There are many types of automobiles on the car, such as the water temperature sensor, is also engine coolant temperature sensors, exhaust temperature sensors, intake temperature sensors, oil temperature sensors, evaporator temperature sensors, outdoor temperature sensors, indoor temperature sensors. This paper mainly explains the knowledge of automotive outdoor temperature sensors and indoor temperature sensors.


First explain the working principle of the temperature sensor, the temperature of the resistance value varies with temperature changes with the temperature change of the ceramic semiconductor material. Outdoor and indoor temperature sensors are detected using this principle. Just detecting the part of the detection, in general, only the car air conditioner is configured to automatically air conditioning, the room, outdoor temperature sensor is equipped.

The purpose of the outdoor temperature sensor is to detect the outer temperature, the automotive air conditioner controller performs its different control strategies according to different car temperature.


Outdoor temperature sensors are typically arranged under the foremost or rear view mirror of the car.


The indoor temperature sensor is the temperature that detects the car cane, the automotive air conditioner controller performs the temperature of the calculation controller and the actual achievement of the calculation controller, such as inconsistent, need to adjust the temperature damper, blow , Air volume, internal and external cycle adjustment, etc. The temperature of the car air conditioner is set to the temperature of the car air conditioner.

The indoor temperature sensor is typically arranged in two, which are below the dashboard and the rear windshield.

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