This snowflake dress has always wanted a loose version with thick needles and thick threads like the original model, and the long-grassed model was finally pulled out this time with the encouragement of friends! Try the effect, loose and good-looking satisfactory

With needles:

Side 3.25, body part 4.2

With Line:

N years ago, hoarded alpacas white 11 balls, black 2 balls, brick red wiring a little.


Length 62 cm, bust 106 cm


Weaving instructions:

The weaving process is for reference only,

Start with 312 stitches with pins, knit 48 rows of jacquard with 4.2 needles, leave 130 stitches after knitting jacquard, change 3.25 knitted collars minus 2 stitches, 128 knitted double thread 12 rows of needles to finish.

Remove the other threads, circle them with 4.2 needles and knit 2 rows of flat needles, add 8 stitches each, and then knit 2 rows of flat needles, for a total of 320 needles.

Start splitting the sleeves and body. 100 stitches each for the front and rear pieces and 60 stitches on the sleeve. The posterior piece is woven separately in 12 rows as a posterior-posterior difference.

Main body: add 18 stitches on each side of the armpits, the sleeves are coiled up with pins, the main body has a total of 236 needles to knit flat needles about 28 cm to start knitting jacquard, jacquard ends to knit a row of flat needles, change 3.25 knitting 20 rows of double-threaded needles to finish.

Sleeves; Pick up 88 stitches with 4.2 needles, circle the lower needle, and reduce the needle at the same time, 8-2-11, knit 8 more rows of flat needles, start jacquard, end the jacquard knitting a row of flat needles, change 3.25 knitting 18 rows of double-threaded needles to finish.

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Author | Sakura rain handmade

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