I believe that the brand of MUJI should be familiar to everyone, because it is a simple and refreshing design, which makes the range of choices larger, but whether it can match your own room, this is trying to adopt what was determined before. So this time, let’s share the room that cleverly uses MUJI items~!

Enthusiasts create a “MUJI”

In the rooms oga_mihi by MUJI enthusiasts, except for some furniture, most of the furniture items purchased from MUJI are purchased. It is also very convenient when you want to make changes every two months. So how does MUJI’s furniture work in a room that is being remodeled with high frequency?

Choose pieces with casters

Taking into account the ease of movement, we decisively chose pieces with casters. Polypropylene storage shelves are a great choice, when organizing items, choose some areas to leave empty, can reduce the sense of space pressure in the room.

Casters can be installed in the four corners of the polypropylene storage rack, which is convenient to move the storage rack at any time, by the way, IKEA this caster needs to be purchased separately.

The popular storage box can also be used as a table

The polypropylene storage box can be used not only as a storage box, but also as a low table on a daily basis. The load bearing capacity of the lid is 100 kg, so it is very strong, which is very friendly for small apartments.

Interior decoration consultants with a wide range of interests in storage techniques

Fujii-san, who lives with cats, has many hobbies. And then his room didn’t feel like a mess. And his room is also made of MUJI storage artifacts.

IKEA furniture homemade cat climbing frame

I couldn’t find a favorite cat climbing frame, so I used MUJI’s steel unit frame to make my own cat climbing frame. Perfect for friends who like to have cats at home. A hole is made in the side of the upper section, and the middle section is where the cat sleeps.

A storage box that matches the size of the dining table

The dining table using MUJI, paper towels and small items are packed in 3-layer storage boxes with casters. Seeing that the storage box and table size match perfectly, it will make your mood better.

MUJI’s furniture goes well with Japanese-style rooms

What comes to mind when you think of “furniture suitable for a Japanese-style room”? That’s right, MUJI’s furniture.

Free-combinable wooden frame

The owner’s tie and shirt are stored using MUJI’s free combination wooden frame, which can be freely matched, and the flat tie is very suitable. Putting your tie away like this should be a pleasure to use every day.

Wooden chair suitable for Japanese-style room

The rounded wooden chair is perfect for the atmosphere of a Japanese-style room and makes your room look elegant. The coffee table placed next to the chair can be used both vertically and horizontally. And because the desktop can be easily removed, it is very convenient to use with the scene~!

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