Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so let’s take a look back at those famous weddings.

Referring to the Forbes list, we have listed some of the most extravagant weddings in history, involving celebrities, business billionaires and celebrities.

According to a 2006 survey by The Knot, the average wedding cost in the United States is currently $35,329 (£28,206), but the Forbes list of couples has smashed millions at their weddings.

From the $1 billion wedding of the son of a Russian oil oligarch to the $12 million wedding of Kardashian and Kanye, let’s take a look at nine of the most extravagant celebrity weddings in history.

9. Donald Trump’s wedding to Melania Knauss — $1 million

Current U.S. President Donald Trump also spent about $1 million on marrying model Melania North, and the wedding was held in Palm Bay, Florida.

The bridal dress is a $100,000 Christian Dior custom dress that took 1,000 hours to complete and is hand-set with diamonds and pearls.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Anglican Church in Bethesda, and the wedding banquet was held in Trump’s beach house, which is said to be modeled after Versailles.

American singer Billy Joel was the guest of honor at the wedding, where guests enjoyed caviar, lobster and truffles. Even Hillary and Clinton were among them.

8 Delphine Arnault and Alessandro Vallarino Gancia – $7 million

Delfina Arnot, the heiress of the LVMH group, married Alejandro Valarino Gancha, heir to the Italian wine industry. The two married in France in September 2005. However, divorce was announced in 2010.

The daughter of LVMH owner Bernard Arnault, dressed in a Dior haute couture dress by John Galliano on her wedding day, the two were married at the Cathdrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Bazas, a French national monument. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The wedding reception took place in the legendary Chateau d’Yquem vineyard and was decorated with 5,000 white roses. The wedding reportedly cost around $7 million.

7. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – $12 million

In May 2014 at the 16th-century Belvedere Castle in Florence, reality star Kim Kardashian married rapper Kanye West.

The famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli sang at the ceremony. John Legend sang for the first dance accompaniment at the banquet.

This wedding celebration is numerous. The rehearsal dinner was held in the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles, with Lana Del Rey as a guest performer.

The newlyweds wore a dress designed by Riccardo Tisci, then Givenchy’s design director, and Kardashian wore a Givenchy haute couture lace dress.

The wedding reportedly cost a total of $12 million.

6 Petra Ecclestone and James Stunt – $19 million

The wedding of Petra Ecclestone, daughter of Formula 1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, to wealthy British businessman James Stent took place in August 2011 at Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy, which witnessed the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in 2006.

The three-day wedding extravaganza featured fireworks, $6,500 in red wine, and performances by stars including Eric Clapton and Alicia Keys.

The bride wore a $130,000 Vera Wang dress and arrived in a Rolls-Royce that day, which was very magnificent. The total cost of the wedding amounted to $19 million.

5 Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming — $31 million

In October 2015, actor Angelababy, known as the “Kardashian of China,” and actor Huang Xiaoming held a lavish wedding in Shanghai, reportedly costing $31 million.

The wedding took place at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, beautifully decorated with flowers ordered from more than 200 florists and a giant cake 10 feet tall.

Angelababy wore a $1.5 million 5-carat diamond ring and a Dior wedding dress with a 10-foot hem that took five months to complete. Each of the guests was given a lucky bag containing a mobile phone.

4. Prince William and Princess Kate – $34 million

In May 2011, Prince William and Princess Kate married at Westminster Abbey, and their wedding was a fairytale wedding.

The duo exchanged vows in front of the Archbishop of Canterbury, while millions of spectators around the world witnessed the moment. Security spending at the time is said to have been as high as $32 million.

Kate wore a Cartier diamond crown and wore a $434,000 ivory white lace dress by Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton. After the wedding, the two took a carriage to Buckingham Palace for a wedding banquet.

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia – $60 million

The daughter of Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal married Amit Bhatia in June 2004 to kick off a week of celebrations. Total expenditures were reported at approximately $60 million.

1,000 guests from all over the world who received silver invitations gathered. During the celebration, guests attend a series of balls and dinners, some of which are held at the Palace of Versailles.

The formal wedding took place a few miles from the 17th-century Chateau Vaux le Vicomte, culminating in pop star Kylie Minogue against the backdrop of fireworks at the Eiffel Tower.

2. Princess Diana and Prince Charles – $100 million

Princess Diana married Prince Charles at St. Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981. Her gown is also one of the most famous dresses of all time, with a 25-foot hem made of ivory taffeta and vintage lace, and valued at £9,000.

Dom Pérignon was chosen as the wedding champagne. The 1961 vintage wine used for the wedding coincides with Diana’s birthday and childhood, carrying a very special meaning, and even the sugar coating of the wedding cake costs nearly $100 million.

Said Gutseriev and Khadija Uzhakhovs – $1 billion

In March 2016, Said Gutseriev, son of Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Gutseriev, and Khadija Uzhakhovs, a 20-year-old medical student, held a lavish wedding in Russia that was rumored to cost as much as $1 billion.

According to BuzzFeed, the wedding was arranged by the groom’s billionaire father, a wealthy businessman with a net worth of £4.3 billion ($6.2 billion) on the Forbes list.

The wedding took place at Safisa, Moscow’s most luxurious hotel, with singers Jennifer Lopez, Sting and Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias singing. The Elie Saab gown worn by the bride cost nearly £18,000 ($26,000), a headdress studded with diamonds and a huge diamond pendant around the bride’s neck.

Even the guests received a generous gift – a jewelry gift box for each person.

Translated by Liu Yazhou

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