Hello, everyone, I am a Monday bar, and there is a topic for everyone to bar every week. When it comes to floor heating, everyone is familiar with it, but the heating cube found a particularly interesting phenomenon, that is, the floor heating pipes (coils) are not the same, some people like to use 20 pipes as coils, some people like to use 16 pipes as coils, and some people use some “unconventional” caliber pipes as coils, such as 17 pipes, 13 pipes, 12 pipes, 10 pipes…

  Among these floor heating pipe differences, the warm cube discovery also has a certain relationship with the region. For example, colleagues in the north are more accustomed to using 20 tubes as coils, and most colleagues in the south prefer to use 16 tubes as coils. The appearance of the outer diameter of floor heating pipes “blooming in a hundred flowers” is also more in the southern region. For example, in the floor heating end of the two-supply supply, colleagues in the Yangtze River Delta, especially in Zhejiang, prefer to use 20 pipes as coils, while the southwest Chengdu side is dominated by 16 tubes, 10 pipes, 12 pipes and other “hundred flowers”…

  No matter what caliber pipe it is, it can be generally divided into “large pipe”, “small tube” or “conventional tube” and “unconventional pipe” two types of pipe, which often correspond to different pipe laying spacing.

  Those who advocate the use of “big pipes” such as 20 pipes believe:

  1) Large-diameter pipes are not easy to block;

  2) The water resistance of large-diameter pipes is smaller, which is more conducive to circulation;

  3) The water holding capacity of large-diameter pipes is larger and the heat dissipation is larger

  4) 20 tubes are used in the north, which makes sense and should be aligned with the north

  And those who advocate the use of small tubes such as 16 tubes or even smaller diameter tubes argue:

  Small tubes are convenient for smaller pipe spacing, the denser the spacing, the better the heat dissipation performance, especially to make up for the thermal conductivity defects in areas such as wooden floors.

  As for non-common tubes such as 10 tubes, 12 tubes, 13 tubes, and 17 tubes, the person who sold them also gave their own reasons and selling points. Warm Cube believes that what exists is reasonable.

  So, what do you think about this question?

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  Written by: Cold Frost

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