In memory,

The streets of Shenmu are bright and noisy,

The bright sun, the fleeting vehicles,

Pedestrians are everywhere, hurried,

I, on the other hand, wanted to find my fashion in this place.

All images: Vno Global Travel Photography Chief Photographer, Sorghum

The world is always gentle with beautiful women,

I think you don’t want to sink either, not willing to be delayed;

But helpless to live,

can only endure and follow the flow;

Never broken through, difficult to change.

■ ■■■■

The older you get, the more realistic you are

Lost innocence, lost pursuit.

Some people chatted and dispersed

Some roads break while walking.

Looking back, I found it

It turns out that there is no difficult problem that cannot be solved

Only the self who can’t get out.

And change starts from this moment, are you ready?

Miss One

Makeup styling: V Nuo Global Travel Photography professional makeup artist, Bian Rui

The goddess of the royal sister, Li Na

At 171 heights, I am a quiet but active girl, who likes dance, music, and pursues all the good me, and now I am a dance teacher, looking forward to the day when we can meet each other because of dance.

Before changing makeup



After the transformation

Costume: Beauty Garden

Top: 389 Pants: 539


Clothing: IAmMix27

Top: 439 Skirt: 489

Miss No. 2

Candy girl, Meng Lina

At 162 height, I am a recent graduate, I like to sing and play the piano, and I hope to break through myself in the future and become a girl full of positive energy and bring happiness to everyone around me.

Tops: 439 Shorts: 489

Han Dynasty poet Li Yannian Shiyun:

“There are beautiful people in the north, peerless and independent.

One cares about the people’s city, and then cares about the people’s country. ”

And today, the Shenmu girl is not inferior in the slightest ~~

Street photography group drawing

Soy milk fritters steaming hot in the early morning,

Long Street vehicle horn,

The smell of fireworks surrounds the entire town,

And I’m waiting for the out-of-the-world girl.

Final thanks

V Nuo Global Travel Photography

Joy Department Store clothing IAmMix27, Beauty Garden

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Makeup styling: V Nuo Global Travel Photography professional makeup artist, Bian Rui

Before changing makeup



Clothing: IAmMix27

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