I use laptops more often for daily business trips and work, but due to the flat processing of the keyboard by laptops, I always feel uncomfortable when using them for a long time. Especially when typing text and playing games for a long time, it is not as comfortable and smooth to use as ordinary keyboards. In particular, the rhythm of the mechanical keyboard is incomparable to the notebook keyboard.

Recently entered a Ai Shi IK6 mechanical keyboard – IK6-M, Ai Shijia has been a sponsor of many e-sports teams such as WE e-sports club, this time the IK6-M mechanical keyboard is using a self-developed shaft body – “Ai Stone Red Axis”.

The outer packaging of the IK6-M mechanical keyboard adopts the overall cool black design, which looks very cool.

After unpacking, I saw the IK6-M mechanical keyboard to feel that its small, bezel-less design looks stylish and new.

The base of the IK6-M mechanical keyboard is made of painted shell, and the package is specially covered with film, which can avoid scratches, and you can see that the entire keyboard also has a number of thick rubber pads, and the resistance is large Such an IK6-M mechanical keyboard will not slide. From these details, you can also see the design of the IK6-M mechanical keyboard.

After seeing the IK6-M mechanical keyboard for the first time, you can feel that its appearance is beautiful and exquisite, and you can also feel full of weight in your hand. IK6-M mechanical keyboard adopts self-developed shaft body – “Ai stone red axis”, 108 keys global no punch, the test is a little unaccustomed to the first time, may be because of the long-term use of laptop keyboard, compared to the laptop keyboard, IK6-M mechanical keyboard key travel is longer, need to trigger the force is also larger. However, when used for a long time, the IK6-M mechanical keyboard is still comfortable, and it will not make the hand feel fine or sore.

Next, look at the details of the IK6-M mechanical keyboard, you can see that the black crystal shell of the IK6-M mechanical keyboard looks quite versatile with the crystal shaft body. In the later cleaning, the IK6-M mechanical keyboard can also be easily cleaned, if not splashed with water, just gently lift the keyboard.

Each keycap of the IK6-M mechanical keyboard has a curved design, so that the fingers are better placed and touched. The keycap adopts a laser engraving process, and the font on it is clear and will not fall off when rubbed for a long time.

When experiencing during the game, the IK6-M mechanical keyboard is also very good, whether it is FPS games or music street dance games, under the position and multi-key continuous operation, the IK6-M mechanical keyboard is perfectly competent.

IK6-M mechanical keyboard also has a good design in the convenience of use, such as the common prompt light is designed on the arrow keys, and the white prompt light looks very conspicuous.

At the same time, there are many shortcut key designs, such as F1-F3 for volume switch, volume up and down, F10 for Internet Explorer; F11 for my computer; On top of the number keys, there are calculator and player control operation keys. These designs are really very convenient.

This time the double 12 shopping festival IK6-M mechanical keyboard only 99 yuan, did not expect such a comfortable and easy-to-use mechanical keyboard can achieve such a high cost performance. Of course, if you feel that the black keycaps of the IK6-M mechanical keyboard are relatively monotonous, you can also customize a variety of fun and good-looking keycaps to replace. If you also want to experience the joy of an IK6-M mechanical keyboard, hurry up and get it.

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