Double twelve, Rong Mom has brought some discounts from the store of ordinary cooperation, and the brand involved in Skeic, Moon Star, Converse, Mikihouse and TTJ, soon, the New Year, it is necessary to take it. Use, it can be cheaper. Long tale, don’t say, directly on coupons.

Since different brands in the article are different e-commerce, involving two Tmall and Jingdong, in order to avoid making mistakes, I will attach a link to the store or purchase a link, everyone directly copys the jump in the browser.

Everyone pays attention to the validity period of the coupon, and only the day of the double 12. Basically all coupons are only one ID, I want to buy more, I can only change Id ~


1. Jingdong Skai Children’s Flagship Store

When the double eleven, he worked with Skeic. This US children’s sports comfortable and casual brand is also very sincere, and the discount is also very strong.


1. First lead the platform coupons: 300-30, 600-60, 900-90

2, shop coupon: 300-30 500-50 700-70 (can be used in superpiatable platform)


3, Rong Mom fans exclusive coupons: full 500-100 (find customer service newspaper secret collar)

4, the whole store clothing 2 pieces of 3 pieces 3 pieces 20% off, the first 1 hour single piece folds 50% off

Friendly Tips: Double 12 0 points – 1 point of commodity prices! Don’t miss it!

Jingdong’s activity is more complicated, and you will take all coupons before buying things, then start buying ha ~

This coupon is worth mentioning is a special application for Rong Mom. It is not only 500-100 yuan. This page is not only, you need to find the customer service.


I personally feel the most cost-effective thing to buy 600 yuan, so that the platform can lose 60, superimposed with Rong Mom 500-100 commissions, it is 40 yuan minus 160 yuan. Skyic shoes double twelve price is also adjusted, the original price of three or four hundred shoes, generally more than 100 to more than two hundred, buy three pairs to lose 160, one pair of shoes only 150 yuan, Don’t be too cost-effective.


Skeic’s design style is American playful style, sports and selling two incorrectly. For example, Ha ~, such as Skeic, famous classic panda shoes.

A total of 4 kinds of colors, pink is very beautiful, a bit like old shoes, especially suitable for small public enlargement, the original price 369, the double twelve is 269, 0 points – 1 point, there is still a drop of 30 yuan, and it is 239. 20 yuan coupon is the payment of the store. If you only buy this pair, you will pay attention to the store can lose 20 yuan, and the price is 219. But if you buy a double other, if you exceed 300 yuan, you can use the store to cover 300-30 to overlay Jingdong platform coupons, and may be 200 below.


For example, this pair of animal stereo heads, a total of three colors, basically the best in the eyes of the whole street children. The exaggerated animal head will make other children envy. Original price 399, Double twelve is 269, the first hour is more than 30 yuan, that is, 239. Buying a single and double, please college 20 yuan, buy two pairs, like the above, the platform coupon superposed shop coupons can reduce 60, buy three pairs, and the price of the Rong Mom can be reduced by 160.


In addition, winter boots are also the current seasonal goods, which are with velvet, a total of three colors, and the gray is very beautiful, very good with clothes. The anti-hair shoes, the soft and convenient EVA is equipped with a sweet ribbon decoration, and the snow in winter is complete, and the maximum number of shoes this shoe is 37 yards. Adults can also match the children with parent-child shoes.


The price of this shoe double twelve is 259, the previous hour is reduced by 40, down is 219. Some of the coupons are still the same, single and double can only reduce the 20 yuan payment coupons of the store, buy two pairs of 300 can use shop coupons + platform coupons, buy three double coupons 100 yuan + platform 600-60 can Slim 160 yuan, the average pair of shoes is only 165 yuan.


In addition, there are children’s wear, 2 pieces of 3 pieces of 3 pieces, and 50% off the first 1 hour. The down jacket is also very cost-effective, the shoes can also use coupons with children’s wear, especially pants, two pieces are buying a money, and the line wants to make up 600 yuan minus 160 is actually very easy.

Copy the link below to open the browser, you can enter the store, and report the customer service. “

Rong Mom Fan


“Receive 500-100 Rong Mu fan exclusive coupons ha ~


2. Jingdong Moon Star Flagship Store

This month, the moon star activity in Jingdong, I will not say more, everyone may be more familiar than me, directly on coupons, and purchase demand can be directly, and it is similar to us. There will be no more shoes for the women in the New Year.


1, 10 ~ 12, platform activities are 9% off full 300

2, the 7-fold coupon exclusive to the larva fans, all shop products can be used

Click on the world to read the original voucher, or find the voucher of the Beijing East Customer Service.

70% off the 20% off the honorary 300, the basics are basically 60% off, and the benefits of our usual opening are almost.

For example, this double Japanese winning shoes, I went to see it, this year’s three color red blue rice white code is still very full, and several other color breaks are serious. The price of 379 yuan hits 10% off and then 30% off, as long as 230 yuan, it is almost one price with a pair of China.

The shoes of the moonstock have always been a good reputation, 0 bad reviews, no matter what kind of feet, fat thin can be compatible, and comfortable and sports performance is very good, there must be no need to miss it.


Copy the link below to open it in your mobile browser, you can accept the coupon:


Or find a customer service newspaper secret

“Leading 7%), enter the store link to:

3. Jingdong Weiwei Tong Shoes Flagship Store

I have said before in the article on the inventive shoes. I am Converse. Basically Li Darong and Li Yiyi have Converse, but salt can be sweet, boy girls can wear.


From the beginning of the school, there is a daily version of Converse’s tutaneous shoes until now Converse is also a good shoes. So the Converse flagship store is so big, I am excited to tell you.

1, the double 12 1 hour area is 1 30%, 1 hour after the 4% off, 3 pieces 30% off

2, can be superimposed on the platform coupon to 300 hits 10%.

3, Rong Mom fans exclusive coupons: full 500 minus 50, full 900-90 (to customer service newspaper)


The above three discounts are folded, which is equivalent to still 500 minus 250, and has a 50% off, the preferential strength is very large, I have to couldn’t help my little paw.

Double twelve 0-1 points to buy the most cost-effective ha, must join the shopping cart in advance!


This pair of dinosaur printed canvas, I like it very much, the color is forbidden, or the magic stickers, don’t worry that the kindergarten teacher does not let it wear, open spring can wear. Here, I have to remind a little in Converse, and the big children’s shoes are laces. If there is a kindergarten in the family, you will not be a child with a lace, you must buy a magic sticker, otherwise the daily utilization will be very low ~

Flash! Converse’s 70% discount is also good, 90% of the full 300 is also some goods, not universal in the whole store. Be sure to pay attention to the watermark on the picture. For example, this double dinosaur flower canvas high, it is written above, the last hour is 40 yuan over a 9-fold coupon 229 yuan.


This shows that it can be superimposed with 300 50% off, but not a 30% off.

For example, these two pairs of magic stickers, the left is straight down +9 fold, the right is 30% off + 50% off, distinguish, see the picture watermark.

For example, this down jacket, such as the green box, 1 30% off the front one hour, next to the 90% discount on the 90% discount (as shown by the basket), Actually, it is 60% off, most cost-effective.

There is also a good news to pay attention to that Jingdong 90% off coupons and shop coupons are parallel, and they are not compared to the prior price. Full 500-50 vouchers, as long as it is worth 500, how much is it not required to discharge. Including 300 hits of 10% off, see the price of the double twelve, can be hit by 300, can be hit by 50%, do not need to be folded after the price.


For example, this down jacket price is 549, it is over 500, you can directly use the secret ticket to minus 50, that is, after 7 folding 9% off, 329 can also reduce 50, no need to make up with other goods 500 yuan … this Strength, this color value, if Li Darong’s clothes are too much, I want to come.

Converse’s clothes shoes boy girls can wear, this is also where I like it, my brother is not broken, my sister can be connected.

I have gave you a few more than 50% discount (actually a 40% off), and it is estimated that the hand price is the price of 6 fold, so I have to get 300 to have this to the hand price.

Converse pants are very good, last year, I bought a plus velvet, and the velvet is not very thick. It is exactly to add the autumn trousers, which is convenient to wear in the kindergarten. The picture below shows the Rong Ma real shot.

Too thick supese, not suitable for the temperature of the kindergarten, plus the autumn trousers, and don’t get off when you don’t sleep …

I took a year, my knees were not honored to grind, the quality is still quite good, and it is expected to leave the sister. One or two hundred prices are picked up to 300% discount. Pickup double shoe price is 500 can also reduce 50.

The clothes also picked two pieces, including the accessories such as socks, hats, and school bags. It is easy to make up 500. Rong Ma 500-50 secret coupons are universal, even if it is not participating in the event, as long as the full 500 can be reduced by 50.


The price is cheap, inevitably the number of codes is not very full, clearance, noble is more comparable. The strength is quite big, there are many money, but it is necessary to take care of it, take time.

All coupons in Jingdong are only a ID that can only lead one, and the other stores are the same. The above is also a coupon can only be used once. If you bought a lot at once, the price is added to more than 900, or contact customer service to have a shop coupon full of 900-90.

Like this new year’s festive down jacket, the value and the fan are online, the price is 600 or 800+, just take a double shoe or pants enough to be 900, this coupon is used up for 500-50. . I know that there is not much demand, so I will mention it, and you can find a customer service.

Copy the link below to paste in the mobile browser, you can enter the store, find the customer service newspaper secret

“You can accept the coupon ~

4. Tmall MagicPanda flagship store

Below Tmall, Ha ~ Magicpanda flagship store, I am working hard, it mainly engaged in Mikihouse brand shoes clothes.

There is a piece of genuine authorized picture on the fifth main map of each item. The end of the details page also has a column authorization, and the quality can be assured.

The main reason for you want to push it is that you can leak. This store is different from Mikihouse flagship store lies in it is a “pure money store”, because the price is too cheap, I feel unrealite …

Such as this pair of Mikihouse’s Japanese sectors.


Copy the purchase link opens in the browser:


This shoe double twelve price is a 50% discount between 269,0-1 is 242. The store has a discount of 200-20, and the price is 222 yuan. If you buy more than 300 pieces, you can also use Tmall’s allowances.

Notice! The cheapest price is between 0-1 points between the twenty-two, can be hit by 10% off, and after a point, the price is 249.

If it is just a low price, it is nothing. After all, Mikihouse has many Chinese foundry or sub-cards, and it is also two hundred. What makes me is a heart is that this shoe is Japanese! Not China! Not a reply!

As we all know, Mikihouse is a priced price, especially the Japanese system, and the double eleven can float to 300 blocks is very rare.

Rong Mom Fan

Rong Mom Fan

However, this shoe is not a winning shoes, although it is like, but different shoes. Because I have never seen it in the flagship store of Mikihouse, so I specially asked the person in charge of the flagship store of Mikihouse Jingdong, I specially asked, seeing Mikihouse, his answer is of.


Therefore, this shoe is indeed, but only the models of different shops are different. The current Mikihouse flagship store has not yet, it is a new type.

Japan can be so low, it is very uncommon. Operation says this three models this time is lost money. It is to promote this shop, let more treasures know it, trust it, become a permanent customer! So selling fakes, there is no need, not only pays it, I will die, so this time is really leaking.

However, the Japanese hand-made shoes are produced by craftsmen who have experience in hand-made shoes for several decades. After half a century, the traditional craftsmanship will be produced, so every pair of shoes will leave old craftsmen. The imprint of the spherical stitch, if there is a spilitooth or the sole, you will tell you that this is normal, these don’t affect normal wear.

Then there is this snow boot, but also the main card of Mikihouse, but the Chinese foundry, the original price of 969, the price of the double twelve is the same as the above, the first hour is 222 yuan, and 249 yuan after 1 point. . Mikihouse official flagship stores on similar shoes only have a copy, also 200+.

Copy the purchase link opens in the browser:

The shoes are all in the imitation sheep, relatively warm, cold northeast three provinces wear no problem.

In addition, this Mikihouse’s HB classic is also very cheap. Double twelve an hour of the hand price is only 279 yuan, and it is 319 after 1 o’clock, so it is the most cost-effective in the previous hour.


This Tmall’s flagship store is available, Tmall International’s direct store is also available, and the online purchasing price can also be understood, not the lowest and lowest low to dust. I lose.

In short, it is ok to buy a new clothes for children to buy for children.

5. Tmall TTJ flagship store

The preferential policy of the Tiptoeyjoey flagship store is quite interesting, this time is a blind box. The nature is a bit similar to the blessing bag. You can only pick a size and men, you can’t pick the style. It is random hair, it is awkward.


Small children’s 299 pairs, 399 pairs of Chinese children, can’t pick flowers, but you can pick the kind.

There are four kinds of kinds, when shooting, pay attention is a boys and shoes or girls shoes, like sports. Learning and sandals have girls and boys, don’t take wrong.

This game is actually a heartbeat, you don’t know what shoes will be received, but TTJ’s hand-made leather shoes in Brazil, uses ultra-soft headline organic cowhide. Organic skin is used from natural substances extracted from mimosa trees, without any chemical treatment, no toxins in the process, naturally does not contain any chemically heavy metallic residues, and retain the original state of the skin.

Therefore, TTJ’s handicraft is mainly reflected in sewing, but is above the processing of the skin, and it can feel it is really soft, it is also very tough. The most important thing is that it’s value has always been very online, don’t worry about receiving unresolved shoes.


I roughly looked at the comments, and everyone was basically satisfied.

The comment is basically surprised, so the blind box of TTJ is still very real, and the money is also in the store, not the shoes in the bottom of the box ~

Compare the children’s shoes bought in the store, the basic double twelve is more than 400.

There are many big children’s models. So this blind box is actually a variable price reduction. If you want to give your child a cowhide shoes, consider considering TTJ’s magic box.

These are the discount information available in the day of the double twelve days, and it is most cost-effective, so I am on the 11th, so I want everyone to pick it up in the store, and then I will pass it. Just pay, you will miss the night long dreams.

Finally, Taobao’s double twelve red envelope link to you →


Copying this link is open in the browser, you can get a red envelope. Although these two years of collar red envelopes are all sent a variety of coupons, in case the big red envelope? Anyway, it is moving hands, don’t want money, today I will use it at night.


Pay attention to WeChat public account [Rong Rong Mom Nursing], more parenting and super low price group purchase waiting for you. Look at an ordinary second fetus how to cry with a big child, the most popular parenting, and ensure that it is different from the general enchantive goods.

Copy the purchase link opens in the browser:

Copy the purchase link opens in the browser:

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