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“Upstart in the workplace”

One description will be like this: they have made great achievements in their own industry or professional field, and have begun or have become the core of the industry; They may be startup CEOs, middle managers of large corporations, up-and-coming stylistic up-and-coming and so on…

With the top 20% of the high income in society, they are climbing to the beginning of the peak of life, and they have entered the top of the pyramid, but they have more young edges than their predecessors who have been famous for many years.

However, the upstart is just the beginning, to become a real bull, there is still a long way to go, and you must hurry up to cultivate (●°u°●)

section 1

Be persistent in your career and have the courage to face setbacks

To exaggerate, the workplace is the colosseum of civilized society, and competition and elimination are eternal themes. For upstarts in the workplace, the ability to withstand pressure and the mentality in the face of setbacks often determine their career height, after all, “no one can succeed ♪ casually”

For actors who eat by their faces, Hu Ge has experienced a double blow of life and career, and what is worse than nothing is that he once had but was ruthlessly taken away: he enjoyed the idol aura brought by his appearance, and was disfigured by a car accident at the peak of his career (

Together, more than 100 stitches were made to the neck and face

Σ( °△°|||) ︴),

After the ups and downs, Hu Ge understood a truth: “No one can really make me stand again except myself, if the skin bag is difficult to repair, just that.”

Fill it with thoughts

It is. “—This sentence comes from the column “Look in the Mirror” written by Hu Ge after the car accident.

-During the first peak of his career, Hu Ge was so handsome that no one was there⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄-

However, Hu Ge did not give up his beloved acting career, and after his comeback, he pushed off the costume idol drama that repeated his old routine,

Sink down and hone your acting skills

, participated in the drama directed by Lai Shengchuan (this can earn less money than acting in idol dramas, and the circle of fans is slower), and gradually transformed from an idol student to a powerful actor…

It turns out that Hu Ge found the right way to open ~ Last year, he starred in “Langya List”, “Pretender” and “Great Good Time” Word of mouth and ratings exploded, instantly

Get back to the top of your career

\٩( ‘ω’ )و // This time, Hu Ge

It is not about appearance, but on acting skills

-“Langya List” stills-

At the beginning of his business, Jack Ma would be regarded as a scammer when he went out to sell; I went to KFC with others to apply, a total of 25 people admitted 24, I didn’t ask him (っ ́༎ຶД༎ຶ) っ Maybe his appearance is too special…

Setbacks are not terrible, being defeated by setbacks is terrible, and Ma Yun is not defeated, relying on him

Smart, hardworking and persistent spirit

。 He listened to English radio every day to practice English at the age of 12, and was finally admitted to the Department of Foreign Languages of Hangzhou Normal University after failing the college entrance examination twice; After graduation, he worked as an English teacher at school and set up a translation agency with friends; When the income and expenditure are unbalanced, Ma Yun will go to the obligation to enter small commodities and come back to resell subsidy expenses…

Everyone knows the story later~ He founded Alibaba, got financing, became bigger and bigger, and went public in the United States the year before last… Not long ago, Ma Yun’s financial services group again

become a shareholder

KFC’s mother-in-law


Yum China – make everyone think that it is really “it is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for thirty years” ~~

– Jack Ma: Help me buy some KFC; Subordinate: Buy it –



Set a small goal for yourself in your career, and do it when you identify it,

Don’t be afraid of setbacks, because only by experiencing setbacks can people grow and truly see their boundaries and shortcomings;

2. In the workplace, persistence and diligence are necessities, you can lose to others, but not to yourself;

3. The workplace is not a casino, the most important thing is to correct your mentality, vent in time when the pressure is too high, or go to a psychologist;

section 2

Be curious about the world

, have the guts to break through mediocrity

People who can become upstarts in the workplace have made small achievements in their fields. But whether you can go further depends on whether you have the courage to give up your immediate vested interests and bravely take the next step

。 Whether to go up and become a big bull, or to stand still

, all in one thought~

You may still be complacent about what you have achieved, but they have no nostalgia,

Wave your sleeves and play a new “game”

Some of them can see the new outlet and plunge into it without hesitation, such as Liu Qing. She started much higher than the average person, is the daughter of Liu Chuanzhi, and directly entered Goldman Sachs after graduating from Harvard. After 12 years in the tall investment bank that everyone envies, she has struggled to the top of the golden tower and became one

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Asia

What an enviable position for a female executive of an internationally renowned investment bank! However, Liu Qing waved his sleeves,

Didi worked for Didi, a grassroots startup at the time

~ Even Liu Qing herself described this choice as “everything to zero”. Liu Qing worked harder than before, working 16 hours a day. For a while, Liu Qing left work at nine o’clock every night, went home to coax the children to sleep, and then held a meeting downstairs at her house at eleven.

Fortunately, Liu Qing did not fight in vain, in December 2014 she helped Didi complete the F round of 700 million US dollars financing, and in May this year, she helped Didi obtain a $1 billion strategic investment from Apple\٩ ( ‘ω’ ) و // Not only Didi is becoming more and more successful, Liu Qing herself has embarked on a new peak in her career that will not be available in investment banking.

There are people who pursue dreams and self-expression more than the halo on their heads, such as the French chef Jean-François Piège. In 2004 he became the head chef of Les Ambassadeurs at the Hôtel de Crillon. You know, the Kryon Hotel is

The oldest and most luxurious in Paris

of five-star wine

One of the shops, it is already amazing to be the head chef there.

-Ambassador Restaurant at the Grand Hotel Creon, where a luxurious atmosphere comes to your face from the photos-

Head chef of a top restaurant

, the salary is also very high, and many chefs work for a lifetime. however

Pierge waved his sleeves and abandoned the enviable hotel

, open his own small restaurant to go to the bird~ His small restaurant has the same name as himself, also called Jean-François Piège. The painting style and tall former owner are very different, modern, warm and comfortable, with a sense of home. Even the kitchen is connected to the restaurant – as the chef says

I hope guests also feel at home

And Pierge’s

The small restaurant is booming

, not only won the honor of two Michelin stars in the second year of opening, but the level is also very good~ This year still won two Michelin stars, great ٩ (๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ (friends who often watch business fans must know how difficult it is to get a Michelin star, and accidentally will be lowered (눈‸눈))

1. If you want to be in the workplace, you can’t rest on your laurels, contact more people at a higher level, contact more new information, your horizons will be broader;

2. The workplace needs the help of noble people, but the most fundamental thing is to hone your ability, only ability is the cornerstone of supporting dreams;

3. Reluctance to give up immediate vested interests is one of the watersheds between upstarts and bulls. If there is a sacrifice, the nouveau riche must remember oh (ゝ∀・)

section 3

The image of a healthy and sunny environment adds points to the workplace

As an upstart in the workplace, you have strong business skills. If you want to gain more recognition and trust from your bosses and subordinates, a positive and sunny personal image is a “cheating weapon”. After all, people like to get along with cheerful and sunny people, and they also prefer such people in the workplace (you don’t like to work with a very gloomy person).

When it comes to a positive and healthy personal image, the Wall Street executive is an example. Perhaps you have the impression that the Wall Street elite is a ruthless appearance that comes and goes, and stands tall.

And Mark Rubin, the current vice president of Yilian Huiye, who was born as a rugby player, is like this, and you can feel that he has a good personality, cheerful and confident appearance ~↓ by looking at the photos

Maybe it’s because I came from an athlete background and have always loved sports. Exercise can vent stress and lead to a healthier lifestyle, which has a somewhat positive effect on people’s mentality. Mark Rubin is a Wall Street athlete who has won four Wall Street Decathlon charity sports tournaments and is very strong ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

-The look of sweating in the sun is also positive-

Mark Rubin took off his tracksuit and changed into a standard financial executive’s high-end suit, but his sunny and amiable smile didn’t change, which always made people feel good.

1. Regular exercise and fitness are very key to shaping the image of Yangguan, so it will be better to arrange your time reasonably, make a fitness plan, and hire a personal trainer;

2. Whether it’s fitness running, tennis and golf, sports are also a kind of sport

Social ways

。 Upstarts in the workplace meet and communicate in sports, and maybe they are a new network~

– Polo player Malcolm (far right) playing polo with Prince Harry (2nd from right)-

section 4

Furniture space to improve oneself, mature and elegant is also a kind of growth

People go high, and when they reach a certain level, they will naturally be paid attention to. When someone pays attention, they will pay more and more attention to appearance, and a mature and elegant image is easier to win the trust and goodwill of colleagues and customers.

As a new upstart in the workplace, you can neither make mistakes nor be too rigid in dressing. Why not look at the history of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s clothing (blackening) (history) (ゝ∀・)

Trudeau is a standard post-70s, and he was only 43 years old when he was elected prime minister, young enough~ This is his current clothes,

Very elite and decent

: Dark blue suit with white shirt and silk fine check tie of the same color (blue), and red collar pin as a highlight, calm and sophisticated. Lord Fan felt that the matching of this tie was particularly worth learning,

Only on the material

(The suit is matte, while the tie is reflective material)

Make changes

, bright and not fancy.

In his 20s, Trudeau was such a boy: jeans, a big loose sweater, and a very ugly and solid warm vest. Her hair is blown curly and unkempt, like a female star with a bit of a sense of age.

Or wear a gray shirt with a soft fabric and a black T-shirt with a crewneck, like a pacesetter in the workshop.

And this kind of simply not wearing a shirt … Although it is beautiful to show off muscles, the posture of a curly hair and a bodybuilder is really not associated with a politician.

Now ~ Black Tie evening dresses are well controlled, and they are regular guests at dinner parties. The butterfly-shaped wide bow tie is cleverly chosen to match his tall figure of 1.88 meters.

But compared to bow ties,

The more important accessory for men is obviously the watch

~ It carries the taste and character of men, and it is one of the few accessories that men wear every day without looking strange. Even sometimes, people judge a man’s “class” by his watch.

Therefore, the choice of a stylish and textured watch for workplace nouveau riche is a responsible expression of their own image. So which watch is better?

Fan Lord’s conscience advertisement is coming~~ If you are not sure what kind of watch to choose, the Piaget Polo S watch is a recommended choice.

First of all, Piaget is

A luxury watch and jewelry brand from Switzerland

, founded in 1874 by Georges Piaget, has a history of 142 years and ranks among the world’s top ten watch brands.

From making movement parts to assembling and testing movements, Piaget can complete the scene independently and is one of the few “blue-blooded aristocrats” in the watch industry. Piaget family watches are often hundreds of thousands, million-level watches are also numerous, but the price of the Piaget Polo S series is only

From RMB 72,000


Piaget family’s first watch under 10w

…… Think about it this way, is there a rush to buy a luxury car in 10w(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Top brands are undoubtedly the best endorsement of personal image, and this Piaget Polo S complements the status of the upstart,

People lining the table, the table also lining people

The blue dial fan main of Piaget Polo S is very hearty, and I feel that the color is particularly beautiful~ The dial shape is also very unique, with a square in the circle. Professionals wear this watch, quite a little

The implication of being rounded (round) on the basis of maintaining one’s own professionalism

。 The chronograph and date display make the watch look exquisite, but the whole style is very good


Low profile~

Very much in line with the taste of the upstart elite.

The 42mm gauge diameter is just the right size for most men. (Although the recent popularity of large dials over 50mm is obviously not available to everyone, especially men with thin wrists.) Especially for upstarts in the workplace, the large-size dial is still slightly ostentatious, and 42mm is much more low-key and restrained~

-Looking a little farther away, the 42mm gauge diameter is not too big or small, just right-

The Piaget Polo S is a stainless-steel case with a shape

Simple and handsome, full of heroism

。 The dial is available in three colors: black, white and blue, which is just right to match the current mainstream (blue, black, gray) business suit↓

There is no pressure to wear a commuter suit when going to work ↓

The jeans changed after work still match well with the Piaget Polo S, and the steel chain belt to go to a hot place for vacation (such as the Pacific island or something) is much more comfortable (cool) than a leather strap~

Better cost performance, definitely the best choice for nouveau riche who is good at making decisions. It depends on whether you dare to break through the barrier of psychological price (●ↀωↀ●)

To have attitude, but also to have action, don’t you consider buying a Piaget Polo S watch for a new upstart in the workplace? Career starts now!



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