Versatile meat covering, a must-have in early spring!

Hey girls~

I’m Dada, today’s substitute editor, I haven’t seen you for a long time, and I don’t know if everyone has spent such a New Year’s holiday 👇 like me

Eat and eat every day, big fish and meat are wonderful


Eat, sleep, sleep, eat, finish eating, lie down and play with your phone ☺!

(Home is a pig farm and add a stone hammer 👌)


Is it already started for

How to wear it so that it does not look fat

And annoyed?

Don’t panic, I’m 👉 here to save you

As long as the clothes are well dressed, this bit of meat is a small case!

I’ll give it to you today

7 early spring flesh looks,

Let everyone dress differently every 👌 day for the following week

Of course, want

Cover the flesh

, these knowledge points should first be kept in mind 👇, friends who do not want to buy new clothes can rummage through the wardrobe

Avoid minefield wear


Cover the knowledge point 📝

A top is of moderate length and does not fit snugly

Too short, can not cover the small belly 🤷 ♀️, too long, there is no silver here 300 taels 🤦 ♀️

The most suitable length is

It is a little longer than the lower abdomen and a little above the base of the thighs, and it cannot be fitted closely.

If the top needs to be tucked in, make sure to leave some space at the waist of the trousers to place our flesh ~

2. The fabric of the clothes should not be too soft

Especially by name

Silk and satin clothes, easy to fit closely, showing the belly and crotch first

! There is also a skirt with a hip design and a soft fabric, which is simply dead!

3. Find the most appropriate position for the waistline


The waist line is best set a little above the navel

, cover the belly without making the upper and lower body proportions unbalanced~ The waist line of the skirt can be higher, covering the small belly, but also covering the wide crotch and thick legs! (But the premise is that the skirt fabric is not too soft and the skirt is large)

OK, mark good knowledge points, we will enter the lazy favorite outfit lookbook,

The whole set is set up for you and 🉑️ copied directly to the upper body


Don’t repeat the outfit for a week


LAVE BASIC Shirt/¥189 1¥Bd0QcxrXsnL¥/

cozy days pants/¥119 1¥ePnocxrcoHe¥/

HALIMA shoes/¥145 1¥Gt1acxrX1Yk¥/

HM small suit/¥129 0854602(Item No.)

Koryōji bag/¥408 1¥utLCcxrcDi2¥/

ziziFei cardigan/¥229 1¥0zGpcxrc9WN¥/

EGGKA Inside/¥55 1¥G6Hycxr2XWF¥/

SENSE jeans/¥169 1¥gXXicxrcmwo¥/

Hot air canvas shoes/¥119 1¥Dp9AcxrcyfY¥/

Bree bears stud earrings/¥15.5 1



LOVEHEYNEW denim/¥150 1 uw69cxDVSNW/

HALIMA Martin boots/¥175 1¥c0xccxrXiwz¥/

Xixi sauce vintage pearl earrings/¥27 1¥AW2Ccxr2RWu¥/

DOUDOU pearl necklace/¥60 1¥tvntcxrXnuc¥/

TOUTOU Underarm Bag/¥159 1¥UWJJcxr257C¥/

SoLighter knitwear/¥298 1¥qu0JcxrXlyd¥/

Hello van Gogh Pants/90 1¥WeAocxrXzJE¥/

15mins Mary Jane Shoes/¥169 1¥fet5CXR29ha¥/

15mins handbag/¥139 1¥ZmQWcxr2oKH¥/

Feng Xiaoma handmade stud earrings/¥32 1¥EB9XcxrXHV0¥/

pn necklace/¥139 1¥H3mdcxrX5Mi¥/

Uncle Stubble Hat/¥28 1¥kbBqcxr2n6J¥/

Zhoujia Shilipu small floral skirt/¥65 1¥yMNPcxr2MdH¥/

LOVEHEYNEW green suit/¥139 1¥E5rWcxr23Qk¥/

Small ck single shoe/¥179 CK1-70900156(Item No.)

dodogogo baby daisy stud earrings/¥23 1¥Al2JcxrXMop¥/

Koi King Crystal Bracelet/¥85 1¥Q6xhcxr2vIy¥/

ziziFei skirt/¥199 1¥CG0Qcxr2r8P¥/

MSHI CLUB Sling/¥68 1¥2IKMcxr20L7¥/

Yang Er Dream Shirt/¥138 1¥29nwcxrXFKW¥/

Bershka black buckle shoes / ¥208 11664660040 (Item No.)

Miss Xu COCO Butterfly Print Medium Tube Socks/¥14 1¥UsBNcxr2Sc8¥/

MSHI CLUB Orange Pink Shirt/¥68 1¥1E9Lcxr2xLV¥/

Hello Kanon PU shorts/¥105 1¥3QnHcxr2WWg¥/

Gomechi boots/¥249 1¥kPg7cxr2auJ¥/

PAILAILI Underarm Bag/266 1 AeT8cxDVSjP! /

ACANE Velvet Headband/¥17 1¥szatcxr2RIr¥/

OKK, today’s dress recommendation is here, I hope everyone can eat and drink well while also achieving freedom of dressing hehe~~

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Hope everyone a new year

Happy eating meat

How to wear it is beautiful 💃 ~

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