Dressed up with home and geometry, a seemingly casual wedding, simple and natural

Wedding theme

It is said that being in love makes people naïve

You will stubbornly help me catch the doll

Boast about your awesomeness with a show-off face

I also brought home one doll after another

Joyfully help them change places every day

Clumsy little couple stop-and-go

But we both cherish each other

This little love

You’ll take me out for a jog

I’ll make a schedule for you

It was you who made me understand

Being in love is not about having one more person in your life

Eat, chat, and play with you

It’s about giving courage to each other

Become a better version of yourself

Wedding design

There is no special theme

It’s just imaginary

Homely feeling

The bride said that it was one

Not deliberate, not formal

Our own, ceremonial wedding

Finally bring

Happiness and satisfaction

Enough to remember for a lifetime

Main stage

Walk through a feather-embellished doorway

Follow the flowers to guide into a small home

Will a person suddenly appear at the end of the road

Say “Welcome back”

Color matching

Gentle home style

It’s a one

Light Japanese home theme


Add elements such as cloth curtains and glass balls that the bride likes

Simple warmth and happiness

It’s the best

Wedding elements



Various geometric elements

Naturally separate spatial areas

Rhombus, oval, square

This small world is not big, but

Full of stories

Because of the relaxed home environment, it is closer to life


Sofa and chaise longue under rattan chandeliers

It was like coming back to your own living room

Seemingly trivial home elements

It just makes up the life of the two

Bit by bit

It’s simple and exciting


Flowers bloom in the corners

In the warm sun

A faint fragrance of grass and trees wafts in


The hue of nature itself

Create a vintage premium texture

Never thought about owning a home with anyone

Until I meet you

I want to have a home with you

Photo: Yijiayi private wedding customization

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