After entering spring, the temperature has increased significantly, so that everyone has more choices when matching clothes. Many people think that spring is the season to wear skirts, and indeed there are many girls wearing dresses in this season, but if you are tired of wearing skirts, you can try some other cool and comfortable combinations, such as shorts are a good choice.

Shorts can be said to be a “rotten street” clothing, but it is still one of the must-have items for fashionistas. Especially some girls with long legs, shorts + Roman sandals, have become the “legs” of these long-legged girls, which is not only cool and comfortable, but also has a good fashion effect. Today Phantom shares a set of shorts and Roman sandals matching tips, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

01How to choose shorts for girls with long legs

Tips(1): Style

Many people may think that the style of shorts is similar, shorts can be divided according to the length of the waistband, there are high-waist shorts and low-rise shorts, long-legged girls even if they choose low-rise shorts will not affect the long-legged effect, which short-legged girls can not do. If you choose high-waist shorts, it will have a multiplier effect with half the effort, and you can easily obtain the title of “leg essence”.

Tips(2): Fabric

There are many fabrics for shorts, denim, cotton, chiffon, linen, etc. are commonly used fabrics for shorts, but denim shorts are the most practical. With the improvement of denim technology, the fabric has become soft and comfortable, making it more suitable for close wear. And the versatility of denim shorts is also very good, so when choosing shorts, try to choose denim shorts to get a better wearing experience.

02 Tips for choosing Roman sandals

Tips(1): What are Roman sandals

Many people may not know why it is called Roman sandals, which originated in Rome and are a kind of women’s sandals, also known as gladiator shoes. In terms of color, it has the quaint flavor of gladiator spirit, and the original color system such as earth tone, dusk tone, and original leather is the mainstream color of Roman sandals. In order to reflect the high style and taste, some Roman sandals will also be decorated with luxurious suede and gemstones, using metal heels and some hardware accessories, making it impossible to ignore its presence.

Tips(2): The style of Roman sandals

Roman sandals can be said to be the most popular women’s shoes in spring and summer, with a cross-laced design in the shape, plus a large area of bare feet, and the ventilation and heat dissipation effect is very good. Painted with nail polish in matching colors, you can show a unique modern charm. Roman sandals have flat soles and high heels, and long-legged girls can choose flat style Roman sandals, which also have a long leg effect and have a very good comfort.

03 Street Auction Master’s outfit demonstration

Fashion districts are often places where street photography enthusiasts gather, because there are many fashionable girls here, and the outfits of these street photography experts are more worth seeing. For example, this beauty, a pair of blue denim raw shorts, with a pair of coffee-colored Roman sandals, the back bag heel and ankle at the cross strap design, the effect of modifying the ankle is very good. Use denim shorts + Roman sandals to show off long legs, cool and comfortable and add a fashionable effect.

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