Summer is coming, can the baby sleep on the mattress? Absolutely. In fact, sleeping mattresses are part of our lives, so as long as they feel comfortable and appropriate, adults can sleep and children can sleep.


So be careful, don’t keep saying that children love to sweat, our home is already very cold. Some children’s backs and neck stems are full of prickly heat, but the parents still said that he wore a small vest, and if he asked carefully, the whole bed was indeed covered with a cool mat, and a quilt was padded on it. It is conceivable that the child’s back and neck cannot sweat, and of course it will cover the prickly heat.

So when taking care of children, don’t always treat the child as a special group, although his life care needs our attention, but his metabolism is more vigorous than ours, more afraid of heat, so don’t always feel afraid of the child cold, too much cover for the child, which will make the child very uncomfortable, and even disease problems.

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