In today’s fast-paced era, people are more and more diverse ways to relieve stress, whether it is fitness, running or listening to songs, everyone is choosing the right way to decompress themselves. And there is”

Gold cardio

“Good name

Cycling sports

, is also getting more and more attention.

When it comes to cycling, professional equipment is essential, and while exercising, you must also protect your physical safety.

Next, Xiaobian will take you to know the necessary gloves for cycling~


Half-finger gloves are essential in summer

Adopted in the middle of the palm




Elastic, light and breathable, strong sweat absorption

Classic black and gray color scheme Simple without losing monotony


Palm adoptment


Suede microfiber

Soft and comfortable

Red shock absorbing design

Add highlights while protecting your hands

The back of the hand is made of non-slip ice wire quick-drying material

With a sense of stitching design, simple and stylish


All-season all-finger gloves

The whole is made of mesh breathable fabric +

Black and red color scheme classic and stylish

The brand logo on the back of the finger is embellished

The velcro design adjusts the width of the cuffs

Because of microfiber

Eco-friendly and breathable

Does not fade and shedding

High tear strength

Therefore, more and more cycling gloves on the market are made of microfiber material

Friends who love cycling and sports, hurry up and choose a microfiber gloves~

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