According to statistics, about 150 million workers in China are plagued by cervical spondylosis, and laptops that maintain a “low-key” posture have become the number one enemy that causes cervical and lumbar problems. Experienced professionals will have a laptop holder at home or in the office to improve cervical spine problems caused by prolonged head bowing. However, the traditional bracket is bulky and not easy to carry, focusing on the needs of young people and caring for the health of young people’s innovative notebook bracket design, Adou notebook invisible bracket with a small body to support a large weight, so that young people can use the laptop comfortably anytime, anywhere. On December 12th, the Adou notebook invisible bracket went on sale in the official flagship store of Tmall Asus, and you can enjoy a good price of 98 yuan by booking now, don’t miss it!

Highlight 1: Light, thin and small, hidden invisible

Adou notebook invisible bracket is based on the common computer bracket design innovation. The PU material used is not only scratch-resistant and fold-resistant, but also brings a thin and portable experience. The stand weighs only about 89g, making it even lighter than a mouse pad. The whole body is about 3mm thin, so it can be easily tucked into a carry-on bag. Paper-like, invisible features allow users to keep their field of view level with the laptop screen at all times, effectively avoiding problems such as sore neck spine.

Highlight 2: Repeated use Timeless

Different from the conventional usage mode, the A-bean notebook invisible bracket is connected to the notebook by pasting. The invisible bracket of the Adou notebook adopts removable non-marking glue, and the protective film can be “close” to the laptop in one second. At the same time, it supports 10,000 repeated tearing and pasting, whether it is a laptop or PAD, it can be used at will. Even if you are lazy and do not want to tear off the bracket, the Adou notebook invisible bracket can temporarily act as a notebook “handle”, which is convenient and practical.

Highlight 3: Dual angle adjustment

The angle at which the laptop stand can be supported is an important point when purchasing. Ordinary brackets only support one height adjustment, and are not suitable for everyone in practical use. The invisible bracket of the Adou notebook can be adjusted at two angles, 15° and 25°, bringing 5cm and 8cm height changes to the user respectively. Different angles are suitable for different line of sight processing, and the diversified design makes it easy for users to find the height that suits them, thereby relieving the fatigue caused by shoulder and neck pressure.

Highlight 4: Golden triangle structure

The golden triangle architecture is a widely used design principle in brackets, and the A-bean notebook invisible bracket is no exception. The sturdy triangular structure design allows the Adou notebook invisible bracket to support up to 8kg notebook computers, which is suitable for all models in the range of 11.6〞-15.6″, and electronic devices such as PAD are not a problem. Super bearing capacity, stable bearing capacity, Adou notebook invisible bracket with a small body to support the user in a larger world.

A bean notebook invisible bracket changes the rigid form and curing angle of the notebook bracket. Enjoy parallel sight in a second, explore the visual comfort zone from two angles, and make it easy to carry around with your compact and lightweight body. A dou notebook invisible bracket will be on sale on December 12 in the official flagship store of Tmall Asus, now make an appointment to enjoy a special price of 98 yuan, hurry up to make an appointment!

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