As Mademoiselle Chanel said, “Fashion is perishable, style endures”.

Times are changing, and what remains unchanged is always dusty memories, which is our nostalgia for youth.

Recently, I wanted to try different makeup and combinations, and I searched around the Internet and found that retro looks frequently appeared on the cover of magazines, and it seems that winter is still the best match for retro style.

Just like the shape of the cover of Di Li Gerba Harper’s Bazaar recently searched, the three-dimensional facial features with French retro makeup are feminine and exotic. Compared with her Hong Kong style, the French style is not so sharp.

Chen Duling is a typical classical beauty, with softer facial features, and a more temperamental with Hong Kong-style retro shape. And her French retro-style makeup is too light, not as attractive as Hong Kong style.

Why are some people’s Hong Kong-style style more attractive, while some people’s French makeup is more colorful? What’s the difference between the two? In this issue, let’s analyze the differences between the two retro styles, let’s take a look together.

Popular style in the eighties and nineties, Hong Kong-style retro style represented by Zhu Yin, Lin Qingxia, Wang Zuxian and Audrey. The French retro style represented by Hepburn has its own merits, so what is the difference between the two in makeup?

1. Base makeup

The French base focuses on highlighting one

“Oil painting sense”, warm and delicate makeup, thin color, just the right softness weakens the unique hard lines of European and American faces,

It embodies a classical elegance.

The powder of the foundation doesn’t have to be too exposed

, combined with bold and rich blush, depicts a restrained and quiet person in the painting.

Speckled decoration

It weakens our sense of distance from the people in the painting, and at the same time adds a sense of agility to the human figure.

Compared with European and American people with fairer base makeup, Hong Kong-style base makeup is closer to natural skin tone, and

The makeup is matte and soft-focused when photogenic, and it looks more natural

If you are

Oil skin or mixed oil skin

, you can try it after applying liquid foundation

baked setting method,

Or apply the setting spray once before and after foundation.

2. Eye makeup

In terms of eye makeup, French and Hong Kong style both prefer earthy eye shadow, more

Dominated by matte brown and orange tones, the colors are low-key and intense, and the atmosphere is full

, even if it is

Single eyelids can also be used

。 Not only can it reduce swelling of the eyes, but also deepen the contours of the eyes. Plus

All-inclusive uplifted eye

Lines, thick eyelashes, eyes look more than twice magnified.

3. Contouring

Because the facial contours of Asians are generally softer than those of Europeans and Americans, in order to highlight the three-dimensional sense of the facial features,

Hong Kong-style retro makeup generally uses a large area of contouring, while French style does not need to modify the face too much

。 In the choice of contour color,

Yellow and black skin is recommended to choose warm brown and cool white skin is gray brown, and the nose shadow should also use gray brown

, closer to the skin color of Asians. Pay attention to the position of use of contouring,

It must be used at the angle of the lower jaw

。 In fact, blush can also play a role in contouring, still orange tone, stacked together with a more retro feel.

1. Hong Kong-style dressing

Hong Kong-style dress is relatively simple, seemingly casual but beautiful, and the style is loose and comfortable.

For example, shirts, denim, shoulder padded suits, and so on

(1) White shirt

A loose V-neck white shirt paired with a pair of worn-out jeans was the trend of the time, and it was simple and versatile to take out one of the pieces alone. The fabric of denim is relatively tough, but the loose shirt weakens the toughness of the jeans and adds a touch of casualness.

White shirts can also be used in winter coats, which can be layered with different basics

, such as a white shirt superimposed on a sweater in basic color, plus a coat in basic color, fashionable and everyday.

(2) Vintage red dress

The vintage red dress can be said to be a representative of Hong Kong style wearing,

Like jujube red, wine red, high saturation, low brightness, low-key and charming color,

It is also very dated to wear, and yellow and black leather can also be worn daily. In winter, you can choose to wear a red dress

Made of cotton and linen or velvet, layered with a black coat or a long coat of the same color

, It is easy to wear a unique temperament.

In addition to red, black is also a color with a sense of age. Whether it’s a suit or a slim skirt,

Pair it with gold heavy earrings

It’s still very atmospheric.

2. French dressing

If Hong Kong style is simple and lazy, then French style is romantic and expensive. Romantic Paris is a romantic yearning, and the flowers in front of the door are a story of love. The most prominent feature of French style is elegance, nobility, exuding a literary and classical atmosphere. When I think of French style, I can’t help but think of manors, churches, and pianos, which are the “peach blossom source” in our hearts.

(1) Square collar

If V-neck French style and Hong Kong style have common characteristics, then square neck is a unique feature of French style. The square-necked clothes just show the beautiful collarbone, which sets off the human temperament more dignified and elegant. If

If you are worried about revealing the meat on your chest, you can choose a style with wider cuffs or a square neckline with wooden ears

, can play a certain role in modification.

This kind of generous understanding appears

The neck has more white space, which can raise the length of the neck, and people with thick necks can try. If you don’t like too much white space, you can wear a necklace

(2) Polka dots

Polka dot elements are generally used in skirts, such as dresses, slip skirts or skirts, and the colors are mainly two-colored

, versatile and suitable for all skin types. The polka dots are staggered and the style is simple and elegant, and can be worn alone or layered. For example, polka dots

A combination of a slip dress and a suit

, elegant and generous. Or or

The polka-dot skirt and black sweater can also be worn as an underwear in winter, as well as for everyday life.

(1) Pearl elements

Pearl elements can also be said to be a highlight of retro style, whether it is Hong Kong-style retro or French retro, pearl elements are indispensable,

For example, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings or pearl handles on bags, etc

, not only looks elegant, but also very expensive, famous lady fan.

(2) Hats

Blind-style top hat

It is also one of the retro accessories, which creates a hazy feeling in an instant, mysterious and fashionable, making people want to explore.

Write to the end: The analysis of the difference between Hong Kong-style retro style and French retro style in this issue is here, thank you for reading. If you have other insights on retro style, welcome to leave a message in the comment area. QY~

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