Sweet vintage dress

One of the best friends of summer

Plus it’s

Small V-neck and nipped-in waist

So Asian girls

It will look good when worn

Choose a one-shoulder top

Or or

You can pull the shoulders of your coat down

But this practice is not new

After all, every beautiful girl today will play like this

On the basis of doing a good job of anti-light

We can press down on the shoulder


It became such a sexy and cute Yako!

There is a trick that is really worth learning from!

Perhaps, you only need to spend 5 bucks for it

You can make yourself a whole street

The most European girl!


It’s these beautiful and gorgeous


For masters

They can do it in a minute

Make these headbands conjure up different states

Headband style, bow style, cat ear style…

This trick

The cost is low

But the effect is really good!

When dressing and matching

Everyone has to put

T-shirt tucked into bottoms


The benefits of tucking a t-shirt into the waistband of your pants are

It can be used to do so

Elongates the proportions of the lower body

Of course

The same goes for blouses

And when you put on the pants under the T-shirt

Give replacement long and

A skirt in the shape of a cocoon


You will be surprised to find out

This is a standard Japanese dress!


Let’s go to two more pictures

Let’s verify this Japanese wearing method

And, since I talked about the small fresh dress of the Japanese series

Then there is another trick

We also simply shake it to everyone

Let’s say you have a strip of cotton and linen

And the silhouette is similar to the dress pictured above

Then you are dressed

Just put on a fisherman’s hat

You can instantly transform into VIVI’s exclusive Madou


It’s about shirts

Yes, and it’s a long-sleeved shirt

After all, everyone is in this way

“Short + Short”

Summer for dress combinations

If we wear a long-sleeved shirt

Then you immediately stand out from the crowd



A shirt with long sleeves can act as a skin umbrella

That’s what we usually say

Physical sun protection


The wearer’s impression of dress

It is easy to change with different styles of shirts

For example, Figure A

Basic shirts inspire a sense of sophistication

However, when you get to Figure B, the painting style changes

Because of a childlike shirt that combines exaggeration and cuteness

It can make the wearer look particularly naïve

Other than that

You might as well try it sometimes

“Asymmetrical tuck in the hem of a shirt”

Especially for those with bright colors

Fashion shirts in terms of fashion trends

Such wearing details

It is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for the whole

A small vest with a high-quality texture

In fact, it can really play the role of “small body and big taste”

You just have to remember

Avoid choices

1. A small vest that is too tight

2. Standard small V-neck vest

That’s fine

All you have to do is grab a coat when you go out

Then you can put on and take off the coat

Find the true meaning of fashion

And retro

Short blouse

They can make a yellow-skinned maiden

It is easy to wear the European style

As long as you put in one piece, you will definitely not suffer!

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