper and lower inserts of the last few fences are not so easy to align.

It is recommended to avoid places where suction cups can suck when splicing this type of fence.

02 Degree of cleaning

By observing the structure of the fence, see if there are many holes and depressions.

It can be seen that “Manlong” is the most difficult to clean, its hollows, holes are more, embedded toys cannot be disassembled, tightly arranged, easy to hide dirt.

“Kabaru” is easy to clean because of its single game function and large area of white space, which is easy to scrub.

Through detection,

Sugar Mama finds that versatility and ease of cleaning are inversely proportional.

The convenience score of the 8 products is shown in the figure below:

Third, the details of workmanship

01 Thickness, hardness

Thickness, softness and hardness can be seen whether the household materials are sufficient, and the measured data is shown in the figure:

From the data in the figure, we can know that the “Manlong” single-piece fence has a high thickness and sufficient materials; “Aole” is the thinnest.

Note: The fence should be soft and hard, too hard, the baby will be painful when it collides; Too soft, the protection is not good enough.

“Babycare” texture is slightly hard and not easy to deform;

“Aole” and “Little Tyrannosaurus” have a soft texture, which will deform when pinched by hand, and the socket will be twisted and broken.


Tyrannosaurus Jr

02 Smell and burr burrs

Odor: “Manlong”, “Bayy”, “Tyrannosaurus” have a slight smell, but not pungent. Everything else is odorless.

Burrs: Except for the “babygo” burrs, all other models performed satisfactorily.

03 Protective measures

1. Excellent performance: “Ole”, “BabyCare” and “BabyGo” only have a small number of screws at the door bar, and the hole design is deep, and the screws will not be in direct contact with the baby.

2. Better performance: “Beyi”, “Kabaru”, “Manron” have slightly more screws, there are two screws between each adjacent fence, and there is a circle of bulges on the periphery, wrapping the screws inside, but still touching the screws.

3. The performance is average: “Youbi” and “Little Tyrannosaurus” have more screws, and the outer periphery is the same raised design.

It is recommended that parents try to tighten the screws when splicing, and let them be glued with protective stickers to avoid the baby’s bumps.

The total score of the 8 products in the workmanship details is shown in the figure below:

Based on the evaluation of the above three dimensions, the total score after weighting the 8 products by Sugar Mama is shown in the figure:

Recommended product: Kibi Macaron children’s play fence

Price: 498RMB

Reason for recommendation: Highest overall score. Fine workmanship, no stepping point, no risk of chuck pinching; High height.



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