No enterprise or institution can resist the tide of the Internet, and after the full networking within the organization, once there is a network failure, it is a headache. Is the network faulty? Or is the consumer’s client failing? In this way, the workload of operation and maintenance personnel is greatly increased, and it is time-consuming and laborious to check link by link. As a professional test solution provider, NETSCOUT has launched the Link-Solutions solution, which can complete the troubleshooting task of network fault faster and simpler.

Handheld tester models and features

The Link-Solutions solution consists of a complete set of products consisting of handheld test instruments and cloud reports that can be adjusted to the actual network complexity and skill level of the operators and operators. The LinkSprinter and LinkRunnerAT handheld testers perform a variety of levels of testing functions and both provide fully automated reporting for the same Link-Live cloud service. In the Link-Live cloud service dashboard, all ongoing tests are displayed on the dashboard, allowing you to easily track who tested what, where and when, to better understand work and control projects.

Link-Live cloud service platform

In addition, management test results are often very irregular in the enterprise, and the bad habits of operation and maintenance personnel make it difficult to obtain useful information from test reports when failures occur. Link-Live cloud services enable quick and easy documentation of networks, evidence of performance, and better management of tasks and personnel productivity. In addition, an email is sent to each test result, allowing technicians to annotate test-related information and attach photos. Comments are then automatically added to Link-Live’s records, providing in-depth analysis of individual link performance and direct mapping of switch slots and interfaces of terminal images (wall ports, devices, serial numbers). The Link-Live cloud service platform can provide test result management and report generation functions, and add handheld network test tools without additional costs.

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