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For every worker who goes deep into the workplace, the performance appraisal of each month may be the most headache for you every day, the first thing to do when you arrive at the company every day is to think about how many days there are still a few days this month, whether you can complete the KPI in this month, and how much performance pay I will deduct if you can’t complete it. I don’t know if all the migrant workers here have such troubles, anyway, I have, and no one wants to be deducted performance wages. But it is inevitable that there will be diligent and hard work at the beginning of the month, and after the week 007, the assessment will be completed ahead of schedule, looking at the few days before the end of the month, so what should be done in the next few days? The answer, of course, is:

Lie flat

Duck! Do you continue to work hard, let the boss drive a Rolls-Royce as soon as possible, and then continue to squeeze the subway yourself?

I lay down first, I had something to dream about

After the KPIs are completed ahead of schedule, how can you lie flat in the office for the rest of the month? Today’s article will recommend several necessary office lying equipment, so that you can lie flat comfortably in the office for half a month. There is also a small warm tip before lying flat: lying flat is risky, and you need to be cautious when touching fish.

Antarctica folding bed recliner

If you want to lie flat comfortably in the office, how can a comfortable recliner be missing. This recliner of the Antarctica has a widened design that makes it easy to lie down even if you are large. And the fabric of this recliner is made of very breathable cool fabric, and the armrests of the recliner are also widened to allow you to relax and lie flat. And the recliner is easily adjustable, whether it’s semi-reclining or fully flat, and you can unlock more positions. This recliner can also be folded and stored, so that you can fold the recliner into any corner when your KPIs are not completed.

Anti-noise sleep earbuds

How can you be disturbed by others when lying flat in the office? Anti-noise sleep earplugs can well isolate the surrounding noise, so that you can lie flat in the office while also being free from noise interference, truly achieve both ears do not listen to the outside of the window, and just want to lie quietly. Made in Germany, these soundproof earbuds are made from sound-absorbing slow-release esters that are soft and comfortable enough to fit easily into the ear canal without any discomfort. And there are many tiny pores on the earbuds, which are very breathable. These earbuds have a baby-like touch, giving you a skin-like touch.

TA silk eye mask

The lighting in the office is very dazzling, if you want to lie down or sleep in the office, a sunshield is indispensable. TA silk eye mask not only has excellent light shielding, this eye mask is also very breathable, and is made of mulberry silk as the main fabric material. TA silk eye mask adopts a very common four-layer design, and the inner and outer layers and two sandwiches are all made of mulberry silk, which is very skin-friendly to use. The eye mask is also optimized for light leakage, and the nose wing design makes the nose and eye mask more closely fit, and the blackout effect is greatly improved.

Rambler NeoBuds Pro true wireless noise-cancelling headphones

If you want to lie flat, it’s too boring to lie down, listen to songs with headphones, and filter out some of the noise, wouldn’t it be beautiful. Rambler NeoBuds Pro is the world’s first Hi-Res certified true wireless active noise cancelling headphones. The headphones use an active hybrid noise reduction solution that accurately captures noise and reverses it to achieve a depth of -42dB. The headset also supports Game Mode, which is switched to by triple-tapping a specific area of the left ear, with a sound delay as low as 80ms when Game Mode is turned on. Perfect for fishing when lying flat in the office.

Nintendo Nintendo Switch

Playing games while lying flat is also a good choice, there is no work to do, dry and boring, it is better to play games to pass the time, playing PS5 in the office has some trouble, or Nintendo Nintendo Switch is a better choice. Switch is very suitable for playing some small games in the office, such as Zelda, Animal Crossing, etc., and the Switch with its own display can also be played without an external monitor. And if you’re sitting at the table next to you and someone happens to have completed the KPI ahead of schedule this month, you can play together.

Finally, I want to say that how to better touch fish at work is a compulsory course for every worker, and how to not be discovered by the boss when touching fish is not an easy task. Of course, I still have to remind all migrant workers: lying flat on it is risky, and you need to be cautious when touching fish. If not, you will need to prepare a resume and a cardboard box.

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