Whenever I talk about Japanese bag brands, I believe many people think of PORTER, which is known as the national bag brand, or Shinzaburo Iszawa, who is famous for canvas, or even Japan’s new Ourdoor brand F/CE, which stole the position of VISVIM bag king.


But if you talk about Japanese leather bag brands, it is estimated that you can think about it for half a day, not because you really can’t think of it, but because there are too many handmade bag brands in Japan! !

After all, Japanese brands are particular about being tempered


, they respect the old craftsmanship and embrace the new era.

As a result, countless coveted craft clothing, frames, and silver jewelry brands have been born, such as VISVIM and KAPITAL, even high prices can not stop the current pursuit of craft beauty.

So when it comes to Japan’s fascinating handmade leather bag brands, how can it be compared to the two or three brands that are known on the street?

Although Japan has only one piece of projectile land, it has the largest number of handmade bag brands in the world, and we are only known as the tip of the iceberg.

Churro will share with you a few handmade bag brands that I have collected hard to collect today:

Tsuchiya Factory Factory

The first brand to recommend is of course Japan’s most popular Tsuchiya Shosho, and although the name may not sound like much to do with leather, it has been a leather worker in ancient times, and the history of the brand founded in 1965 is enough to prove its bag making experience.

At first, Tsuchiya only focused on producing schoolbags for elementary school students, but it has received many acclaim for its durability, durability, and comfort, and its workmanship and quality over the years have accumulated many loyal fans in Japan, and the range of bags has also begun to include a variety of men’s bags.

The most important thing is that in order to make durable bags, Tsuchiya only uses the best horse leather and horse hip leather for the simplest classic design, because they are all handmade with genuine leather, and each one is more flavorful the more you use it, and of course, the quality texture of leather bags is the protagonist.

Although people do elementary school students to wrap up, but Tsuchiya elementary school student bag can really be carried from childhood to grow up, in addition to strict selection of fabrics, each manual process does not allow millimeter-level dislocation, and what is bought at a high price is also a guarantee of high quality.

Men’s bags, briefcases, wallets, notebook covers, coin purses, card bags, key chains, etc., as long as they can be made of leather, they all have it, and a durable Tsuchiya sheath bag does not matter if it is expensive, friends who have bought Tsuchiya can feel the feeling of being accompanied by exquisite leather goods.

Leather Factory Roberu

Leather Factory Roberu is a Japanese yokohama leather handmade brand that sells vintage techniques, like the Churro mentioned earlier when introducing the IPhone phone case. And starting with the iPhone 8, Roberu is the fastest to launch the iPhone’s manual cover every year.

In addition to protective covers, Roberu is also very eye-catching in the Japanese leather bag industry, simple lines and the pursuit of leather primary colors, Roberu’s dedication to leather makes people look very textured at first glance, because you can really taste the passion of life.

Roberu’s founder, Shinji Iwamoto, once explained that mobile phone cases are made in order to connect with the wider world by combining the practicality of traditional craftsmanship with modern design.

And although leather bags will change color and texture after long-term use, this brand dedicated to creating leather goods is also sought after by some retro players.

Not only bags, Roberu has always focused on traditional handmade leather products, whether it is leather shoes, clothing, accessories, in fact, mobile phones are the things we have the longest contact with a day, so their leather mobile phone cases are very popular.


HERZ means “heart” in German, and it is also the meaning of every craftsman who makes it with heart, and the spirit of “HERZ” handmade leather bag making that has been established for nearly 50 years is also the spirit of “HERZ” handmade leather bag making that has been established for nearly 50 years.

Each HERZ bag is designed and handcrafted by hand. Like Goro’s silver jewelry brands, each bag is unique in detail because of its craftsmanship, making it the most artisanal brand that Churro knows.

Simple original leather tone, practical design, for friends who often go to work or go out every day is a good choice, like Matsumoto Jun in the Japanese drama “99.9” played by the lawyer, the daily wear backpack is HERZ.

And each bag of HERZ must be oiled before use, although it is a bit troublesome, but this is also to avoid drying and cracking due to the skin later, so it is also a great pleasure to buy HERZ with the changes over time.

Anchor Bridge



Founded in 2012, ANCHOR BRIDGE is a little younger than many Japanese handmade leather brands with a long history, and the founders Kunieda Sakai and Yuhiro Murahashi are also pursuing the purpose of pursuing

“The meaning of handmade”

Therefore, whether it is design, leather selection, and for details, the brand belongs to the category of high-quality Japanese craftsman’s leather goods.

Although Anchor Bridge was founded mainly on handmade leather shoes, due to the use of historical leather searched by countries around the world and the production of Japanese craftsmen, the minimalist and more suitable for daily design style has gradually made the brand recognized, and began to launch leather bag products.

The advantage of ANCHOR BRIDG E’s bags is that they inherit the sensitivity to the curves of leather shoes, and you can also choose leather bags and small items according to the leather of different countries, truly interpreting the appearance of leather goods based on leather.


Unfond of the feeling of coin purses on the road, Yuichiro Murakami, an architect, went to Florence, Italy to study leather goods making, and after returning to Japan, he founded the handmade leather brand “M+” that emphasizes daily comfort

M+ leather bags are based on simplicity and functionality, and products made of leather made by the traditional vegetable tanning method produce the unique smell of plant fibers, and various bags and small items make users want to use them every day.

Because of Murakami’s special experience in the construction industry, you can see from the M+ bags that can be folded, rolled, bagged, folded, and even mechanical structure and other endless possibilities of design, which also promoted the birth of “M+” unique bags.

M+ uses two types of natural vegetable tanned leather depending on the color, Japanese and Italian, because M+ believes that when leather is used with sweat, the leather will also be stained with sweat, and the leather is also breathing when the hand breathes, so it will produce a deeper luster with daily contact after long-term use.

Of course, these handmade bags introduced above are only the tip of the iceberg, and a pure leather bag can be used for a long time as long as it is regularly oiled and maintained, and the traces of use of leather after a long time will also make leather show another different flavor, perhaps this is durable is the attractive charm of Nissan bags.

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