For the little ones

The happiest thing

There’s nothing better than eating delicious snacks

Play with fun toys

But before the little one changes his teeth

Improper tooth protection

Tooth decay is very common

Therefore, we must pay attention to it

Whenever this happens

Choose one for your baby

The right toothpaste is particularly important

Let your baby develop a sense of protecting your teeth from an early age

So here comes the editor

I would like to introduce one to all of you

Children’s toothpaste loved by parents

Bollulu children’s toothpaste

This is one

Sweet, fruity toothpaste

When I smell it, I want to eat it

And it’s really edible

Let babies develop a good habit of brushing their teeth

Xylitol components contained in toothpaste

Can prevent dental caries

The raw materials used are all food grades

It can be used with peace of mind

Such a toothbrush that babies love

Use pea-sized portions when gargling

Brush once a day in the morning and evening or after meals

Adults supervise and do not let your baby eat the toothpaste

Stick to it for a long time

The teeth will be great

Teach the baby

Brush along the interdental gap, brush the upper teeth from top to bottom,

Lower teeth brushed from bottom to top,

The occlusal surface is brushed back and forth, up and down, inside and out.

Of course, brushing your teeth alone is not enough, so how should you prevent dental caries?

1. Master the essentials of scientific brushing

2. Use a health care toothbrush, choose a suitable toothpaste, brush your teeth morning and night, and rinse your mouth after meals;

3. Eat less snacks such as candy and pastries, and rinse your mouth after eating;

4. Pay attention to strengthening nutrition and eat foods rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamins;

5. Regular oral examination;

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