The most romantic season of the year is spring and summer!

Just like March to May, Japan’s famous cherry blossom viewing season, from the warm island of Kyushu, from south to north, all the way through the narrow strip of Japan, a pink “cherry blossom front” blooms.

I don’t know if it’s because of my age, I and the girls around me will add a few bouquets of flowers to ourselves every week~

Recently, the “flower system” trend has swept the skin care and beauty industry, and our grasslands are almost turned into flower fields!

You know, the earliest trend of skin care can be the most heavyweight KOLs in ancient and modern China and abroad: Cleopatra, Queen Mary, oh, and Empress Dowager Cixi~

In Earth cultures, roses are busy. Be busy expressing love, but also act as the “beauty queen” in skin care products. Rich in vitamin C and trace elements, roses are an artifact that fights free radicals. In human terms, the antioxidant effect is outstanding! [It turns out that bathing with rose petals is really not just for good looks….]

Therefore, the skin care industry has produced a lot of romantic paste on the face, in the skin care industry, pure natural plant ingredients are more popular than chemical synthesis, but there are so many plants, which can whiten and rejuvenate the skin, which can shrink pores, which can anti-aging…?

Today we will interpret the “flower” skin care together~ The most important thing in spring is a variety of beautiful flowers, these natural facades, not only outstanding appearance and fragrance, but also with a variety of magical effects, by major skin care brands with a variety of black technology extracted essence, added to their own star products.


Rose is known as “after the flower”, not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a powerful beauty and skin care effect. Rose is rich in vitamin C, the most effective antioxidant that helps the skin fight aging and maintain healthy, youthful skin.

At the same time, the sugar in rose has a strong moisturizing and moisture-locking function, which can play a significant moisturizing and moisturizing effect on dry skin.

It also tightens the skin and tightens pores by inhibiting the secretion of excess oil in the skin.


Calendula is a veritable female flower, called “rejuvenation grass” by the ancient Egyptians, and is also the astringent star in the flower, which can promote skin metabolism and have a significant effect on shrinking enlarged pores.

cherry blossom

Cherry blossom has an excellent astringent function, and its extract can effectively act on the pores, regulating the oil balance of the pores, making the pores finer and firmer.


Lavender is arguably the most familiar “beauty flower”, which has beauty effects such as promoting skin cell regeneration and balancing sebum secretion, and can effectively revitalize the skin when it acts on the neck.


Rhodiola rosea is a natural beauty and health product, containing salidroside and glycogen tyrosol with anti-aging, anti-hypoxia, anti-microwave radiation and metabolism promotion effects, in addition to a variety of trace elements to effectively revitalize the skin.

Orange blossom

Orange blossom is the white petals of bitter orange, and it was a rather low-key flower before the salon fragrance became popular. Neroli essential oil can emit a strong fragrance even at very low concentrations, so it is also a super star in perfumery

Little daisies

From a scientific point of view, little daisies do not have any basis for being related to skin care and makeup, but people can run amok with this “girly heart”.

01BABOR Rose Cleansing Toner

Reference price: 200ml/235RMB

Barbo began to heat up in China, in addition to the essence of the ampoule, in fact, his family’s cleansing series is so good to use that there are no friends, and this rose water, when used, it is simply a fairy immortal!

Just into this bottle of rose toner, the light rose fragrance is very natural, definitely not comparable to those enchanting chemical essences.

Pour on a cotton pad and apply to your face, absorb quickly, the face is fresh and comfortable, and it will not be sticky at all

It contains multiple treatments, Curacao Rose, Biosabolol, Rose, Aloe Vera, antioxidant, moisturizing and brightening the complexion for healthy-looking skin from within.

In addition, the gentle formula does not contain harsh ingredients such as alcohol, which ensures a more stable skin condition.

The bottle of rose powder placed on the makeup cabinet is also kind and pleasing to the eye~ It is not easy to encounter a toner with beauty and material and no alcohol, big love Babo, I will buy back indefinitely.

02 Lancastine Toning Toner

Reference price: 400ml/380RMB

Lancaster Monaco has used his sunscreen before and loves it! Many people will compare this powder with Lancome’s powder, but look at this cost-effective, sincerely, buy it! Really more cost-effective than LancĂ´me powdered water! The big bottle is casually poured and does not feel distressed~

Absorbing quickly, this lightly scented, alcohol-free, nectar-based toner is infused with Mediterranean extracts from Essential Rose Nectar and Rose Centifolia.

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, it gently perfects the cleansing process without damaging the skin, leaving skin feeling comfortable, soft and soothed, lasting hydration all day long and tested by dermatologists.

When you open it, the sweet floral fragrance has a soothing woody fragrance.

The texture is very slippery and close to emulsion, slightly viscous, but take a little and pat it on the hand to turn into water, so it is recommended not to use a cotton pad, wipe it on the palm of the hand and gently pat it on the face and then massage, it will be a little thick at first, but it will be absorbed quickly, moisturizing and refreshing.

03 Moisturizing High Moisturizing Essence Water

Reference price: 300ml/259RMB

Everyone should be familiar with Runbaiyan, the only hyaluronic acid brand that enters the hospital, this high-value moisturizing water has a nickname: champagne water! The bottle is named after the champagne color.

A bottle of 300ml is really super big, generally I will apply water 3 times, when I am lazy, I only apply water 3 times, this water has 2 layers of yeast extract, this ingredient should be familiar to everyone, L’Oreal black technology, Lancome small black bottle essence uses it.

There is also miniHA and microHA, which is a kind of hyaluronic acid that can penetrate into the dermis, and the hydration effect is great, so it is very good to hydrate + maintain stability! And generally a lot of water can not penetrate into the dermis layer, but is evaporated in the epidermis.

Champagne water can! It has Bloomage Biotechnology’s unique mini hyaluronic acid technology, which can penetrate into the dermis layer to achieve real hydration.

When it’s okay on the weekend, I will apply it wet, the makeup will be really fit, and after applying and absorbing, the skin will not feel tight ~

The faint smell of roses has a spring flavor for people like me who don’t like strong fragrances.


Reference price: 150g/178RMB

A fairy who likes to drink jasmine tea like me must rush! Hin’s strong smell of jasmine bushes outside the classroom, super suitable for this summer that needs to be refreshing~ Kun Shangli White Jasmine Scrub It is an aromatherapy brand in Thailand, and when you smell its fragrance, you will fall in love with it at once!

There is no obvious grainy sensation inside, so there will be no pain when rubbing the upper body. After the bath, it was slippery.

The official tip is to use it like a mask, leaving it on the skin for a while and rinsing for better results.

Although the scrub used before has a good exfoliating effect, you need to use body lotion immediately after use, otherwise the body will be red or even itchy.

However, white jasmine moisturizing scrub avoids this embarrassing situation, containing tamarind particles can gently soften keratin, refreshing jasmine water and unique vitamin E can moisturize the skin and avoid dry and itchy skin;

The high concentration of fruit acids also has a very obvious whitening effect, effectively fighting the dullness and pigmentation of the body, so that you can also be white into a light.

With the blessing of white jasmine scrub, not only the skin of the body is bright and fair, even the acne has disappeared, and this summer’s backless outfit can be arranged again!

Secretly tell you guys, I think it’s really okay to leave fragrance, and it still smells sweet and good when I wake up the next day after using it~

In the blink of an eye, spring is almost over. If you haven’t had time to complete the great task of “pulling weeds”, then at least you still have time to pluck a flower after reading this article~

Each “flower” item makes people see the most beautiful appearance of youth in innocence~

After reading these “flower world” skin care products, do you feel that life is better?

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