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From the television host to the founder of the guest media, this shift is the same as a marathon – long, pain, but more harvest and accomplishment.


Looking back, Wu Ting expresses her current understanding of life and work when accepting an interview with the Global Times. This kind of understanding is a rational side, “The walk, the left, the continued continuation, the disappearance of the disappearance. Never do anything inversely.” Missence is aware of the sense of perception, “like The oak tree is growing slowly “,” finally became hundreds of entrepreneurs with hundreds of entrepreneurs, and people who grew up with hundreds of billions.

Wu Ting loves to run, this I know. When she dressed in a lemon yellow, it quickly walked into her own office, and further verified my cognitive impression. From 10 years ago, the company’s founder, Wu Ting completed a gorgeous identity transformation – the running “backstream”, which has been taken to 6 marathon today; She is unclear with the general manager, she believes that she will never be merchant, but now has created her own company. Such a big change, in the view, the greatest effect is that she is my own joining.

At the Yangtze River Business School, no one does not love long running

“Changjiang Business School is very popular.” Interview topic started from running. Before the Changjiang Business School, Wu Ting only ran 800 meters long, and the students of the Yangtze River were running in the Marathon. Every day, he was “punched” in the WeChat group, she gradually became a heart. “When I was running on the first day, I walked in shoes and cotton clothes, although pain, I also persisted 5 kilometers away.”

Wu Ting said that this is the same as most of the world, and the target setting is important. Later, she went to Chongqing to run half a marathon, and I flew to Berlin, Germany, running the whole marathon. “There is a church in the end of the Berlin Marathon every road. When you run, you know that there is always a target to stand there, which makes yourself to fight. Respect and care, “For example, some people running the lace is scattered, they will be returned to the roadside, and then bend the lace to prevent the running rhythm of others. Another thing, when I ran to 35 km When the body is very exhausted, it is equal to a turn, and many running players will be loudly asked. “Do you want to help? ‘This kind of stranger is very moving “

Since it is so painful, what is the meaning of persistence? Wu Ting said she wants to have a long run a milestone in the transition period. The time when I was frequently participated in the marathon, she happened to resign from the TV station and determined her to start a business period. “I said to myself, now, I have to be an entrepreneur, from the craftsman, screw, and turning into the system in the big environment, turning into a ‘business manager’ who faces the world. ‘Responsible bearer’, there are too many unknown needs to go to learn, overcome. “Long run is equal to her to touch the unknown courage.


Life and death of the Kenya grassland


Wu Ting bones are literate, she has done a columnist, will record their own illusions to life, including travel. In her text, you can read Bangkok “Thriller One Night” due to acute intestinal inflammation, you can see Japan’s fine service industry culture, and you can also taste the book in Taiwan, Taiwan.

“People who love reading, dreams where the city can have a bookstore for 24 hours. So they arrived at Taipei, they must go to the Chengshi bookstore to go shopping.” Wu Ting went to Taiwan, busy, and immediately truck Eslite, “Although the time is very late, the readers still have a lot, standing or squatting or simply sitting on the ground. The escort bookstore has quality, readers also have quality, so large area, quiet only “Wu Ting is a literary youth, Taiwan is in series in her eyes. Kenting reminded her of the “Seven Cape No. 7”, and the blue sea allowed her to only rush; when the café is resting along the way, she recalled the “36th story” in the “Idealistic Color”. Sisters; in Kaohsiung Port, she remembered the “One Day” of “ONE DAY” in the “Kaohsiung City Image” series of movies, the love of the male and female protagonist; the city street came to the men and women, it seems ordinary but each Have a heart, letting her think of several members in an ordinary family in the movie “one by one”, and their lives are suffering.


Last summer, Wu Ting took a family, about the classmates of Changjiang Business School, together with Kenya. “We made some donations in a primary school in the local Masai.” The so-called school is just a small soil house, Wu Ting said that although the Maacean is not good, the children are still wearing a neatly greeted them. “Masai people are very happy, can sing good dance, some children also teach these Chinese children’s English, and a 5-year-old child pulls my hand, tell me, ‘I am willing to make friends with you, you Every year is coming, ‘, the look of talk is particularly free. “

Make Wu Ting’s impression, in addition to the enthusiasm of the Marseille, there is still a big migration. Before this, she saw a documentary “big migration”, and the middle of the horses were migrated, and the crocodile was swallowed. From the screen to the real world other than her dozens of meters. “We stand in the river. When I saw a lot of corners, I was dragged in the water when I was crossing the river, swallowing and dead. At that moment, everyone is quiet, not because of blood and scared, but the awe of food chains of nature. “When I remember these pictures, Wu Ting’s speed is slow, as if I returned to the savage prairie in Africa, I returned to the river that was quietly silent, the unknown river water contains nature. The birth and death brought her shock and feelings. “After the surviving corner, I will look back at the companions that are being swallowed. Even if you are human, you can feel the horses and sadness in the horns, but it also There is no way to save anything, it must turn back again, then resolutely continue to go forward. That river is not wide, but only over the past, continue, there is grass to eat. Walking, the left Leave it, the continued continuation, the disappearance of the disappearance. All the transformation of all fate is in that moment, but in the end, no one can reverse the trend. “

Want to travel with two people

On the Kenya, Wu Ting also took a daughter. This little girl in the first grade of the primary school was bile big. When the Masai opened a convertible jeep with them on the savanna, there was a lion through the time, There is also a leopard on the tree of the roof. Wu Ting himself was scared, but her daughter didn’t care. “She told me that my mother is not afraid, they are passing.”

Mr. Wu Ting is a documentary director. When Wu Ting was pregnant, the two of them were quite newly filmed. The movie theme is to ask the people “you guessed is a boy or girl”, then Record the picture they answer. When the child is born, I will cut this film and broadcast this film. “When I am pregnant, 90% of people guess I will live boy, but I want to be a girl, so the documentary cuts out, there is a flip end, I am very interesting.”


Most of the life of Wu Ting is her gentleman. She said that there are often friends who have friends in her circle, envy her there will be one of them. Chen Xiaoti, the total director of “China on the tip of the tongue”, is the friend of their couple, once, Xia Qing leaves a message in Wu Ting’s photo of the photo of Wu Ting, “The girl wants to marry the boys only, one is very rich, one The species will take pictures. “

“Last night, I also asked Mr. My Sir, ‘Are we traveling for two?’ We are in detail, there is never, or if you don’t have a film together, or bring your elders children. Vachase, in short, there is no two people to travel alone. “Say this, Wu Ting Meng was born this year to plan a two-person thinking,” Where to go, as long as it is two people. “

“I don’t have to work in travel. It is free travel. I want to rest, I will take a break, I think of the bed, I will get up.” However, most of Wu Ting is related to work. In January last year, she went to the United States to shoot the International Electronic Consumer Exhibition CES. The whole trip is very nervous. It is a description of her own. The entire team is very hard. “

“Ten years later, I want to be a person like an oak.”

When I was a live broadcast program host in the TV, Wu Ting had to appear in the live broadcast every day, and I have been in a long time, this kind of feeling, let her feel free. Repression, even for a long time, she will repeat the same dream – I have already on the high-speed rail or plane, I have already sat down on the seat, and the TV station will call yourself. She felt that she had to change the rhythm of life, and she later went to the Yangtze River Business School, and the series of decisions of entrepreneurship.

What is the commonality of entrepreneurs? Wu Ting thought it was “insisted” two words. “What is the success of entrepreneurship? The listing does not represent success, the listing means that you have come to a new stage, to face more difficult, bigger challenges, listing there is also an exassembly. Does the unicorn companies are equal? No, many important companies do not make profits, very pressure. Do you say that Huawei is successful? Altead of everyone’s respect, but Huawei does not say that he is successful, it still has a book called “Next Will it be Huawei “.” In Wu Ting, entrepreneurship is a road that has no end, “the entrepreneur has a goal, but there is no end. It is like a church in the Marathon in the Marathon of Berlin. The church is their goal. However, entrepreneurship is a countless marathon series, insist on it. “

Wu Ting, 10 years ago, is the host of TV station Minsheng Program, and now she created her company, media and education. So, what will she do after 10 years? Wu Ting gave an answer I didn’t think of. “After 10 years, I want to be a person like an oak tree.” The characteristics of the oak tree can grow in the harsh environment, do not pick the soil, do not pick the temperature, do not pick Water, don’t pick sunshine, it will grow slowly, and finally form an ecology. “Today, more than 30 people’s shareholder pools, more than 100 entrepreneurs in the guests of the guests, hundreds of millions of people are watching our programs and cases. This number may be from hundreds to tens of thousands after 10 years. Home, hundreds of millions of users, I will run them with them, helping them grow, this is not the happiest state. “

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