With the significant increase in national income, the potential of the domestic consumer market has emerged, which has also attracted the attention of many international giants to the domestic consumer market, which not only brings us more and more high-quality products, but also is quite grounded in terms of commodity prices and marketing. As an American brand that focuses on business audio-visual equipment streamlining technology and serves more than 120 Fortune 500 companies, InFocus not only opened its official flagship store on JD.com on November 8, but also scheduled the three new TV products just released to go on sale at e-commerce shopping carnivals such as November 11, which is self-evident in its importance to the Chinese TV market.

The new TV products launched this time are 50-inch, 40-inch and 32-inch models, emphasizing the scene-based concept of “turning on the TV, it is the scene”, aiming to provide users with high-quality audio and video equipment, and output music, entertainment and other high-quality content closer to their life scenes to young users. As a technology self-media, Yanshan Pai is fortunate to be the first to get the 40-inch version, as the first generation of TV products that Rich Vision entered the Chinese market, what is its experience? Next, Yanshan Pai will take everyone to experience it together.

Integrated and simple design, rich interfaces

In terms of appearance, InFocus has extended its business audio and video equipment streamlining technology genes accumulated for many years to TV products. The new 40-inch TV we tested this time adopts an integrated and simple design concept, and the whole machine is cool midnight black, elegant and pure.

The 40-inch screen frame on the front of the fuselage is narrow enough, and the straight sides around it are slightly rounded, which is extremely simple. There is the “InFocus” logo in the middle of the bottom border, and the “JBL” logo in the lower right corner. Don’t underestimate this logo, behind it is the shocking sound quality experience of InFocus 40-inch TV, which we will introduce in detail later.

The design of the base is also very rounded, combined with the collision of straight sides and rounded corners of the fuselage, forming a perfect sense of order, in line with the aesthetic pursuit of our team today, giving people a solid sense of heaviness in simplicity.

The back of the fuselage adopts a two-stage design, the upper section uses an integrated blow molding process, the surface has fine particles, quite textured, and the simple straight face design can help support the screen and give it more protection. The bottom side is where the motherboard, speakers, and various connectors are located.

It is worth mentioning that the excuse of InFocus rich visual 40-inch TV is very rich, 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, 1 network cable interface, 1 audio output interface, 1 AV input interface, 1 VGA computer input interface, and an antenna/cable TV interface.

Among them, the emergence of VGA computer input interface is eye-catching, this is the most used interface on the computer, its existence can allow us to easily connect the TV and the computer, let the TV into a computer monitor, just imagine, with a 40-inch large TV to link the computer to brush the Internet, play games or office, is it very cool? Moreover, the existence of this interface also allows us to see the gene of Fu See’s focus on business audio and video equipment streamlining technology.

In addition to the simple and stylish appearance, the remote control of the new InFocus Rich Visual TV also adopts a minimalist design style, with the intelligent system, making the operation easier.

JBL “Golden Ears” blessing, the sound effect is definitely a highlight

Having said the appearance, now let’s uncover the suspense left by the “JBL” logo on the front. Was there a 40-inch TV under 2,000 yuan before? Yes! But in the past, most TVs at this price point focused on the 40-inch large screen to emphasize the cost performance, but InFocus is different this time, and it also brings us a shock in listening while pursuing the visual impact brought by the large screen.

InFocus 40-inch TV new product equipped with JBL sound system, friends who have a certain pursuit of sound effects should know, JBL is the world’s largest professional speaker manufacturer, from 2005 won the Grammy Technology Award this top award in the audio field, from the Sydney Opera House to “Bird’s Nest”, “Water Cube”, JBL for the world’s top venues to contribute excellent sound quality performance, 70% of the world’s top venues choose JBL, 60% of Chinese cinemas choose JBL, Therefore, many friends should have seen the “JBL” logo on the stereo used in the cinema screening hall. It can be said that JBL has become synonymous with innocence and perfect sound quality, and is the first choice brand for many audiophiles.

As a TV priced at less than 2,000 yuan, InFocus 40-inch TV can be equipped with JBL “golden ears”, which makes us feel the imperfection of Rich Vision’s pursuit of TV sound quality. In terms of actual experience, it can not only have a larger volume, but also have good performance in the sound stage and three-band, whether listening to music or watching blockbusters, it can give people an immersive shock in terms of listening feeling, and interpret the design concept of the new visual TV “turn on the TV, it is the scene” from the sound effect.

It is worth mentioning that InFocus rich visual 40-inch TV depth adaptation to the national K song APP, at home can create a small KTV, can be connected to the microphone, can also directly use the mobile phone as a microphone, singing at any time, really as its slogan said: turn on the TV, is the scene. The author personally tried the mobile phone singing function, and you can also order songs on your mobile phone, which is very convenient.

The picture quality is well adjusted, and the visual experience is also not satisfactory

In addition to sound quality, InFocus Rich Visual TV’s new visual optimization is also impressive, with a large 40-inch screen with 1920×1080 Full HD resolution and an A+ screen rating. Combined with the rich visual R & D team in the audio and video equipment accumulated many years of experience, color, grayscale, noise reduction, dynamic adjustment… Every detail has been patiently adjusted. The dynamic picture is clear and smooth, the color performance is fine and bright and moving, and the final presentation to us is a clearer full HD picture, a more natural and realistic display effect, which is also an immersive experience, which visually interprets the concept of “turning on the TV, it is the scene”. Whether it’s watching a blockbuster movie or a 10,000 game, it’s a great visual impact.

Performance and content resources are remarkable

The reason why smart TVs are different from ordinary TVs is that they are equipped with an intelligent system, which can watch movies and videos and even games through the network without using external input resources, so smart TVs have relatively high requirements for hardware configuration. InFocus’s new 40-inch TV is equipped with the industry-leading Mstar smart TV dual-core processor, with a main frequency of up to 1.2GHz, supplemented by Malia400 high-performance dual-core GPU, 8GB high-speed flash memory and 1GB running memory, reaching the high-end level in the same price smart TV. In actual tests, its performance is also small and powerful, not only the system operation response is fast enough, but also can smoothly play high-definition videos, experience rich application pleasure.

In terms of content, InFocus rich visual TV is equipped with Galaxy Kiwifruit service, and the content resources should not be underestimated.

Galaxy Kiwifruit service covers 4 major film libraries and 36 channels, with 2,800 TV series, 3,000 animated anime, 2,300 variety shows, and more than 10,000 movies. Among them, there are 192 head content, and excellent film and television series such as the popular “Hunting Ground” and “Emergency Department Doctor” are among them, allowing us to see the new content resources we are looking forward to for the first time. And it is worth mentioning that InFocus is also deeply adapted to the popular application of “K Song for All”, combined with its JBL high-quality audio, allowing us to sing at home, catering to the current K song craze of young people.


With its minimalist aesthetic craftsmanship, stunning audio and visual experience, coupled with small and powerful performance and abundant resources, InFocus has reached a high level of 40-inch experience, especially in terms of audio and picture quality optimization, which can really give people an immersive feeling. The addition of JBL audio is more luxurious in the same price range, but it brings a better experience, and it also changes our perception that the audio experience of smart TVs under 2,000 yuan is not good, and it is competitive in the market. In terms of after-sales, InFocus Rich Vision TV launched a “one dollar to replace repair” plan. Users buy TVs, turn on the Internet, register as rich network members, and pay one yuan to participate in this program. For specific rights, you can consult sales customer service when purchasing a TV.

To sum up, InFocus 40-inch TV is a rare conscience product, interested partners may wish to pay attention to it.

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