What is lanolin?

The English name is Lanolin

Lanolin is not sheep fat, that is, lanolin, which is a fat refined from natural wool.

The real quality lanolin is made from the highest quality lanolin. Combined with vitamin E and other ingredients, it can lock in moisture, fight dullness and aging, and make the skin get long-lasting moisture and radiance.

When it comes to lanolin, I really have to mention the GM brand. G&M was founded in 1996, is a very famous cosmetics company in Australia, mainly producing lanolin, G&M’s lanolin is simply the trump card in lanolin, can be said to be very authentic Australian lanolin~

Until now, G&M is the only sheep fat allowed on the shelves of woolworths, Australia’s largest supermarket chain.

Now let’s start talking about lanolin! Move the small bench and sit down, lanolin is really a must-have for Australian families, can be used to make creams, hand creams, body lotions, after washing the hair and wiping the ends of the hair, the hair will become very smooth after drying (test pro)

This extract has a purity of more than 99% and is also added with VE soft texture, moisturizing and non-greasy, can be applied all over the body, and the taste is also fresh, especially suitable for dry skin, children and pregnant women, as creams and body lotions.

A bottle of lanolin 250g, really super big a can, a can can be used for a long, long, long time … The price is also very cheap, Xiaomei is used as body milk, not distressed, the effect is good.

G&M lanolin has a milky white milky appearance, a light fragrance, no pungent flavor taste, and the ingredients are particularly safe, so it can be used by all ages, including infants and young children.

It can be used in all seasons

Spring: Bacterial dust mite growth, lanolin gently moisturizes and hydrates, reduces skin sensitivity caused by the growth of dust mite bacteria

Summer: Form a water-retaining layer of the skin, lock in moisture, and reduce discomfort such as redness and tingling of the skin after sunburn

Autumn and winter: natural moisturizing power, anti-freeze and anti-cracking, help the skin natural oily protective film, so that the skin does not dry

How strong is lanolin hydration

Clinical medical experts have long done experiments – lanolin can increase the water content of the dermis layer by 40% in 28 days, and continuous use of lanolin for 28 days can promote a 3-fold increase in collagen 200% elastin and a 2-fold increase in basal cell abundance.

How to use lanolin

You can choose lanolin as a hand cream to effectively prevent cracked hands and feet!

After taking a bath, wipe the water droplets, take advantage of the hot water rinsing the hot water body pores are still relaxed, take an appropriate amount of lanolin and evenly apply it to every skin of the body, so that your skin is still delicate and still like a new life~

Usually wear more pants sister paper, the friction between the leg skin and the pants will also increase, especially in winter, the legs are pulled apart, the mottled skin is really a little miserable, insist on rubbing lanolin every day can make the skin supple and moisturized, but also prevent drying and peeling.

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