There are many ways to reflect the sexy charm, one of the most convenient ways is to show the skin, of course, the position of our skin exposure must be appropriate, if there is a small belly, then do not show the waist, if the thighs are thick do not show the legs, for girls with a good figure, we want to show wherever we want, now the comfortable body is still very well maintained, this time for herself chose a sexy sheer skirt, looks not covered at all, full of femininity, and the long skirt can also help her enhance her aura, It’s a special charm.

Tulle sheer dress, sexy and feminine

There are many stars in the entertainment industry, their figures are maintained very well, but Shu Chang is definitely the best in it, and now Shu Chang has long been no longer an 18-year-old girl, but her appearance and figure state have always stayed at the 18-year-old appearance, especially wearing this sheer dress, which can create an elegant and intellectual charm, looks both sexy and decent, the whole person is in a very good state, and it is a goddess at a glance.

When choosing a dress, everyone often uses some more classic colors, such as this white skirt is very simple and atmospheric, white dress on the body is simple and pure, looks not too monotonous, and white is also a very malleable color, can be sexy or mature, as long as you match properly, you will not go wrong.

Cut short hair across the board, fresh and easy to take care of

At the same time, it is also recommended that you can try short hair styling, like Shu Chang cut short hair this time, and he is much younger, and this one-size-fits-all short hair looks very well taken care of, which is very good for young ladies with less hair!

Sweet breeze matching

Tulle dress

Shu Chang is still at this age is really not easy, wearing a pink tulle dress, looks very sweet, loved by everyone, this light pink dress makes her girly sense show, and the chest combined with flowers to decorate, looks quite romantic, cut short hair can modify her face shape, facial features look particularly delicate, this style is especially suitable for dating wear, can definitely attract the opposite sex.

The white tulle dress has a sweet and pure feeling, and the fluffy hem of this white dress can hide our fat and is suitable for slightly chubby figures.

And Shu Chang tied two small pigtails, this kind of ball head looks too cute, it doesn’t feel old at all.

The pink one-shoulder dress can make the advantages of the comfortable body reflect, and the skirt of this pink dress is particularly loose, there is no waist design at all, there is no need to worry about the fat on the abdomen exposed, but also pay attention to the dress should not be too inflated, otherwise it is easy to lead to bloat.

Casual wide-leg pants

The combination of a T-shirt and white wide-leg trousers is simple and pure, making this outfit perfect for everyday life. Through the high-waisted wide-leg pants can also help to comfortably modify the long legs, appear long and thin legs, the whole person’s charm is very prominent, this matching is more casual, so it is more suitable for daily wear Oh.

The matching of shirts and jeans is simple and fashionable, I believe that everyone can also hold this style in daily life, and the striped shirt will look more foreign than the ordinary white shirt, it is very worthy of your reference, the lower body of high-waisted pants helps her modify the waist, the whole person looks quite temperamental.

Denim jacket

In autumn, try more denim jackets, which can be paired with skirts, T-shirts or various sexy suspenders. Like below, choose a white T-shirt with a denim jacket, which feels quite simple, and then decorated with a tulle skirt to let her refreshing charm show.

The feet are also matched with simple little white shoes, which look simple and versatile, and the fashion is quite high.

Well, we have finished watching these fashionable and high-end outfits of Shu Chang, and I have to admit that she is still quite good at maintenance, and now she still maintains a full girly feeling, and she is also at the forefront of the fashion industry in terms of dressing, which is very worth learning. Disclaimer: The text is original, and the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you. Text/9

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