Often some friends ask in the background: I have professional running shoes, why do I still get tired and have various uncomfortable running problems?

When it comes to sports equipment for running, many people’s first reaction is running shoes.

Runners are fascinated by every detail of running shoes, and they will understand the shock absorption, support, midsole, upper, etc. of running shoes to ensure that they can get comfortable feedback on every step of the run.

However, many people are between carefully chosen running shoes and feet

Randomly choose a pair of socks, it is this humble sock that may make your feet suffer during running.

Compared to running shoes, socks are in direct contact with your feet!

Prolonged repeated friction may cause blisters or abrasions on the feet.


A suitable pair of socks

It’s like a good pair of running shoes that will not only give you

It brings a good running experience and can also reduce the appearance of blisters, abrasions and other conditions.

A real runner

Already started right


With higher requirements.

Let’s ask ourselves a few questions:

1. A pair of socks will stink your feet when worn, will you wear them?

2. A pair of socks worn stuffy, covered feet, itchy, wet sticky after sweating, bubbles, will you still wear them?

Professional sports socks that seem to be no different from ordinary socks on the surface actually have many invisible functions: breathable, sweat-absorbent, odor-proof, reduce friction and so on.

How to choose professional running socks that are comfortable and suitable for you?

The editor will give you support~

Look at the material

Reject all pure cotton socks, because it does not drain moisture and shape, easy to absorb a lot of sweat, is simply a direct accomplice of blisters and bacteria!

Professional running socks, using spandex, polyester and other synthetic fiber materials, the addition of elastic fabric to the foot wrapping feeling is stronger.

And with a certain compressive effect, it improves the recovery after exercise and the performance during exercise, while keeping the feet dry and comfortable, and running is not sticky at all.

Look at the thickness

The thicker the sock, the greater the cushioning effect, the more capable it is

Reduce pressure on feet and knees

, “cling” tightly to your feet, perfectly filling the space between your feet and running shoes.

Look at the workmanship

The workmanship of socks mainly depends on the sock top and seam.

The general machine seam head is easy to bulge, and it will feel clumsy after wearing it for a long time.

The boneless stitching process makes the seam smoother

, the suture is firmer, reducing the chance of blisters caused by friction.

Sports socks of similar materials and craftsmanship on the market, a pair of prices can easily cost tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, which is prohibitive.

Poor sport socks in

Air permeability, fluff volume

It’s hard to be satisfied.

How to choose in the vast sea of socks?

Runners, please note that the following content may make you addicted!

After many rounds of personal try-on and test experience, I will find a good-looking and easy-to-wear, professional and affordable running sports socks for you:

Sweat absorption, breathable, shock absorption, non-slip, foot protection!

Simply yes

A favorite of professional runners, the first choice for ordinary runners, and the soul mate of feet!

Maleroads towel-bottom sport socks

Three pairs of great value packs!

It’s too good to wear!

Limited time special offer of 39.9 yuan/3 pairs

/Seven-day no reason to return and exchange Factory direct sales genuine product guarantee/


What’s so good about it?

Xiaobian will reveal you one by one!


Sports fabric, breathable and sweat-wicking

In running, especially long-distance running, people’s feet will have a lot of sweat, no good sports socks for sweat absorption, it is easy to cause sweat through the socks to the insole.

It is easy to affect the wearing feel of running shoes, etc., and accelerate the wear and tear of running shoes.

Maleroads towel-bottom sport socks

The overall fabric has excellent breathability, and the heat emitted by the human body can be quickly discharged, which will not bring more burden to the feet during exercise.


Long-lasting elasticity and warmth in winter

Take this pair of sport socks in your hand and you can see it,

Plantar shock absorption

The function can provide runners with some foot support.

Lengthen the rubber stretch stockings to avoid running when the socks fall off and damage the ankle.

The thickened towel bottom has a warmth effect that ordinary socks do not have, allowing you to run freely in autumn and winter.


3D wrap to protect your feet

Another difference from ordinary socks is that sports socks have

Wrapping in 3D.

Prevents discomfort caused by friction between heels and instep and shoes.

When running and stopping sharply, it is easy to avoid a violent impact between the toes and the shoes.

In addition to effectively protecting against unnecessary abrasive damage, it is also more convenient to put on and take off.


Elastic foot arch, no feeling sewing head

As a high-quality sports sock, the arch of the sock is fixed with a pattern, otherwise the sock will shift sideways to the side of the foot while running.

At the same time, it adopts a non-sensory seam design, which fits perfectly to the foot, reduces the chance of blisters caused by friction, and the firmness is much better.


7 colors are versatile, face control benefits

In addition to practicality, the appearance is also quite beatable, 7 colors, any match as you like!

The sizes are all standard foot markings, and the visible scale is suitable for the feet of most small friends.

Such a pair of running socks that integrate appearance and quality, now 3 pairs only need 39.9 yuan, not quick to grab?!

Maleroads towel-bottom sport socks

Three pairs of great value packs!

It’s too good to wear!

Limited time special offer of 39.9 yuan/3 pairs

/Seven-day no reason to return and exchange Factory direct sales genuine product guarantee/

Maleroads towel-bottom sport socks

Maleroads towel-bottom sport socks

Maleroads towel-bottom sport socks

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