In the automotive industry, more brands are more inclined to research and development in the field of technology, and rarely bias the design of products to a certain field, and more brands position their products in multiple scenarios, in order to meet better market demand and greater sales guarantee; The Ola brand, mentioning it will make many consumers think of the styling design of Ora’s products, as a brand that is more inclined to the female market, it is more important to make the design of the product like female consumers.

Previously, Ora’s black cat, white cat and good cat products have indeed conquered thousands of women, so that many female users, the moment they see the product, the heart already belongs, and then, at the 2021 auto show, Ora also opened its own “cat series” model continuation, whether it is lightning cat, ballet cat, etc., have done a deeper exploration for the subsequent female market diversity.

Recently, according to the network channel, obtained the real car picture of the Ora punk cat, from the picture, the Ora punk cat and the previous auto show appearance design is almost the same, but at the auto show, the color of the punk cat is more retro, especially with dark green color matching, so that the retro temperament of the punk cat is more vividly displayed; According to the news, Ora punk cat mass production models will launch two powers, equipped with the maximum power of 180kW and 220kW drive motors, from the motor power point of view, punk cat can also have very good driving performance, in terms of endurance, Ora punk cat will launch 510km and 610km.

According to power information, because the Ora Punk cat model is not large, if on the basis of strong power, has 610km of endurance, is destined to use ternary lithium batteries, according to the news, the new car will have two power options, respectively 76.44kWh and 93.93kWh, two power with two power, can give more consumers car choices.

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