Hello everyone, I am Xiaoyanzi, I am very happy to share today’s fashion outfit for you, friends who like me can click to follow, I will bring updates to you every day, thank you for your likes and attention. Today, I will bring you a black silk with fine workmanship, design style high-end atmosphere and grade, and wearing a tall and thin pleated stripe hip bottom long-sleeved dress, very good, the effect behind the upper body is very good.

Women who love beauty, often femininity, if you want to have more femininity, then you must have your own unique style in dressing, of course, choose a good skirt, that is definitely to add enough points to femininity. The elegance and sexiness of the skirt can not be replaced by other clothing, and the hip skirt itself is a consideration of the figure, and a woman with a beautiful figure can be said to absolutely show a beautiful body, making you more confident and sexy with personality.

Today’s clothing, gray tones, give you a different feeling. The gray color brings out the whiteness of the skin even more. The design of the shoulders and the round neck look very layered, and the tight waist design at the waist is perfectly combined with the upper body, highlighting the personalization. The hip skirt adopts a pleated stripe design, which also gives a good match to the level of the skirt itself, the slim cut makes the body curve vividly presented, especially the design of the hips makes the silhouette of the hips more upright, very comfortable, showing the graceful figure. It doesn’t just show the beauty of the body. It also brings out the slenderness of the legs. Paired with high heels, the figure is more prominent, beautiful and temperamental.

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