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Drinking tea can relieve fatigue and soothe your tiredness; Drinking tea can quench thirst; Drinking tea can cultivate the body and hone the mind… Regarding the benefits of drinking tea, there are many of them, and you who like to drink tea will naturally know.

However, in some specific scenes, due to the inconvenience of drinking tea, we often give up the idea of drinking tea, such as office workers, office white-collar workers, etc., busy is their normal life, but they still have the freedom to drink tea. But

The premise is to choose the most suitable tea and match the matching tea set.

Drinking tea, making tea, a cup of tea is the most worthy moment of leisure for everyone who loves tea.

1. Count the most worry-free types of tea for brewing tea

Drinking tea, the simplest tea brewing process is to throw tea, fill water, drink tea, simple three steps, and the simplest of the various tea categories is green tea, white tea, black tea, etc. in the six major tea categories. Because it is a loose tea form, there is no trouble in prying tea, just pay more attention to the brewing water temperature when brewing.

2. The outliers in Pu-erh tea are also practical

For many tea lovers, brewing Pu’er tea is no less cumbersome than the effort it takes to drink a brew of tea.

In addition to loose tea, in order to facilitate storage, transportation, etc., Pu’er tea is usually made into a tightly pressed tea shape.

Therefore, from the beginning of prying tea, it scares off a large number of tea drinkers, not to mention the complicated brewing process.

However, with the increasing personalization of tea drinking and the diversification of scenes when drinking Pu’er tea, some unconventional Pu’er tea has undoubtedly become the favorite type of tea for people who like to drink tea but do not have time to drink it.

Such as small dragon balls in Pu’er tea, mini Xiaotuo tea, and “Pu’er tea biscuits” brewed one by one

, not only can save a lot of tea troubles, but also because it is individually packaged, take it with brewing, and do not have to worry about tea moisture, flavor and other problems.

3. “All-size-fits-all” tea making utensils

When making tea, glasses, purple clay pots, purple clay pots, lid bowls, etc. are more common brewing utensils when we make tea, if it weakens the experience of drinking tea, simply consider the practicality and portability of these tea making utensils,

Glasses and lid bowls must be the most widely used among them.

However, when using a glass or bowl to make tea, it can be combined with a cup specially used to hold tea soup, and the combination of 2 glasses can avoid the problem of bitterness of the tea soup caused by stuffiness.

In addition, for some office white-collar workers and people who travel, it is more practical and highly portable

Brewing utensils that separate the flowing cup from the tea or travel tea set, or some automatic tea making machines, etc.,

are choices that you can’t go wrong with.

The above is my little personal opinion on this, do tea lovers have different views and opinions on this? Welcome to leave a message to share and communicate~

Author: Jian Li

Image source: Rong Ruixiang

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