Beijing Business Daily News (Reporter Zhao Shu commented on Kong Wenxie) “After the baptism, who is in charge of ups and downs? “On July 19, 2021, the 5th China Home Furnishing Brand Conference 2021 was held in Guangzhou, and 36 “2020-2021 China Home Furnishing Top Ten Preferred Brands” list were publicly released, which became a representative brand matrix for benign development and continuous innovation in various segments of home furnishing in this year.

Xie Jiating, editor-in-chief of Beijing Business Daily Home Furnishing Channel, released the “2020-2021 China Home Furnishing Top Ten Preferred Brands” at the 5th China Home Furnishing Brand Conference 2021

The 5th China Home Furnishing Brand Conference 2021 is hosted by West Street Media and Beijing Business Daily Home Furnishing Channel, guided by China Economic Media Association and All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce, undertaken by Creative Media, co-organized by Dressup Home General Title & Co-organizer, Chief Media Cooperation of Tencent Home & Youju Research Institute, Chief Media Support of Leju Finance, and supported by NetEase Home, Phoenix Home, Xinhua Home, Global Network Home, Beijing News, Boutique Shopping Guide and Joint Media Support. “2020-2021 China Home Furnishing Top Ten Preferred Brands” takes July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 as an inspection year, and selects the ten best and most innovative representative brands in each segment according to five criteria: first, large scale (each segment ranks first); Second, the quality is excellent (the quality inspection department has no major or repeated unqualified product sampling inspections); Third, good service (no quality and service complaints); Fourth, wide channels (online and offline channels are smooth); Fifth, there is a lot of innovation (the product or model is groundbreaking).

In 2020-2021, after the baptism of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the reshuffle of the home furnishing industry has further accelerated. The 36 “2020-2021 Top Ten Preferred Brands of Chinese Home Furnishing” list publicly released by the 5th China Home Furnishing Brand Conference 2021 represent the main theme of development in various segments of home furnishing. After the baptism of the epidemic, who is dominating the ups and downs of the industry? “2020-2021 China Home Furnishing Top Ten Preferred Brands” continues to develop and lead innovation, which is the matrix of home furnishing brands that are most worth recommending to consumers in this year.

2020-2021 China Home Furnishing Top 10 Preferred Brands List

Top 10 preferred brands in the platform category

1. Top 10 preferred national residential consumption platforms

Easyhome, Red Star Macalline, Fusenmei, Huameilijia, Yuexing Home, Xiyingmen, Sixth Space, B&Q,, Tmall

2. Top 10 preferred Beijing home consumption platforms

Easyhome, Red Star Macalline, Chengcheng Outside the City, Jimei Home, Lanjingli Home, Home and Jiamei, Bandung Huiyang, Wanxing Home, Yonglin Home Plaza, Ronghe Home

3. Top 10 preferred home service platforms

Dress up, cool home, three-dimensional home, quilt home decoration, tuba rabbit, hezhu hezhu, easy dress, bull horn supervisor, ant anju, home life

4. Top 10 preferred home operator brands

Klaas Home, Van Wah Yiju, Hua Nai Home, Far East Mercure Home, East Arrow, A Home, Bean Life, Chenyue Livable, Germany Weller, Fusheng Home

Top 10 preferred brands in the furniture category

5. Top 10 custom home furnishing leading brands

Oppein, Sophia, Shangpin Home Delivery, Hollywood, Zhibang Home, My Le, Dinggu, Bologni, Marg, Daxin

6. Top 10 preferred custom home brands

Weiyi Custom, Best, Sneeman, Canoa, Federal Gordon, Stanley Home, Kefan, Klorf, Yilian, Feimei Furniture

7. Top ten preferred high-end custom fashion brands

Tucson, Vifa, Muri Muwai, Zhuo Muwang, K.KIECHEL Whole House Woodwork, Mero Castle, KD, Italian Style NORMAN, Debay, Aleto

8. Top ten preferred high-end custom wood brands

Tucson, Chief Mansion, Mengtian Woodwork, North American Maple Wood Home, Carl Triumph, Wanjia Whole Wood Custom, Model Whole Wood Custom, Crown Cow Wood Door • Whole Home, Bourart Wood Door • Custom Home, East Willy

9. Top 10 preferred whole house + customized home brands

Temple of Heaven Furniture, Qumei Home, Strong Furniture, Red Apple Whole House Customization, Renhao Home, Federal Furniture, Palm Pearl Home, Double Tiger Furniture, Yililan, Yi Tong International Home

10. Top ten preferred cabinet (whole house customization) brands

Oppein Cabinets, Zhibang Kitchen Cabinets, Gold Medal Kitchen Cabinets, My Le Integral Kitchen Cabinets, Piano Cabinets, Simi Cabinets, Bologni Integral Kitchens, Nobilia Parklane, Fadio Stainless Steel Art Kitchen Cabinets, Aubid

11. Top ten preferred wooden door (whole house customization) brands

TATA wooden door, Mengtian wooden door, Holtz wooden door, Opai wooden door, Qianchuan wooden door, Jindi wooden door, 3D lacquered wooden door, Shangpin natural color wooden door, Yiyuan wooden door, Pai door

12. Top ten preferred soft home (sofa) brands

Chivas First Class Sofa, Gujia Home, Left and Right Sofa, Skosin, Stiroland, Eyres, Extraordinary Home, Esmond Sa, Olga Luni, Lihao Carno

13. Top ten preferred soft home (bed/mattress) brands

Mousse, Xilinmen, Gujia Mattress, Chivas 5-star Mattress, Mlily Dream Lily, CBD Home, Yalan, Suibao, Shangchi, Good Night Home

14. Top ten preferred imported mattress (sleep) brands

Serta Suda, Kingkoil, Simmons, Sealy, LongLifeBasics, Dunlopillo, Restonic, American Lace, SpringAir, Tempur, BellaRest

15. Top ten preferred solid wood new force brands

Nordic E Home, Nanyang Dick, Huari Home, Shenghua Home, Bright Furniture, Shuangye Home, Nanyang Hu, Oriental Hongye, Lai’s Furniture, BESON Parkson

16. Top 10 preferred redwood new force brands

Henry Yuan, Long Shuncheng, Youlian Redwood, Meilian Redwood, Zhuo Muwang, CITIC Redwood, Shaw Sega Mahogany, Dongyu, Purui, Jingguan Home

17. Top ten preferred children’s furniture brands

Mousse Children, Songbao Kingdom, Joy Dream, Love More, Colorful Life, Le Ling, Xingxingso, Sisymea, Konpu Le, Love Fruit Music

18. Top ten preferred furniture design brands

CAMERICH, HC28, Top 100 Furniture, KINETIC Conedon, North American House, Huayi Space, LACASA, Ronglin, Yiai Home, Nanyuan

Top 10 preferred brands in the building materials category

19. Ten door and window leader brands

Milan windows, Jiayu doors and windows, Mercer doors and windows, royal doors and windows, Xinhaoxuan doors and windows, Xinbiao doors and windows, Roland Sini, Yihe doors and windows, Feiyu doors and windows, Liangmu Road doors and windows

20. Top ten preferred door and window brands

Hennessy doors and windows, Belimar doors and windows, St. Paulo doors and windows, Meritor doors and windows, Green Shield Zhongtian doors and windows, Warren doors and windows, Tiandong doors and windows, Veran doors and windows, Weidun doors and windows, Jinshang House silent doors and windows

21. Top ten preferred home door brands

Jinshang House, Songyan Copper Gate, Huilehao Copper Gate, Wang Li, Suofu, Jinkaide, Nagarjuna, Buyang, Qunsheng, Xinduo

22. Top 10 preferred flooring brands

Icon Floor, Nature Floor, Del Floor, Jiusheng Floor, Shuxiang Door Floor, Fillinger, Shiyou Floor, David Floor, Fudeli Floor • Oak Life, Tiange Heated Wood Floor

23. Top ten preferred imported flooring brands

KRONOSWISS Floor, HARO Hanno, Admonter Undermont, Deco Floor, Bimei Floor, Feimei Floor, IBF Full Flooring, Moran Flooring, BuimaArtdeco Flooring, LAK Flooring

24. Top 10 preferred paint brands

German Dufang paint, Finnish Fenlin paint, Nippon Bang, Dulux, Three Trees, Meitus, Gabrielle, Bauhinia paint, Fima art paint, Osaka art paint

25. Top ten preferred soft decoration (wallcovering/wallpaper/curtain) brands

Ruby Wallcovering & Curtains, Modern Beast Soft Decoration, Estée Lan, Misu, Magnolia Home, Tepre, Grammy Wallpaper Fabric, Ruibao Soft Decoration, German Marburg, German Ace Soft Decoration

26. Top ten preferred bathroom brands

Lens sanitary ware, Jiumu, Pulomei, Huida sanitary ware, imperial sanitary ware, Wrigley sanitary ware, Hengjie sanitary ware, Faenza sanitary ware, Longwhale sanitary ware, Olusha sanitary ware

27. Top 10 preferred ceramic tile brands

Mona Lisa tiles, Dongpeng tiles, Nobel tiles, Marco Polo tiles, Guanzhu ceramics, Jinyi pottery, Jianyi marble tiles, Enoch slab│ tiles, Asia tiles, Canggu tiles

28. Top ten preferred imported bathroom and tile brands

TOTO, Villeroy & Boch, MOEN Moen, Bravat B. Braun, St. Thomas, IMOLA, EU· VIDA Mason Yasuli, Casa Italiana, MYHOME Mingho Geely, GARDENIA Italian Gardenia tiles

29. Top ten preferred integrated ceiling (top wall) brands

AUPU, AIA Ceiling, French Lion Dragon, Melkite, Jinding Integrated Ceiling, Character High-end Top Wall, Ohua Ecological Top Wall Custom Home, Dingmei Top Wall Integration, Dingshan Mei Purification Top Wall, Presloan Custom Ceiling

Top 10 preferred brands in the supply chain & delivery category

30. Top ten preferred home board brands

Wanhua Hexiang board, Dewwater River brand particle board, Daya board, red cotton board, Bayerni, Millennium Boat, Dawang coconut board, rabbit baby board, Moganshan board, EGGER board

31. Top ten preferred home hardware brands

OPK, SEMAR Hardware, HUTLON, G-U, Hobo Window Control, DTC Dongtai, held, Blum Austria, Hettich, Hafele

32. Top ten preferred smart lock brands

Kaadas smart lock, famous door silent door lock, Philips smart lock, Deschmann smart lock, Luke smart lock, Sakura smart lock, Keyu smart lock, Yange smart lock, Zhongheng smart lock, Branme smart lock

33. Top ten preferred integrated stove brands

Mida, Martian, Shuaifeng, Yida, Itagawa , Morikawa , Mita, Okuda, Jindi, AUPU Op

34. Top ten preferred complete brands

Love space, decoration net together, living home home, building block home, gold mantis home, Lehaus, Shengdu decoration, living style, all-inclusive circle, Shanghai Shang Mingju

35. Top 10 selected Jingpai home decoration innovative brands

Dongyi Risheng Group, Yezhifeng Decoration, Bologni Overall Home Decoration, Jinchao Decoration, Actually Decoration, Shanglayer Decoration, High International, Joint Construction Decoration, Van Hakka Home Decoration, Gaudí Shu

Top 10 Preferred Brands in the Innovation Category

36. Top 10 Preferred Home Furnishing Innovation Brands

Fotile (the first integrated cooking center upgrade mode)

Oribo (the first native whole house intelligence)

Meike Cave Museum (the first innovative retail art space)

OPPLE Lighting (the first full-case lighting solution)

Oijia (the first high-class Swiss living pavilion)

Huilong Paint (the first self-healing waterborne wood paint)

Poly Pipeline (the first hidden aesthetic solution)

Bell flooring (the first floor in 8 hours)

Bonafontaine (the first large home implant model)

Eugene Flooring Premium Exchange (the first “1+N” designer model)

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