Lift the floral shirt

Do you seem to see a bunch of snacks?

Come and see your grandma.

Recently, Zhou Yutong was on the hot search because of the flower shirt.


There are too many floral shirts

You can wear it casually for a week without repeating it.

Today is a quiet beauty in a satin floral shirt.

Tomorrow it’s a lilac floral shirt again

Happy girls who wander around Disney.

The day after tomorrow you can go to Phuket for a vacation,

Green shirt girl who quickly blends in with the background.

And that’s not the end of it.

She also has a lemon yellow flower shirt

Responsible when there is a fisherman’s hat and large sunglasses cover,

It also exudes anytime, anywhere

A beautiful glow with a strong presence.


The little flowers have changed from minimalist style to fans of flower shirts.

Reiki girl Zhang Zifeng’s pink flower shirt

It’s like a cool Harajuku girl in Nichisa.

However really can put grandma the same floral shirt

There are not many people who dress fashionably,

People whose temperament and facial features are not outstanding,

It is still very easy to wear out the “just got off the train” rush foot.

Which styles of granny shirts can

So that you don’t really look like a grandmother?

1. The brightness of the base color is low + the décor is sparse

A shirt with a bright base color and a dense décor

It is easy to wear the Southeast Asian chaebol feeling.

Not so easy to navigate.

And the shirt with low brightness and sparse colors

It is much more friendly for ordinary girls.

Even if it is an aunt who does not understand fashion

You can also see that your this is different from hers.

2. The pattern of popular elements is better

Choose some patterns with popular elements

It will be more special than the traditional Hawaiian pattern,

Like Wang Zixuan’s one

Lightning pattern shirt

Open to wear,

With a stylish headband,

Strong sense of shape,

Compared to usually wearing a sweet little skirt,

This cool look

It gives people a refreshing feeling.

3. Wear it openly and have more personality

Floral shirt worn open,

Will it not be so serious and old-fashioned,

It can also highlight the decorative sense of the ornament.

4. Cute animal tattoos do not show age

Tonal shirt,

Jiang Shuying wears “grandma shirt”

Obviously looks better than the solid color model,

Lovely and energetic,

It doesn’t look old-fashioned.

This one

Elk shirt

Zhao Jiali also wore it,

She paired it with shorts, boots and a handsome cross-body bag,

It has a more street feel and makes people’s eyes shine.

Bought a floral shirt,

How to match it to be more stylish?

Since the flower shirt itself is more flowery,

So with simple solid color pieces,

Visually more coordinated,

And it can highlight the main points.

Floral shirt with white pants,

Will make the whole look look

Cleaner and more advanced

Wang Zixuan’s white background shirt

Pair it with white trousers and a white canvas bag,

Fresh and bright, attack and retreat can be defended,

It is suitable for both vacation and work.

Floral shirt with bandeau and trousers,

More suitable for personality and flamboyance,

Girls who pursue mavericks.

Workplace OLs can learn from Jun Ji Hyun,

Capable and refined,

Blue geometric floral shirt with black wide-leg pants and heels

The aura is 2 meters 8, and the whole body exudes mature intellectual beauty.

The most photographed among flower shirt matches

And count the shorts.

“Long + short, complex + simple” collocation

Very eye-catching, especially for

There is a pair of girls with good legs.

Wearing boots on a hot day, I believe

A lot of people like me can’t do it.

Pair it with cycling pants and sneakers, and the shirt hangs down naturally,

Relaxed and laid-back.

Although most of the girls who want to wear floral shirts

I like cool style,

But sweet girls are not excluded

Wear your own fashion with a floral shirt.

You can choose something like Alexa Chung and Zhou Dongyu

Pair it with a strip that everyone has

Denim skirt

Capable and neat, college can be workplace.

And like the fashion blogger Reese

Choose a satin-draped floral shirt

Naturally hangs down, covering the short skirt,

It’s also cute.

Zhou Dongyu used the flower shirt as an underwear,

Wear it with an oversize T-shirt and skirt,

Perfect for small student girls,

It looks playful and cute and smart,

At first glance, it is a girl with taste who walks in the forefront of fashion.

The playfulness of the relatively short skirt,

The long skirt is more feminine and French elegance,

Black floral dress with white animal pattern floral shirt

It’s gorgeous again.

As long as you dare to use your imagination,

It can be combined with a different look.

Nina, the heroine of “The Vampire Diaries”, also tried

Use a floral shirt as an underwear for a dress,

Instantly Italian flair.

After watching so many floral shirts,

You can already imagine

The way it looks on itself,

Hurry up and go to the next single piece,

Put on this shirt that is more “flower” than a scumbag,

Be the most fancy fashionable girl in the whole gai ~

Source: Ka Yu Fan


Do you like the grandma shirt recommended today?

What other style do you want to see

Tell me quickly~~

You are at the forefront of fashion

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