There are many seas every day, especially today!

Babies, this is another weekly overseas shopping episode sharing

Weekly discounts! Is!! Don’t let people’s wallets stop for a while! Reprimand!

And in the discount shared today, U has silently placed a few orders himself! Guess which one!

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* Clothing, shoes, bags as low as 5% off hot sale! Send the United States without tax can be directly shipped to China!

*US orders include tax, free shipping on any order.

*Free shipping for orders over $350 in China.

Alexander McQueen color-block little white shoes $489

Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite brands, casual, uninhibited, and always versatile, small white shoes are a must-have in summer, and they look good with hot pants and short skirts, plus the external height, but also visually lengthen the leg line and improve the proportions of the body.

Off-White White Low 3.0 High-Top Sneakers $531

The degree of Off-White fire is almost needless to say, even if it is a white tee, it is Off-White feels different from others, but it is really good to look at this pair of high-tops, bright orange and beige matching is very eye-catching, with long pants and shorts can hold.


* Burberry Super Sale twice a year

*Free shipping on orders from the United States, shipping to other countries, such as Canada, Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc., subject to customs duties.

The Small DK88 Top Handle Bag $990.0

This bag, which Zhou Dongyu and Liu Wen can’t put down, is inspired by the world’s sculpture master Henry Moore’s exploration of empty art forms and the pursuit of concave and convex curves in sculpture creation, without the classic check and obvious logo, using the iconic fabric of Gabadian. The texture is breathable, the back is also very light, it has a strong anti-seepage rain function, take advantage of the discount, must enter!

Reversible Vintage Check Gabardine Car Coat $1290

The classic style of Burberry has long been imprinted in the blood of the fashion circle, and the checked trench coats, scarves and bags can feel the historical heritage of the Burberry family at a glance! What’s more, this is a trench coat worn for two, one side is plain and the other side is a classic check.

3, Amazon Amazon

*Prime members include tax direct mail to China to hand price is RMB81.

*Overseas purchase of a single order over ¥200 can enjoy unlimited free shipping throughout the year, free trial for 30 days

Champion pocket design men’s casual shorts 69RMB

Summer is to wear how short to wear how short, close to 40 degrees of weather, the heat can not stand it, is to wear such casual shorts to cool ~ ~ There is a pocket design is very convenient, with T-shirt shirts are very good-looking, black, gray 2 colors to choose from.

Philips Sonicare FlexCare electric toothbrush 511RMB

Electric toothbrushes are becoming more and more popular now, and the cleaning power and softness of the brush head meet U’s needs for toothbrushes well, and the storage box is perfect for carrying on the go.

PUMA Basket Heart Patent Wn’s Women’s Shoes RMB345.47

PUMA’s shoes are more and more able to grab the girl’s heart, the black one, it is even more cool and sweet, combining the classic black shoe shape with a bow, adding a little girly feeling, and still maintaining a cool form.

Olay Regenerist Luminous New Bright Anti-Wrinkle Whitening Spot Small White Bottle RMB141.8

One of the three little whites of the Olay family, the texture is thicker than the ordinary essence, but it is easy to push on, it is also well absorbed, there is a very light fragrance, long-term use of the skin translucent feeling will be obvious, the skin tone will be much more even.


*Mid-year sale, selected bags, shoes, clothes, etc. as low as 5% off hot sale.

*No discount code required, free shipping within the United States.

Coach Swagger 27 BLACK/LIGHT GOLD $225

Coach since the change of designer is more and more high-end, the design is getting younger and younger, of which the Swagger series is one of the classics, even if you don’t look at the logo, you know that it is Coach, many star hipsters have been on the body, and are rated as one of the top ten must-fail bags.

COACH 1941 Rogue 25 PEONY/BRASS $357

Explosive handbag, handheld diagonal span, every detail is done very tightly, the lock button is with the Coach logo, when the work bag is also super candid, the pink color is very fresh, although the net weight is a little heavy, but it does not affect its good appearance at all.

5、Michael Kors

*MK Summer Bonus, as low as 5% off

*Free shipping within the United States, KORSVIP membership required. (Free to join)

Mercer Gallery Small leather tote bag 2940 RMB

The two-tone handle on the top is novel and chic. It’s structured in leather at all corners and trimmed with pleated wood ears. The suede interior is soft and comfortable enough for everyday essentials, and can be worn by the included shoulder strap or handles.

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Blakely medium leather tote bag 2800RMB

The bag is designed with woven handles and side zippers to make everyday looks fresh and fun, and it’s crafted from supple leather with a detachable shoulder strap, and the interior is made from a luxurious suede interior with plenty of space and a bright tile blue.


*Shoes are now as low as 4% off.

*Free shipping on orders over $99 in the U.S., free in-store pickup, or free shipping with any beauty product ($3 onwards).

Steve Madden Women’s Fashion Sneakers 622RMB

Small white shoes with round toes and thick soles, remember to buy, red and black contrast and rivet matching, a little cooler than ordinary small white shoes.

Circus By Sam Edelman Sam Edelman canvas flats 384RMB

The round-toe canvas shoes with the weaved bottom don’t say how much live, the upper foot is very comfortable, the mother’s first choice during pregnancy, stripes and colorful letters embellishment, to bring a little childlike fun to the shoes.

7, Madewell official website

*20% off selected beautiful dresses and shirts are hot, and the coupon code “PRETTYPLEASE” is required.

*Join Madwell insider for free shipping within the United States. (Free to join)

Madwell off-the-shoulder dress RMB630.69

How can you do it without an off-the-shoulder skirt in summer, the design of the shoulders just reveals the sexiest collarbone shoulder and neck position, the rose red lining skin is white and tender, more petite and cute, with small white shoes, go out is a street shooter.

Madwell halterneck crop top CNY 354.76

The halterneck short top is also a must for summer cooling, and the plaid pattern makes the top no longer monotonous, and the design of the shaved shoulders visually flattens the figure and makes it look thinner.


*Available Selected big-name clothing shoes and bags are on sale, as low as 6% off.

*Free shipping within the United States.

*The deadline is June 11.

Jimmy Choo navy blue sequins Women’s pointed toe shoes $374.9

Jimmy Choo’s shoes are almost the first choice for people to choose wedding shoes, and the low-key and sparkling feeling is very elegant on the feet.

Self portrait polka-dot dress $275.98

Song Zuer’s polka-dot fairy skirt of the same style, the upper body is invincible to reduce age, adding points to the appearance of super fighting.


*Extra 7.5% off for clothing in the special zone, coupon code “MD2018” is required.

ESSENTIAL silk shirt $136.8

Silk is one of the most comfortable materials for the upper body, skin-friendly and no friction, although it is long sleeves, but even if you wear it in summer, you will not feel stuffy, this special green is even more chic and good-looking.


Striped shirts are also an unchanging classic in shirt styles, and the design of small bell sleeves makes the shirt look more smart and simple.

10、Petite Studio

* Baetite Studio’s current vintage summer wear new product promotion is as low as 7.5% off, and the coupon code “DEALMOON25” is required.

*Free shipping within the United States, no return or exchange. Free international shipping over $300 worldwide.

*Deadline is May 31.

tulip skirt $ 37.25

The tulip-shaped skirt is the thinnest waist in the skirt fit, and it can also cover the big butt, which is very suitable for most pear-shaped bodies in Asians.

Petite Studio Popyy plaid dress $104.25

The yellow plaid skirt can not be too soft and cute in summer, summer is to be simple and refreshing, the color matching should also be full of summer atmosphere, the waist design of the waist highlights the waist well, more slender.


*Foreo is 20% off the whole line, and 8% off is stacked on the original basis

*Free shipping and tax direct shipping to China! Even new UFOs!

UFO Skincare Tools $279

Foreo’s new products, set cold therapy, heat therapy, T-Sonic pulsation and LED light therapy four functions in one, but also 90s to make a mask, for lazy stars is a naked temptation, it is also very convenient to use, just a button, feel not far from the Internet celebrity explosion.

ISSA 2 $169

The craze for electric toothbrushes has never receded, and the second generation of ISSA has more of this pink color than the first generation, and is more suitable for people with sensitive teeth in design, and the bristles are softer.


*All 85% off NYX Beauty Session: BH15, free shipping over £40

NYX16 color eyeshadow #smokey and Highlight 144.14RMB

Nyx’s eyeshadow palette has always been a representative of cheap beauty, 16 colors of eyeshadow includes pearlescent and matte 2 kinds of eyeshadow texture, this color combination is also very jumpy, green and brick red, reminiscent of the ancient royal palace, or green fly, no matter what it looks like, but it is a beautiful color.

NYX Matte Lip Glaze #10 £6.00

NYX’s short-tube lip gloss brush head is very small, although cheap, but the quality is very passable, not the kind of brush head that will lose the value of the hair to apply unevenly, the upper mouth can be painted with a very saturated and dense color, the 10th color is a cherry red, the upper mouth is very feminine.

This issue of Haitao sharing is here~ Looking forward to sharing with you in the next issue!

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*Free shipping within the United States.

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