It has been reported that FAW Toyota will introduce a medium and large car under Toyota – Avalon, Chinese name is Asian Dragon, and people who are not familiar with this English name must have heard of Chinese name. At the North American Auto Show, Toyota brought a new generation of Avalon, which is from the same architecture as the new generation Camry.

The design style of the new AValon in the exterior is indeed not at all like it was from Toyota designers, but after seeing the new Camry before, I felt that it was not as amazing as when I saw the Camry. The large-sized grille on the front face is very aggressive, and it looks very “fierce” visually.

However, compared with the front face of the ordinary version, the front face of the hybrid version model is much more low-key, mainly because the multi-banner front grille will look more stylish. As for the side part of the body, the new Avalon side lines are very straight and smooth without excessive creases, and the design of the rear is also very sporty, and the through-type taillights and the bilateral four-way exhaust layout are all highlighting the sporty atmosphere.

The interior of the new Avalon is the same as the exterior, with a young and avant-garde style, at least a lot of improvement over Toyota’s usual calm and moderate interior style. The most striking thing about the entire interior is the 9-inch large screen in the central control area, which integrates most of the multimedia functions, and the lower part of the screen is the control area of the air conditioner, which makes the entire central control area look integrated due to the design similar to piano paint, which is very characteristic.

On the layout of the rear row, you can see that the armrest box provides a conventional two cup holders, and there is an additional storage slot for mobile phones, and the overall space configuration of the rear row is decent.

In terms of power, the all-new Avalon is equipped with two powers, a 3.6-liter naturally aspirated V6 and a 2.5-liter hybrid, mated to an 8-speed automatic manual transmission and an E-CVT continuously variable transmission. In the future, if it is introduced into China, it may be equipped with the current 2.0T engine above Toyota’s crown, matching the 8AT power system. The suspension part is one of the highlights of the new Avalon, which will be equipped with the AVS adaptive variable suspension system as standard on all models, which greatly improves ride comfort and driving stability.

Toyota’s new Avalon has also attracted the attention of domestic consumers, as a new architecture model, can see its various aspects are more expected. After all, the eight-generation Camry has given domestic consumers a big surprise, and if Avalon is introduced into China in the future, it can be seen that Toyota is making some new changes.

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