Detailed drawing of the Iron Man One scissors

Detailed drawing of the Iron Man II scissors

Ironman II scissors

Detailed drawing of the Iron Man III scissors

Product name: PPR scissors PPR pipe cutter

Material: cast iron paint, the blade head is high hardness steel; The blade adopts domestic advanced material, 65Mn (manganese steel)

Processing method: the cutter body is processed and formed by international aluminum die-casting; The blade is heat treated and quenched as a whole

Features: smooth cutting, lightweight, simple, long service life

Available range: can shear PPR pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe, PVC pipe and other plastic pipes, most suitable for shearing PPR pipe and aluminum-plastic pipe, 42MM pipe below the specification of blade material: 65 manganese steel (currently the most advanced material in China)

The cut tube is sharp, and the tube is cut instantly


One: Please pay attention to avoid harming the human body when cutting;

Two: This cutter body is a non-insulator, do not cut the charged object.

Detailed address: 52-1 Yanxin Street, Tiexi District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, door 5 【Jinuo welding machine】

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