Goddesses like them, a pleated skirt satisfies all fantasies.

Princess Kate and Princess Diana! Last week, Princess Kate and Prince William arrived in Scotland for a visit, wearing a “royal blue” look similar to one of Princess Diana’s looks in 1992, the same bright blue, the same double-breasted suit skirt, a wave of warm tribute.

Pleated skirt: Hope

Recently, Princess Kate has indeed been fond of pleated skirts, and in Europe, which is still a little cool, Princess Kate always wears pleated skirts under her coat, and the slightly raised skirt is full of vitality.

For indoor activities, Princess Kate is dressed relatively coolly, and there is a little story hidden in this rare pink pleated dress.

Princess Kate held the “Hold Still” photo exhibition during the epidemic, mainly encouraging people to record the touching moments during the epidemic through the camera. When Kate, the initiator, spoke with Mira and her family on the phone, Mira said that she liked pink dresses and a “princess dream” the most. She then asked Kate, as a “Princess”, if she was wearing a pink dress, and Kate replied embarrassedly that “she is not wearing a princess dress now”, and promised to remember to wear Mira’s favorite pink “princess dress” when we meet in the future.

So, when the two met for the first time, she wore this pink pleated dress.

Dress: Me + Em

In fact, every summer, Princess Kate’s wardrobe is occupied by this light and flowing silk pleated dress, but pink is indeed rare. Usually the shape is mostly blue, and with the blessing of light fabric, the whole person seems to glow.

Dress: Beulah

Dress: Elie Saab

Princess Kate’s elegance is also the summer choice of many temperamental women.

Angelina Jolie, who just passed her 46th birthday, wore a yellow pleated skirt and turned into a brilliant son.

Liu Shishi’s daily life and works are also indispensable to the blessing of pleated skirts.

Everyone’s new goddess Wang Bingbing recently returned to the school era with a pleated skirt, and the fluttering texture is soft and idyllic.

The yarn pleated skirt can be said to be a summer must-have for girls, and wearing a shirt and white T can easily interpret the refreshing fairy daily life.

Zhang Huiwen

Zhao Liying

Having said that, what are the best pleated long dresses that everyone recommends?

A must-have: Alessandra Rich

British folk have a saying that “as long as you soak in the museum for a long time, you won’t worry about not meeting Princess Kate by chance”.

No, in mid-May, Princess Kate visited the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) to see the exhibits. When attending the event, Princess Kate chose a courtly red checked long dress, and the black shoe bag echoed the plaid pattern, dignified and fashionable.

Clutch: Mulberry

High heels: Jennifer Chamandi Lorenzo

Necklace: Asprey

Earrings: ASOS

The brand of this dress is also a regular in Kate’s daily wear, from dress owner Alessandra Rich. Princess Kate’s interpretation of this dress was extremely challenging, she took off the belt on the model picture and directly lengthened the waist of the dress, but highlighted her waist line more on her slender body.

On Princess Kate’s fashion path, the Italian womenswear brand Alessandra Rich, founded in 2010, can be said to play a pivotal role.

As early as 2018, Princess Kate appeared in Charles’ 70th birthday group photo in the Alessandra Rich polka dot dress, which is also similar to another white small lapel dress that Princess Dai once had.

The following year, Princess Kate turned over the dress again to attend the event. Different from the dignified nature of family photos, we see the skirt fluttering in the wind when we wear it daily, which is very chic.

Later, Princess Kate also looked for a green dress of the same brand to attend the event, which is also a slight slit + court-style puff sleeve design, which is a refreshing new style of the royal family.

In this regard, the Alessandra Rich dress became popular.

In fact, before Princess Kate brought the goods, Alessandra Rich had been taken in by many actresses, but Princess Kate’s interpretation sublimated the brand’s iconic gorgeous court-style elements. The combination of vintage noble shape and pleats, coupled with colorful polka dots or print decorations, makes every girl realize her princess dream.

Chen yao

Yu Shuxin

Qin Lan

The colors of spring and summer are mainly light colors, in addition to small lapels and the option of generous collars, you can make some bold accessories to layer, more sense of style.

Absolute elegance: the fruit of ICICLE

Yuan Quan, who has not been seen for a long time, recently chose a white long dress to appear when participating in the event, white and plain, with clear silk natural drape, all elegance and beauty bloom in the pleats.

Liu Shishi also wore the same style, goose yellow light and chic, thin chain jewelry embellishment makes the whole set more delicate.

The dress comes from ICICLE, a fashion brand based on the ancient Eastern philosophy of “the unity of heaven and man”, which selects high-quality ingredients from nature to showcase the beauty of nature.

The oil painting demonstrated by Hui Yinghong decorates the natural landscape with soft colors on the yarn fabric, which is very romantic.

In the summer, it is not for nothing that ICICLE dresses have become the first choice for many working women.

The reason why the pleated skirt can have a light and flexible effect is due to the fact that the dress is made of environmentally friendly silk material, pinch pleats, iron, hang, cut, and after 36 hours of manual polishing, just to wait for a workshop dress to “wake up”.

Hold the audience: Maria Lucia Hohan

The goddess Sun Yezhen also recently wore a pleated skirt, with a metallic texture and atmospheric curls, gentle and elegant with a temperamental light.

Dress brand Maria Lucia Hohan is the red carpet choice of many female celebrities, and as early as 2013, the brand stepped onto the altar with the perfect interpretation of dancer Dita.

As you can see, Maria Lucia Hohan is best at the combination of metal texture and pleats, the addition of reflective metal materials and a more slim design make the skirt more transparent to the ancient Roman fighting atmosphere, which is a very powerful expression.

Lily Collins, 2017

Lily Donaldson

Designer Maria Lucia Hohan is from Paris, and at first she couldn’t find a dress that fit her, she felt the need to create a dress with a non-picky texture so that the dress could cover a variety of occasions, so Maria Lucia Hohan came in.

So Maria Lucia Hohan’s dress is not as formal as you think, you can use it as a dress to “four or two pounds” to overwhelm the crowd, or you can dress up and go on vacation without worrying about being serious and dull.

The past and present of pleated long dresses

When it comes to pleated skirts, many girls may have the first impression of uniforms, but when it comes to temperament, it is still a pleated long skirt.

The historical origin of pleated skirts can be traced back to the beginning of civilization – ancient Greece. At that time, people not only had a sound social system, but also had a deep thinking about society, and naturally had the concept of dressing. At that time, clothing was not as diverse as it is today, and a piece of cloth was enough to cover the body and show natural and smooth lines, which is now also known as the “art of a piece of cloth”.

At that time, clothing was a rectangular piece of cloth wrapped and draped around the body, thus forming clothes that did not need to be sewn.

In the colonnade of the goddesses in the temple of Erechtion to the north of the Parthenon stands six graceful caryatids, dressed in costumes that perfectly reflect the ancient Greek clothing style. Elegant and simple style with intricate but neatly arranged pleats.

Skirt type: Victorian

Ancient Greek clothing has many categories, but also has a common characteristic: loose bodling, draped, low neckline, but rarely exposed chest.

Their breasts were tied with two straps crossed to support the breasts, then tied around the waist, called bandeau, the forerunner of today’s women’s corsets. The young girl’s breast belt remained with her body sooner or later until the wedding night, when it was cut by her husband and never used again.

Skirt type: Ionian Heaton

The popularity of pleats continued until the neoclassical period (1789-1825), under the strong east wind of the French Revolution and the neoclassical trend of advocating ancient culture that appeared at the end of the Rococo period, the entire French women’s clothing was tilted towards the natural style of ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

Jacques Louis David, French painter, (1748-1825)

After struggling to bind their waist, women entered the 20th century in pursuit of liberation, and the clothing industry once again used loose ancient Greek “goddess” as inspiration, among which the representative designer was Madame Gres.

Mrs. Grey was a designer who excelled in goddess-style pleated dresses, and her grasp of fine pleats was amazing, and she was called “the sculptor of fabrics” at the time.

Then came to the now familiar 21st century, where leading fashion brands without exception paid tribute to ancient Greek clothing:

CHANEL’s 2018 resort collection directly moved “Little Athens” to the runway;

DIOR’s Fall/Winter 2020 haute couture series directly turned the promotional video into ancient Greek mythology;

On the Valentino Spring/Summer 2016 runway, models with the theme of “Tribute to Ancient Greek Culture” walked out.

Today, pleated dresses also exude their own unique style in the hands of each brand.

The pleated skirt in GUCCI’s hand is a fluttering literary temperament, and it is a perfect match with gold wire-rimmed glasses.

CELINE has taken on the literary style of the 70s, and pleated skirts have also become “bagged”. Breaking the traditional impression, pleated skirts can also be mixed and matched with young gadgets such as caps and booties, which are surprisingly good-looking.

CELINE Spring/Summer 2021 collection

Pleated dresses can be paramounted to Balenciaga, and incredible colors and deconstructions complete the blend of modern and ancient Greece.

Maybe you’ll get tired of it one day, but a timeless pleated dress is guaranteed to stand the test of time and become the most exquisite piece in your wardrobe.

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