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The three basic tones of black, white and gray are widely used in clothing design and various fields. Black can be described as a design in terms of clothing

The presence of a classic

, white and black are not distinguished, and it is also used as an application

Widespread presence

, hot summer black is certainly a classic match, but in the hot summer black not only absorbs more heat in the sun, but also visually gives people a feeling

Dull and not refreshing


In contrast, white is more popular in summer, not only cooler skin, but also visually extraordinary

Simple and refreshing

I hope that the following Wang Ziwen outfit introduction can bring you PLMM a brand new

Wear white to recognize.

Wang Ziwen white dress analysis

Prince Wen Dang’s figure “has content”, and the white dress is connected by tulle,

The waist is more eye-catching

, Wang Ziwen is really good at wearing, using white fashion characteristics to create strong personal characteristics, the style of bandeau is really true

Sexy and gentle.

The overall shape

Senior and generous

。 I have to say that Wang Ziwen dresses to show “scheming”, and “patchwork” dresses show the proportion of up and down,

The upper body is quite cool.

White wear, whether it is a skirt or pants, can be reflected through skillful wear

Different temperament.

Wearing white is important in any occasion, such as attending important events, daily life, and commuting.


All scenarios

We all use fashion sense

Wear it in white.

The importance of wearing white with accessories

The embellishment of the ornaments can be in any style

The perfect combination

, showing a different version of yourself, white

Gentle and simple

Advanced features.

With noble diamond jewelry, the overall styling style is even more

Noble and elegant

to make the outfit more complete

Attractiveness and cohesion.

High-end white dress collides with fashion

Small bandeau for the upper body


Maximization, using the characteristics of white let

Sexy and gentle

Coexist, sexy bandeau will show the good body vividly and the perfect body is slender

Back line.

The sexy waistline is displayed in every move

Feminine charm

。 And the visual effect also lengthens the whole

Body proportions

, get in shape

More fascinating.

The lower body white high-waist hip long skirt shows the perfect waist-hip ratio at the same time, the high-waist skirt also makes up for the biggest disadvantage of the lack of height, which is a second change of the whole person

“Big long legs” are full of aura.

Looking at the material of the entire skirt, the art of weaving is the whole skirt

Very textured

The all-over white reveals high-grade silver, making the original single white fully visible

Sense of premium.

This look shows off a good figure and is also very good

Sense of design

, both sexy but

Not kitsch

With a unique personal temperament

Complement each other.

I have to say that the white skirt has also improved the temperament of the whole person by more than one level, making the whole person

Premium simplicity

Delicate but refreshing to look at, it gives people a cool look in summer

Visual experience.

Step on the platform silver-toned heels, further

Increase the proportion

Hidden in the wide trouser legs, the superior body proportions minimize its own height to this outfit

Navigate the difficulty.

Especially suitable for girls who are not tall and thin and want to control white

Little girls can wear it.

More white outfits

A stylish match for a white lace dress

White openwork embroidered long skirt

Black fanny pack

。 The tight cut of the white openwork dress thinly outlines the shoulder and neck lines, and the right angle shoulder swan neck is quite a few

Extreme elegance

Hollowed out on the chest

Design elements

, hidden careful machine, both sexy and demeanor, “looming” sense of sight, giving people infinite reverie and a good body perfectly exposed.

The wide skirt of the lower body gives the whole person

The aura adds a lot of points

, the black big brand waist bag in the middle adds a strong touch to the entire white dress, will

Leg proportions

The obvious division is changed in seconds

“One meter eight”.

The lower body also continues the whole

Openwork embroidery

, full of elegance, is also full of the entire white dress

It gives a “simple but not simple” one

Sense of experience

It can be said that there is nothing special about the white long dress that seems to be a complete dress, but it looks everywhere in detail

Hidden secrets

。 None ever

Complex elements

, can also wear a sense of premium, which may be white clothing

The charm lies

The dropped shoulders of the upper body make the shoulder line look out

It’s very tough

, while adjusting the head-to-shoulders ratio to

At its best.

The neckline that seems to be scattered wantonly is also the essence of dressing, and the original dead neckline is randomly scattered

V-neck design

, making the originally rigid workwear more playful and sexy

Woman’s charm.

The tonal metal ring belt at the waist outlines the slender waist line at the same time

Optimize leg proportions

The white jumpsuit on the lower body is full of industrial style while not losing the charm of a woman,

Show off your legs

If you do not make this adjustment, the whole may be biased towards a neutral style, and a little more will lack the charm of women, and the whole outfit will become ordinary and casual, and there is no sense of design. Look at the whole look, although the whole look is white throughout

Not a hint of embellishment

But that’s the point of this outfit

Ultimate simplicity

Ultimate neatness

, the loose workwear fit is the whole person is neither bloated nor imposing

Kill two birds with one stone.

It is very suitable for a set of white overalls that are originally thin little girls who want to enhance their aura

Dressing case.

A stylish outfit with casual white T-chops

The upper body is printed with a white print short T to look like the whole person


The black pattern looks young and energetic, and even a loose fit can bring

Perfect posture.

The lower body wraps the hip fishtail skirt, and the perfect S-shaped curve is particularly eye-catching,

Quite feminine

, I have to say that the fishtail skirt modifies the curves of the body


The white swallow bag on the shoulder escorts the overall outfit and enhances the sense of fashion

A unique vision

to make this outfit that is

Comfortable and complete.

From this point of view, a simple white T is also decisive for the change of the whole person’s temperament, but it is refreshing and brings a completely different one

So which white clothing match did the friends plant? Hurry up and give it a try.

Sense of premium.

Sense of design

Visual experience.

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