On August 15, Jiang Xin appeared at Beijing Capital Airport, and recently Jiang Xin will wear this storm jacket of love and public welfare when she goes out, but she is quite like a cute big child.

Uniqlo × Kaws tee + HIPANDA coat is casual.

蒋欣穿公益衫走机场 还以为她真瘦了,一到机场就被打脸了

There are too many slender actresses in the entertainment industry, and all of them are thin and beautiful when they are pulled out casually. And the slightly fat goddess is very few in the circle, which can attract everyone’s attention.

蒋欣穿公益衫走机场 还以为她真瘦了,一到机场就被打脸了

Jiang Xin is one of them, although she is not slender, her popularity is quite high. Her appearance is really resistant, no matter how her figure changes, her facial features are still very delicate.

Compared to items such as shorts that reveal her figure, Jiang Xin is undoubtedly more suitable for wearing knee-length jeans, and Street Fan is also very suitable for her.

Jiang Xin finally found a match that suits her this time? And judging from this set of street photos, it seems that losing weight recently has no effect ha!

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